You’ll Never Work in This Town Again!

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It’s a familiar refrain that was heard in Hollywood – and never more than during the McCarthy era communist “witch hunts”. Sure, there were a lot of communists in acting. There are a lot of homosexuals and drug addicts too. Nothing new there. They feel comfortable with Obama and I can understand that.
Now the ‘progressive’ Hollywood crew is scalp-hunting conservatives along side of the Internal Revenue Service, which went from a tax collection agency to an instrument of political retribution under the Obama Administration (along with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, etc.). 
(Fox News) Actor James Woods has been vocal about his criticism of President Barack Obama in the wake of the recent government slimdown, and the “Too Big to Fail” star said, as a result, he now expects to struggle to find work in Hollywood. 
Woods has been tweeting about the slimdown and the President recently, and his messages particularly focus on the fact veterans have been unable to visit war memorials in Washington D.C. 
“This President is a true abomination. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege…” he tweeted on Oct. 8. Woods also called Obama “just vile. A small, small man.” 
In response, one of his followers asked the actor if he was concerned his political views would affect his ability to secure roles in Hollywood. “Dude, aren’t u worried about…u know..ever working again??” the user asked him. 
Woods replied: “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.”
It’s interesting to me to see the “thinking” actors and producers opposing Obama and the Progressive Jewish contingent joining with the “mindless lemmings” in Hollywood who love Obama. Why Jews would ally themselves with a man who identifies far more with traditional Islam than he does with Israel continually mystifies me. But Hollywood is nothing if not a town of contradictions.  
Entertainers vocally in opposition to the Obama Administration:
Clint Eastwood – who compared Obama to an empty chair at the RNC.
Chuck Norris
Jon Voit
Kid Rock
Trace Adkins
Kelsey Grammer
Gene Simmons
James Woods
Robert Duvall
Scott Baio
Ashton Krutcher
Matt Damon 
Julianne Hough
Randy Owen
Ted Nugent
Jeff Foxworthy
Donny Osmond
Kirk Cameron
Tom Selleck
Jenna Jameson
Stephen Baldwin
(Partial Source: IMDB)
I’m sure that these people are not the only ones, but they would seem to be the only ones to have had the courage to express their opinions — even though they may never work in this town again.

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