The First Family?

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March 15 has passed. The votes are in. What do you think?

There are a lot of blogger-generated speculations floating. One is that Kasich would join Team Trump in a move designed to appear as a sop to the GOP. (How would Christie deal with that?) I don’t necessarily believe it but “politics makes for strange bedfellows”.
Will Cruz surge with the other Cuban-American out of the race? Is Fiorina his natural VP pick or do you think that Rubio will bump Carly as things come together?

18 thoughts on “The First Family?

  1. Speculation is all over the place this election cycle. Mine: Christie is Veep, Cruz is Sec. of State, Lindsey Graham is Sec. of Defense. He'll find a place for Carly, too.

    I think the bad blood between Rubio and The Donald is too thick to think that a reconcilation is possible. Of course, I could be wrong, won't be the first time.

  2. Politics makes strange bedfellows. It's like throwing a knuckleball. You never really know where it's going to end up when it crosses the plate.

    I'll be content with a Clinton indictment.

  3. What will be, will be. I never thought I'd quote Doris Day, but her corny song rings true today. The talking heads have finally been exposed as the poor prognosticators many have known them to be. Me, I'm just going along for the ride… like I have a choice.

    Ditto the Hillary indictment, but we'll be lucky if we see it.

  4. Strange bedfellows is right… And this year strange seems to be on a logarithmic scale!!!

  5. It will go to the convention-to me there are too many delegates that voted for candidates that have dropped out. They have a right to submit another vote. I think that it would energize conservatives-true conservatives-,to have a Cruz-Rubio ticket. It will be Trump and Cruz at the convention. I think Christie is vying for attorney general. And Carly would be a great secretary of state. She is no nonsence.

  6. With Hillary headed for the Grabar Motel and the Republican blend – Carson, Trump and Christie as partners among others, and Communist Bernie as the Democratic Party's sea anchor.

  7. The outcome depends on where Rubio's and Kasich's support goes. I think a lot of folks were surprised that Carson threw in with Trump. That wasn't particularly surprising to me as I'm guessing Trump's political machine is quite extensive and can pull in the stray votes for the Donald.

  8. Out of boredom I listen to Rush Limbaugh three mornings a week. He is careful stay neutral but seems to be leaning toward Trump. Say Trump wins the nomination. Do the GOP insiders, who seem to despise him, sit this one out? If they do, can he build an organization to replace them? I'm asking as someone who was a precinct committeeman for twenty+ years. It takes a fair amount of shoe leather and door knocking to deliver a precinct, let alone a county or congressional district.

  9. The short answer is that nobody knows. They've never seen this before. The GOP in particular, felt that they could do what they want and would never see their own turn on them in large numbers. Oooops.

  10. I still maintain that you'll see it in April. But I'm a false prophet, so you all need to take me with a grain of the same salt that made up Lot's wife.

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