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I am not reposting the entire article, but I recommend that you visit American Thinker (link below) and read the blog referenced.
They Call Me a Hater 

(American Thinker) A man is elected president. His policies exacerbate the economy, deepen despair, and corrupt the culture. His signature legislation threatens the quality and stability of the healthcare system. He funnels more money than ever before into anti-poverty programs and education, yet both are epic fails. His country’s stature in the world deteriorates to such an extent that other leaders do not take him seriously, his words are meaningless to allies, and some of the most heinous regimes of modern times play him for a fool. He blames conservatives for the economic woes and dysfunction in Washington. He blames whites for racial tensions; wealthy, educated Americans for income inequality; Republicans for the many scandals plaguing his administration; and America for the world’s problems. He and his supporters are openly disdainful of America, conservatives, Republicans, whites, the wealthy, and the educated.

…and the nation re-elects him.

We are witness to the serious erosion of values and of the cornerstones of our society. For the most part, we acquiesce and go along to get along. It’s human nature to do that. However, the progressive movement is like a virus eating the nation from the inside. 

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