Shame on the US Forrest Service

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Do you remember when the National Park Service was viewed as the vehicle to preserve and protect America’s national parks and those who visit?
That has changed now that they’ve bought off on the new concept of “make it hurt”. (hope and change?)

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Whether you’re jogging through Mt. Vernon (now forbidden) or you want to drive on the highway and look at Mt. Rushmore, the enemy has become the National Park Service. Strange how elections have consequences, isn’t it?

Some hardy souls have taken it as a challenge to commit acts of civil disobedience (above). Any moment the NEW Park Service will arrive with truncheons, beat the people and haul them off to jail. Nobody ever thought that would happen — Before Obama.  Now we’re operating under a different set of rules.
There is no need to shut national parks – it’s the president’s choice and that of the Democratic majority in the Senate. There is no need to persecute park visitors — but orders from the president are to “make it hurt”.

12 thoughts on “Shame on the US Forrest Service

  1. Sorry folks, parks closed (…Vacation…)

    Excellent reason (a reason to support the shutdown) to recognize all the things the Federal Government should not be involved in. Give the parks back to the states!

  2. The fewer avenues Obama has to mess with us the better. He doesn't have the domestic SS army of his dreams, but the park service can fill in as best it can. Shame on them for obeying unlawful orders.

  3. It's going to hurt Washington shortly when the long sleeping sheeples finally awake to realized these are our places they are closing. Wait for it, wait for it …. or is that just asking too much?

  4. I think that the progressive heaven of Washington DC is enough of a national park (and I'm not really talking about the Capitol Mall) for the nation. I'm with you. Give the rest back to the states. They'll keep them open.

  5. I have to believe that all of this doesn't sit well with most of those park rangers — but the ones who drank the Kool Aid need to be transferred to the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve for the winter.

  6. Planning a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone about this time next year. If this happens again I'm gonna be more than a little irritated.

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