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Bullet Points:

** Undersea Cables (h/t Claudio) – Cuts disable African telecom.  I have no idea who is responsible for cutting underwater telecom cables to Africa, in the Red Sea, or elsewhere. They’re vulnerable bits of infrastructure. Seismic activity can cut them as easily as national actors when they span the Mid-Atlantic Ridge system.  The most advanced US Attack Submarines, the 21 Class (Seawolf) are designed to deal with objects of various types on the bottom of the ocean. If you’ve read Broken Toys, you will recall the fictional account of the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines.

** Russia’s presidential election is underway, and it delivered a win to President Vladimir Putin. His victory will make him the longest-serving Russian leader since Joseph Stalin. In much the same way as China’s Xi and the permanent Washington DC establishment, Putin seeks to control not only what Russians do but also how they think, so much so that “it is no longer acceptable for ordinary Russians to just passively acquiesce to the Kremlin, as they could in past years; they must express their support loudly.”

** The American Association of Magical Negroes was released on March 15 to critical disappointment. I can’t express an opinion since I have not seen this film.

** A study published today in The Astrophysical Journal challenges the current universe model by showing no room for dark matter. In , “dark matter” describes all that appears not to interact with light or the electromagnetic field or can only be explained through . We can’t see it nor know what it’s made of, but it helps us understand how galaxies, planets, and stars behave.

** I might create an app to rent myself out to women to accompany them to auto repair facilities so they’re not overcharged. How much should I charge (or overcharge) for the service? No, I’m not talking about a stud service. That’s a different app.

** If you are going to ask your government for the things necessary for slave ownership (food, housing, jobs, and healthcare), then you are not fit for freedom.

** Jules wants you to be hungry for a lavender cookie – as they transcend the generations.

** The Historical Swamp – While the actual growth of the administrative state can be traced, for the most part, to the New Deal (and subsequent outgrowths of the New Deal like the Great Society), the New Deal merely served as the occasion for implementing the ideas of America’s Progressives, who had come a generation earlier. It is the origins of the modern state — and the constitutional implications of that change — upon which we will focus our attention.

The consequences of adopting Progressive ideas as a foundation for a major piece of our contemporary government are profound, especially when one considers the impact of these ideas on the bedrock principles of our Constitution. It is best to begin with an illustration. Consider the plight of the C. T. Chenery Corporation in the early 1940s. (more at the link)

** Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Deport a man, and you won’t have to feed him again.




Cartoon of the Day


Identify the Aircraft




Try to be exact with the variant. There are hints.



This Navy aircraft was canceled. Take a stab at it anyway.

55 thoughts on “You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Lloyd C.V
    2. Focke-Wulf Fw 190
    3. Heinkel He 111H
    4. Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star
    5. McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II

    1. 5. Lockheed A-12

      I worked at LM Aeronautics and heard tales of when that program was canceled by Dick Cheney. Fourteen or so thousand people were laid off in one day. People were so upset that some threw up in their waste basket.

      1. That guy, geez, no surprise because it didn’t affect HIM…a total putz who simply will not go away and leave us alone with his “expert opinion”.

        “Hey Dick, go pound sand you bum, and take your Swamp dwelling daughter with you.”

          1. The Cheneys should have just moved in next to Barack in Adams Morgan (DC) and stayed where they were with their buddies. Big Mike could have come over and done the laundry for them.

      2. I personally laid off 12 people that day, January 2. I was not on the program, but their boss was out of town. 75% were not on A-12. We got to pick who we wanted to keep and traded them like cards. The West side of Fort Worth turned into a ghetto. My parents used to get lob over bullet holes in this house from Las Vegas Trail. Tom

  2. 50% of the savings sounds reasonable for your vehicle app.

    You could also branch out into hardware stores.

    Back to packing- taking a 4 day weekend to go hunting. Seems to be a lot of stuff compared to my teens / 20’s when a rifle and backpack was it. But I like the self inflating mattress, 12V fridge etc.

    1. As you get older, the creature comforts become more desirable. I went one better by building a house in the hunting ground so I can come home, jump in the hot shower and sleep in my own bed.

  3. For additional reading on the “administrative state” during FDR’s reign of terror: The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression by Amity Shlaes.

    I talked a prog buddy into reading it recently and his head exploded.

  4. a little off topic, but did you see where the atf raided the director of bill and hillary clinton airport and shot him in the head? long time hillary associate. no-knock warrant on an executive. he fired in self defense thinking home invasion, they lit him up. atf no comment. hillary clearing house for another run at replacing slo joe? all the gangs running guns etc and atf has time to go after a business man with a gun fetish? more like files in the gun safe. for the record i did not kill myself. neither did epstein, nor that guy from boeing, nor…niki haley is on the boeing board. hmmm.

        1. …where “lifetime” is flexible to ones usefulness, otherwise you get a seat on the Arkancide Rollercoaster that has a sudden drop then abrupt stop and no safety bar.

          1. Arkancide is the ultimate end to Clinton friends. But in the afterlife, you’ll have lots of time to contemplate all that you did for Hillary and Slick Willie.

    1. I read that he was also a gun show vendor with an FFL and this was related that. They also emptied his safes.

      1. only vending w/out the ffl. still doesn’t warrant a no-knock. but i can’t figure why an executive would deal guns to felons for chump change.

    2. Of course poor Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. He was done in by agents of the dastardly Bad Orange Man, who does love himself a bloodbath. Or so I’m told. I’m certain that of all the “great” and powerful whose secrets Epstein was preserving (because he was a great humanitarian, who only wanted everyone to have a second chance*, above everything else), only BOM would be so evil as to do him in. Because BOM is full of hatred, resentment, and paranoia. Zero chance that BOM’s detractors are engaging in psychological projection. None. Zip nilch nada rien koon-de el goose eggo, you get the idea.

      So: how’s my social credit score after THAT? 😀
      * Jimmy Carr: “I read about a child molester who was caught with a stash of Viagra. Can you imagine that! It’s sick! … What kind of monster can’t maintain an erection with a child!”

  5. If I had an App to help woman out on the manly things, and was a suthun’ boy, I’d call it Guber, if politicians had one they’d call it Gryft. (Don’t laugh…too much anyway…”Angie” has one and look how well she’s doing helping womyn find men to come and fix stuff.)

      1. Could apply to Millennial’s as well, double the customer base as too many didn’t have a dad in the home so have no idea which end of screwdriver to use.

        Now I’m starting (“starting”?) to sound like a cranky Old Guy pickin’ on the yungins’. Hey! a new Blog feature…call it “Old Eye For The Young Guy”, stuff like, “Pull yer pants up otherwise it’s too far down to get the change outta yer pocket.” Stuff like that.

    1. I was doing this at a church I attended. I was in the adult Bible study and heard a couple women discussing paying $40 to have a hose clamp tightened.
      I gave my card out to each single woman and told them to call me before having a repair done.
      I did a few jobs for some women that couldn’t afford shop fees.
      Then a lady called the house and my son wrote the number down, wrote it wrong and didn’t remember til hours later.
      He told me at 8pm.
      I figured out who it was and found her number.
      Called her and she said it wouldn’t start when she tried to leave for work that morning.
      It had been raining heavily.
      I asked if she drank coffee and she said yes, so I told her to put a pot on and I would be over.
      I got a can of WD-40 and went. Sprayed her wires and the car started.
      We then went in to drink some coffee. We talked for hours. I made a date with her for the next Friday.
      When I left, there was 2+ feet of snow on the ground.
      I proposed on the third date. And she said yes.

  6. I’ve seen how mechanics, and other trade specialists, can abuse the ignorance of women to line their pockets, but I’m seeing an increase in ignorance with men, too. Things are just too complicated/require physical labor/ beneath their station for many men these days. They need your expertise, so make sure your shingle includes those men that can’t change an air filter. Charge for half the money you saved your customer. For just adding air to a tire, you can realize $500 for preventing a shop from $1000 of unneeded front end repairs.

    1. So…how DO YOU get the oil in that little dipstick tube?

      Used to be the blonde gal joke, maybe not so much anymore. Basics for life are critical to success, and I fear we are entering a stage in society that if there isn’t an App to ding a notification or tell folks what to do then stuff won’t get done, especially once us “old guys” run our race.

      1. “So…how DO YOU get the oil in that little dipstick tube?”
        I have discovered that I will no longer pull a drain plug for an oil change.
        They keep putting these pads under the engine below the drain that have to be removed.
        I bought a pump and pump the oil out of the dipstick tube.
        Why did I wait so long?

        1. Have a little manual transfer pump, first used it for tranny fluid removal (small ‘t’, the reddish kind…heading LL off at the pass). Works great and saved my bacon altho ultimately discovered the transmission filters in the 2010 Dodge 2500 needed changing, had to drop the pan. Not so bad but harder without a lift. Discovered this “oh crap” moment one really cold morning when it wouldn’t shift into gear. Fixed in a few hours once Bezos’ “free” Delivery Service showed up 3 days later (and Colorado Democrat’s Confiscatory 0.28 Ground Delivery TAX was paid without my consent), avoiding a tow and a massive shop cost (and I only charge $0/hr for my ow work).

          1. Heading me off at the pass? What is THAT supposed to mean. I’m fine with you having a tranny pump that you bought on-line from a fetish store. Are they a popular pass-time? They sound woke. I’m sure they’re popular in the Boulder area. Photo of Big Mike on the packaging?

          2. Hahahaha…about spit out my Colonies Brewed sweet tea (which – Jules may not fully grasp being from The Motherland – would be a tragedy) as I was ‘takin’ a break from paying my 2023 Government Confiscated Undocumented Asylum Seeker Newcomer Free-Ride-Support Year-End Did-You-Pay-Enough Reconciliation paperwork….aka. Taxes.

            Hang on…okay…just checked…THE TRANNY TRANSFER PUMP (‘pump’, not “Pumps” as in Jimmy Choo’s) is black (small ‘b’), not periwinkle, so I’m projecting the correct Alpha Male image (which is important…to some of us Weird Old Guys). Streaming on the Shop flatscreen DOES NOT INCLUDE Drag Queen Story Hour or Queer Eye For The Straight Guy…they’re blocked…I think (checking, checking…yup…but what’s this What Not Top Wear?…that’s gotta go). BTW, I know which end of a hammer to use, framing hammers are better iffn in a pinch you need a lousy digging tool for burying…uh…”stuff”.

          1. I wear my thremals, pants, tee shirt, sweatshirt, and my old Boeing/Sea Launch coveralls when it’s below 60*F outside, which means it will be about 55*F in the garage. That’s about my lower temp limit for non-emergency repairs, as my hands start getting stiff, and I lose some drip strength.

            Yup….sux getting old……

        1. PaulM – soon I expect you will soon bring up the subject mastication at lunch time. We simply won’t have those discussions here at VM. It’s a family blog.

          1. Manuel and Pepe were visiting family in Chicago, went to ballgame, hot dog guy comes around, everyone around them were buying one so they did too. Manual gets all excited to eat some American ballpark food. Opens the wrapper and gets this horrified look on his face…turns to Pepe, “What part did you get!?” (that was from MrsPaulM)

  7. “** I might create an app to rent myself out to women to accompany them to auto repair facilities so they’re not overcharged. How much should I charge (or overcharge) for the service? No, I’m not talking about a stud service. That’s a different app.”

    As a fairly-recently widowed woman, this is a service I might consider. I’d suggest not overcharging, at least to start (and until you’ve proven yourself). I mean, there’s a chance she’s suddenly and unexpectedly lost 2/3 of her her family’s income, and is trying to do and pay for all the things for a family that two people used to do and pay for together. And there are no survivor’s benefits until age 60, unless you’re disabled.

    Thankfully, our daughter’s fiance is a mechanical engineering student, with knowledge in many other areas (believe it or not, there are still a few of these guys out there, I hope). However, being such a go-to guy, he’s in high demand all the time.

    (And, Ed, now I see where you’ve been hanging out. And I think I understand why. ;] )

  8. I think if you’re going to rent yourself out on an app, you may need to start to build a team of ‘helpful gentlemen’ (great name right there – I’ll take 35%) because you can’t be everywhere at once.

    I think you should work out how much you’ve saved the woman and then you can apply a charge. Perhaps there will be so many points for each pound saved and you can have a tiered points system. The more points saved the better your prize. This will build trust. A woman is happy to pay well if there’s an element of trust and security. I mean, is it going to be hard cash you want or is it going to be something else? Perhaps you may want your socks washing?
    I have no doubt you can work out a win-win situation as that is always the best outcome. It’s most important to leave both parties smiling. And of course, you’ll want 5* reviews.

    In other random off-topic news, and only because I’ve seen some aeroplanes on here, have you watched the series Masters of the Air yet? It’s very good.

    1. I watched the first few in the series. The British used to say there were three things wrong with we Yanks – over paid, over sexed and over there…

      Just go wear your ball caps around and strut, Jules.

  9. You could name it the “League of Extraordinarily Helpful Gentlemen”.

    I can handle electrical, plumbing, and communications difficulties. LL can do the “wet work”……

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