Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

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Bullet Points:

** Colt revolver hammer action – four clicks – C-O-L-T.

** The Republican National Committee is still reeling from the ramifications of a dramatic shakeup with top leaders being replaced by Trump allies.

** Experts warn that we only have eight years until they change the timeline on global warming again.

** When you put a potato in a microwave oven and punch the “pizza” button, and it is still a potato, it will help you understand how gender works.

** (American Thinker) It’s no secret that many Democrat voters have “daddy” issues.  They grew up in homes without strong, loving fathers and desperately sought from the government what they never found in their youths: a protective authority figure and lifelong role model.

When Democrats with “daddy” issues find their way into power, they force their psychological deficiencies upon the broader populace.  Why?  Because they try to play “father” to their constituents but have no idea how a good father is supposed to behave.  They scream and shout because they confuse insults and tantrums with masculinity.  They reimagine the ideal male leader as someone who would enjoy wearing make-up and behaving like a teenage girl.  They demand that male “allies” relinquish any say over the healthy delivery of their unborn children.  Instead of taking personal responsibility for missteps in life, they blame their problems on the nebulous “patriarchy” — or rather, the failed fathers of the past!

After punishing all the good men as stand-ins for all the weak men who never properly parented them, Democrats are left with the wimpiest, leastwise leftovers of the sorry lot.  Then some angry, man-hating leftist with zero self-awareness uploads a video onto social media demanding to know where all the good men have gone.  Well, you chased them away, you trans-obsessed, insult-spewing, sniveling punk! ….more

** I had a discussion with a couple of friends. The topic was, “Can you have too many handguns?” The consensus reached was “No.”

** San Francisco, CA continues to circle the drain. Westbrook Partners, which acquired the San Francisco Four Seasons luxury hotel building, has been served a notice of default, as the developer has failed to make its monthly loan payment since December and is behind by more than $3 million, the San Francisco Business Times reports.

** What about Niger (soft G, not hard G)? The Niggerians want the US to pay extortionary fees to remain. We have drones there to strike other areas of Africa and some C-130s. I think that we have a squadron of armed cropdusters, too.  Maybe we just withdraw and leave the place to the Russians?



The DNC got the media to clutch its pearls by lifting one word from this quote from Trump’s rally this weekend in Vandalia, Ohio: “If you’re listening, President Xi and you and I are friends, but he understands the way I deal. Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now, and you think you’re going to get that and not hire Americans, and you’re going to sell the cars to us.

“We’re going to put a 100 percent tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you won’t be able to sell those cars if I get elected.”

“Now if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole—that’s going to be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That’ll be the least of it. But they’re not going to sell those cars.”


That was the only word Democrats wanted Americans to hear because Trump made a powerful statement for two reasons.

  1. His was the first public acknowledgement by a politician that Red China plans to use our relationship with Mexico as a loophole to avoid tariffs on its products, Red China knows our law better than we do because it is constantly working its way around them.
  2. President Trump is vowing to stop Xi and invalidate any investment in Mexico. I mean, if Xi wants to waste billions building a plant to sell cars to Mexicans, that’s fine. He might make back millions, but Trump will thwart his efforts to ship them north and take over another American industry.


Honey Pots

Intelligence services still use honeypot tactics – see  Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) involvement with Fang Fang, the Chinese spy.


Your Donation

Yes, we’re helping bleed the Russians even as they do the same to us. The real question is how much of that money made its way back into the coffers of the DNC to help fund Pedo Joe’s election. Sure, there’s always 10% for the big guy – pay to play.


Identify the Aircraft





29 thoughts on “Melancholia Enshrines All Triumph

  1. You had a better conversation (handguns) with your friends than I did yesterday with one of mine. The guy is a normie’s normie. He says “I don’t like politics and I just want to lead a quiet life.” Fair enough. But then his takes: all bad.

    Biden: I hate hearing people criticize him. Because he’s our President. If we bad mouth him, the rest of the world will lose respect for us. Don’t like him? Vote him out. But stop calling him “Slow Joe”.
    Trump: He needs to stop trying to get revenge. That Georgia thing? Stop fighting it. Look, four years ago? He should have stepped back, said, “Okay, you got me,” and waited for 2024. That’s how it should work. He’d be a shoo-in now if only he did that. Followed the process. But no, he filed all these lawsuits for revenge. People are sick of him. … And why are people giving Pence crap? He did nothing wrong.
    The Media: I don’t pick sides, I’m not biased. So I listen to both channels.

    It went on, but you get the idea. Is he some left wing nut job? Some aging wanna-be Bolshevik? Not at all. Working guy. White. Army vet. Got out as an E6 after a final assignment as a DI (of which he’s quite proud). The man actually thinks the Republican Party and the Democrats are truly separate and mutually opposed entities. He believes the 2020 presidential elections were fair and honest in all ways that matter. And even if they weren’t, well, see the “okay, you got one on me” above. He also seems not to understand what the Electoral College is. Oh yeah, and the “great replacement” is some kind of weird paranoia. Not true, sure there are some illegals, but not that many. Couldn’t be. And who could possibly be organizing such a thing? Crazy talk!

    Lieber Gott. This is a guy who by most people’s reckoning, is “on our side”. White, straight, middle-aged, veteran. My God.

    Re Swalwell: I’m no longer surprised that people sell out their country and their folk. But I’m disgusted that they do it for so little. Fang Fang? Now I have no idea what she does, but you can get yourself a better-looking East Asian woman, who’ll do most anything, for hourly rates that are within reach of even a middle-class income. Looks and sex are a commodity. (Harsh, and perhaps ungentlemanly to notice out loud, but true.) Ideologs who sell out their patria? I don’t like that either, but at least it means something (in my book at any rate).

    1. A man who stands for nothing with fall for anything the stand there wondering what happened when his world turns to garbage. Avoidance is not a winning strategy.

      1. How can we vote him out when we didn’t vote him IN?

        And “will” lose respect. Will? Please, wigga, future tense?

        I nearly laughed when he said, “Biden’s old. What happens if he BECOMES demented in his second term.” Again with the tense. Also, “but isn’t Kamala Harris highly educated?” Geez. I’ve got Harvard, MIT, and [redacted] “public Ivy” all over my CV. Trust me, there’s lots of idiots (rather fools) at all of those places. Educated my yellow butt.

        Then again I can’t be too hard on my friend. Few weeks ago I met with some medical industry execs. Ostensibly to talk about a new research project, but the Israeli CEO instead gave a passionate 10-minute spiel about how Trump and Netanyahu both seek to foment “division” because they thrive on it and are bad people. (This was out of nowhere.) The American C-level person agreed, and they talked about Harris. Seems both had met her at one fundraiser or another and they agreed that she was highly intelligent; full of bold, good ideas, and charismatically articulate. Between those two were at least two STEM grad degrees, including an MD, several decades of academic and industry experience, and 8-figure budgets under their purview. So I prolly shouldn’t have expected more from my buddy. ☹️

        1. As to education, position and intelligence, a young lady delivered our pizza(s) last night and said, “I really love your flags. Especially the Trump flag. I can’t wait until he’s president again!”

          1. There is hope Ed.

            Mike_C, as you have witnessed among your highly educated colleagues, there is a lot of foolish people among the intelligencia. News media for the past few days rabidly foaming at their collective mouths how Trump is Hitler and will or did do [X] (fill in anything that is actually egregiously being done by The Dems). Of course this is part deflection, but mostly is nearly entirely a demented mentality predicated on their projection descriptor of him being Hitler, and anyone would desire to “end” Hitler the 2nd.

            The way to stop them in their hyperventilating is to say, “Name me one thing he actually did that was detrimental to our nation or the world?” …because there is nothing, it’s all made up between their deranged ears.

          2. I think that my days would be numbered in academia or in the medical profession. In the circles I move in, I’m considered to be somewhat of a liberal – a little too left for some people’s tastes – when I refer to Old Slow Joe as a demented pedophyle and Kamala as a stupid, dried up old whore.

            Then again, we speak of the value of bullet wounds from the supply side of the medical establishment and of better ways to manage black site interrogation centers. When I say, give the terrorist an hour between waterboarding, they call me a puss.

          3. When the two execs said “Kamala Harris is full of good ideas” I had pinch myself to not say “Good ideas is the strangest euphemism for ‘Willie Brown’s semen’ that I’ve ever heard.” The CEO was a client after all and I was there to support our bid for a follow-on contract.

            You’re too liberal for your world. I’m too “right-wing” for mine. (I’ve also been accused of being “racist” albeit in a whisper campaign at work. As I’ve doubtless mentioned.) Thing is, in private people come to me and complain about “the trans stuff” in their children’s schools, the DEI stuff, illegals, and so forth. But then they attend George Floyd remembrance services (naturally organized by single young white girls 🙄) and deliver homilies at said farcical event. During the travesty, which I failed to attend, I was informed by text that all management was expected to say a few words (and as someone technically management, where the hell are you?). I texted back “Do you really want ME to say something about George Floyd?” The matter was dropped and they never brought that up again.

          4. Repeat after me: “George Floyd was an innocent black man murdered by racist cops.”…”George Floyd was an innocent black man murdered by racists cops.”…”I genuflect at the Shrine of George.”…”Alms to Saint George.”

            No affect? Good, you’re not a Sheeple. Scary part is far too many are, and will go along with this drivel because underneath the facade they are cowards…and we step back like Maximus does when the guy in front of him pee’s himself (which turned out to not have been scripted, the guy admitted the scene was so intense he actually pee’d himself, which is why Maximus/Crow stepped back with that look on his face.)

          5. praying at the shrine of George Floyd?
            how many poor working stiffs were “vaccinated” so they could continue to feed their families?

  2. “Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” Pericles, roughly 2500 years ago.

    Or, as Uncle Ellis said in No Country for Old Men, “what you got, ain’t nothin’ new.”

  3. “Can you have too many handguns?”
    Yes, depending on who “you” are.
    If you fail to take care of them, do not feed them often, ignore their needs, then perhaps you should not have them.
    They must be affirmed, allowed to know you love them and have their best interests at heart.

  4. In the Bible it states “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9
    And so it goes Again , Hopefully “WE Won’t Get Fooled Again”

  5. Why do guys like Swalwell always seem to look their “I’m a dweeb” part? And why isn’t he in prison? Maybe has something to do with being from The Land of Fruits and Nuts who are able to overlook massive criminal activity, like sleeping with a Red Dragon operative, an re-electing him. No fix for that level of foolishness.

    1. He stayed on the House Intelligence Committee after being shown to have passed secret information to his Communist Chinese handler – and honey pot.

        How and why he is still in office AND sits on committes is what really pisses me off.

        1. Musta been some really good all-natural non-GMO free-range weed-free honey…maybe he shared so gets to stay without reprisal.

      2. Seems honey pots are alive and well as a tactical tool used against actual “tools”, who despite knowing this about themselves still manage to have the tone deafness to believe they are “all that and a bag of chips”.

  6. Trump’s remark mimicked comments made by Xiaopeng in a letter to XPeng employees obtained by CNBC last month. Xiaopeng suggested that “a bloodbath” is coming for the American auto industry this year.
    China seeks to deliver a “brutal knockout round” against its Western competitors, including the U.S., in the global EV market, Xiaopeng said.

  7. “Red China knows our law better than we do because it is constantly working its way around them”
    The way the CCP has its hand on every congresscritter, he should know “our” laws – he had them written … with probably better lawyers than any in congress

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