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It’s inherently dangerous and in a nanny state, protecting you is job one for the government. Therefore the Australians have enacted the LOG-YOUR-JOG ordinance. In addition to logging on to file a ‘jog plan’, you’re expected to wear a helmet while jogging. When I heard about this, I felt that it would be likely that the City and County of San Francisco would do the same thing (exempting illegal aliens/wetbacks).
Yes of course, it’s a hoax. But it underscores how absurd people are and how likely they are to believe even this sort of patently tom-foolery as credible and even likely to be the case. This is how far we’ve sunk. In California, things like this are announced all the time and they’re not hoaxes. In California there is usually a hefty tax involved. In this case it would be a “jogging tax”…which hasn’t been enacted, but who knows. This may give California or its counties an idea.

10 thoughts on “A New Tax

  1. Next they will require you to wear shorts or something. And I would hate to have to dress like that cop on the beach. Too likely to end up with a farmers-tan.

  2. Now that they've failed, increasingly, to tax the weather they have to find new income streams to pay for sanctuaries and gender reassignment surgery.

    Tax The Joggers.

  3. It says a lot about the state of the world that something this absurd can be put up and be believable.

  4. In a Muslim world, everyone would wear a lot more clothing as beach wear than the officer on patrol.

  5. I think that a jogger's tax would be a splendid way to kick off solving the problem of income inequality. Anyone who has enough free time and energy to run should be working to clean up the environment or turning over their pay to feed hippies in Austin.

  6. Goes along with government mindset. If not specifically approved, it is prohibited.

  7. And with specific approval comes scrutiny the capacity to rescind the 'right' based on a whim.

  8. As you say though, so much ridiculous stuff is actually true, that this seemed one of the more reasonable. What if you were stung by box jellyfish and no one knew where you were jogging? 😉

  9. Or what if you tripped, fell and skinned your knee? How would the Fire Department be able to send an engine crew to patch you up unless they had a jogging plan?

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