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Bullet Points:

** Old NFO posted about EW battles and GPS jamming (for fun and profit). What is the appropriate response? (a) do nothing; (b) fire home-on-jam missiles; (c) use harsh language?

** Is Mercury in retrograde yet? I need to know when I can blame strange occurrences and lousy behavior on something entirely made up and invest in crystal mining companies.

** BRM asks whether you should spend your children’s inheritance.  It’s a fair question that you could answer here or there. As for me, I spend what I spend. There will be money left for them, but I’d rather spend it on them and me while I’m above ground. A wealthy friend left some for his children but felt that you burdened children with too much money, and he gave most of his away.

** The Quota System – The American Military Project has uncovered an internal Air Force memo from 2022 in which General C.Q. Brown, now President Biden’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, directed the service “to develop a diversity and inclusion outreach plan aimed at achieving” set numerical quotas for the racial composition of officer applicant pools. This previously unreported memo is clear evidence that a group quota system is operating in the U.S. military, though Pentagon leadership are exceptionally careful to avoid using the term.

** Pedo Joe – If he’s fit to hold office, he’s fit to stand trial, and he’s fit to go into general population when he reaches prison. Maybe he can cash in some of his 10% money for candy bars and cigarettes at the prison store to curry favor with the inmates? Please inmates, disregard all of the nasty things that he said about negroes.

** You can have the best stew in the world, but just one nugget of dog-poo turns it into dog-poo stew.

** For all the cries of Trump being Putin’s puppet, Putin sure has done well with Biden running our federal government. It is as if Biden were falsely accusing Trump of the things that he did, you know, like keeping classified documents in his garage.

** The Russian Dilemma—(h/t Claudio) March 20, 2024: Hard limits appear on Russia’s ability to continue the Ukraine war. It has begun running out of tube artillery (as opposed to rocket artillery) and light armored fighting vehicles (AFVs). The artillery shortage is caused by the wearing out of tube artillery barrels, while the light AFV shortage is caused by the loss of so many AFVs in combat.

Russia’s stocks of self-propelled tube artillery pieces were eliminated by combat losses in Ukraine, worn-out barrels, or exploded from firing with worn-out barrels. They were replaced by towed artillery from its reserve stocks. The Russians have lost, worn out, or almost worn out everything but their oldest reserve tube artillery, 50+-year-old 122mm towed guns, of which they allegedly had about 4,000 in 2021. These are Russia’s last artillery reserves and are being put into service now. when those are worn out this year, Russia’s tube artillery park will be reduced to its current production of about 200 yearly tube artillery pieces. Russia could no longer continue the war at that point unless their 2024 production increased to at least 2000 a year.


Gun Violence – Stats

Ammo.com looks at gun violence. It would be best if you read the whole, well-researched article.

The UK vs. US crime rates

It’s vital to consider gun violence statistics in various countries. The UK has 615,627 firearms with 673 total homicides, as opposed to the United States, 500,000,000 with 24,867 total homicides. There are .21 homicides per firearm in the U.K. compared to only 0.004 homicides per firearm in the U.S.

Furthermore, Americans have access to 20,107 firearms per homicide. Those in the U.K. have access to only 915 firearms per homicide.

Therefore, more firearm access does not increase homicides.

Australia vs. the U.S. crime rates

Australia has 3,500,000 firearms, with only 221 homicides in 2021. The U.S. had 500,000,000 firearms, with 24,867 firearms in 2022. There are 0.006 homicides per firearm in Australia and only 0.004 homicides per firearm in the U.S.

Furthermore, Americans have access to 20,107 firearms per homicide, and Australians have access to 15,837 firearms.

The number of accessible firearms does not increase the number of homicides.


Meme of the Day


Boron’s Dream

Space aliens land in large numbers, are in serious need of dental work, and are willing to pay with gold.


Pick your Favorite

No, you don’t get to keep it.


Identify the Aircraft


This high-altitude medium bomber was developed for the USAAC in the early 1940s to fulfill its need for an aircraft of this type. As the project progressed, it underwent significant design changes. Although the plane was completed by 1944 and exhibited excellent performance, it never went into mass production. This was because, at the time, medium bombers were becoming more effective at low altitudes, so the USAAC was no longer in need of a high-altitude one.



Identify the Tank


Parting Shot

46 thoughts on “Enlightened Disregard For Awkward Facts

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. North American XB-28 Dragon
    2. Vickers Warwick

    Identify the Tank:
    3. Wirbelwind

    1. I think that this tank is an Ostwind, but as I understand it, both names were used for the same platform.

    1. Saving the planet requires the use of paper straws that makes anything you drink tast like the nasty paper towels they had in the lavatories in elementary schools in the 60s.

      1. Do tell. Why exactly were you eating those nasty brown paper towels in elementary school? You’re supposed to use that toxic mimeograph paper for spitballs dontcha know.

  2. I remember wondering, at an earlier point, if the rate of artillery usage by Russia would lead to problems. Read the BRM post about children and inheritance money. Some comments appeared to be someone(s) trotting out their favorite Biggie-Wow verse and demanding that everyone has to conform to what they think should be done. As there are verses that warn against wandering off into extreme territory on either end I would think it would be best to keep a balanced perspective on the full counsel from God. Also, as we have no idea what the situation is for total strangers, going for a one-size-fits-all solution seems a bit…odd?? Violence: I think it was sometime in the 90’s when a headline appeared saying cities get a bum rap for violence. Their proof consisted of comparing murder rates for cities in the 90’s versus murder rates from the late 13th century/early 14th century time frame. Rates way back then were around three to four times higher than Detroit in the 90’s. If firearms really caused high crime rates, the cities back then must have been waist deep in firearms.

  3. So General Brown has helped enshrine Didn’t Earn It in the USAF and is bringing the same DEI attitude to the rest of the armed forces.

    1. Frederick, what an absolutely wonderful job of reassigning the DEI acronym to a more accurate definition. I don’t remember seeing it before and hope you don’t mine if I use it.

  4. Is Mercury in retrograde? I dunno. But, I’m reasonably sure if you kick back 10% of whatever you make off your “business plan” to The Big Pedo Guy in the White House, Mercury can be whatever grade you want to call it.

    1. WWW, you have a disturbingly clear view of the operation of the Deep State and Pedo Joe’s needs.

  5. I can only pick one? And I don’t get to keep it? A Nighthawk would have been nice. Back to saving up I suppose.

  6. #1. toothbrush purchase
    #2. an evaluation/treatment by an orthodontist
    #3. an evaluation/treatment by a periodontist
    #4. don’t see any eternal nares, so wearing a rubber dam for endodontic treatment in my office could be a — ah, difficult.
    #5. I’ve treated far more interesting people over the years ; even far left politicians- with barely a whimper.

  7. “If he’s fit to hold office, he’s fit to stand trial…”

    Exactly. Either he’s an incompetent boob (which I’ve been saying since 11-four-2020), or he’s a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier”. WHY do they get BOTH!?

    Also: “…taste like the nasty paper towels they had in the lavatories in elementary schools in the 60s.”

    Why were you eating the paper towels? J/k.

    Have a great weekend folks!

    1. I recall the nasty odor of those cheap brown paper towels even now, and the smell of the soap that took a bucket full to make a bubble… elementary school daze. I don’t recall eating the towels (I’m not saying that I didn’t take a taste in second grade) but I was compelled to wash my face and wipe with those towels, so it’s almost like tasting them.

      1. Your Elementary School was before The Ninny Mom’s got involved, now it’s wash your hands!, use Hand Sanitizer 42 times a day, etc. No wonder kids are paranoid the sky is falling and Gaia is dying, afraid to be dirty…they’re not GETTING enough dirt. Need “dirt” to build ones immune system.

        Paper towels have improved since the smelly ones we had (and yeah, the lousy soap)…but saw a scribble on a bathroom air dryer “instructions” label, like we need instructions (this was before the Dyson Blade): 1) Place hands underneath nozzle; 2) Rub hands together for 1 minute. — Someone added: 3) Wipe hands on pants. Yep.

        1. I went to visit the father of a friend of mine. He also is my friend. He’s in a rehab facility after a stroke.
          When we entered the building we were warned he was being tested for flu, not that he had it, just tested.
          Did we want to wear a mask?
          I asked whether I really was as ugly as that, because other than not frightening anyone, I couldn’t think of a good medical reason.
          They agreed!
          So we went to his room and his daughter is constantly applying hand sanitizer, and as we left she warned us to wash our hands.
          Then I was called the next day and told he tested positive for flu, but not covid. I didn’t think that was possible.
          Later that day I was called and reminded of my evening dental appointment.
          I mentioned the flu thing and was told, “We’re not worried about that”.
          My how times have changed.

          1. when you’ve been made aware of the diameter/size of the flu/covid virus particles (tiny) versus the diameter of the pores of the mask (huge, so you can breathe through it). the whole concept becomes, at best, laughable.
            did your dentist require his/her patients to wear a mask while heshe (deliberate) operated, did the assistant spray a phenolic-based antiseptic into the patient’s mouth prior to treatment – or, like the restaurants, did the patient have to only wear one on the way to the chair? I still can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard.

          2. Part of the problem is houses have gotten very tight with “Energy Codes” (like CAFE standards for vehicles…overdone). As “building officials” discovered in Minnesota moons ago with tight houses in Winter, the house goes “sick” just from living in them all closed up, cooking, breathing, bathrooms, etc. But what did officials do? Required air-to-air handlers, typical gov’t response…costing residents another $6-8K.

            Have extended family who have been sick for two months with some mystery respiratory thing…because many have become lemmings, and Covid is now the go-to in our panic lexicon, been constantly doing the home Covid test (which are generally useless). It’s an older home with a basement, and it’s Winter (that’s a clue). Young mom is even an RN. Doctors are not sure what’s going on. Told them to get an air purifier, dehumidifier, some bleach/Lysol/TSP solution…and crack open a couple of windows, especially at night in the bedroom. It’s likely mold.

            For at least a decade we have seen that “contained rote” living is detrimental to overall health and well-being. God did not make us to be inside all day sitting on our behinds (as I am right now, eating a few Fritos trying to finish up home office work…but soon…tractor therapy since it’s nice out).

  8. Mercury needs reparations, clearly requiring The NWO Mooches to enact a Space Saving Planet Tax to avoid any predicted disaster of losing such an important planet, 2nd in line. But if it does fall out of orbit we’d automatically move up to 2nd Place in the rankings, and ratings, similar to “likes”, are more important to half of society.

    BRM: “Where on earth did he get the idea that someone else’s money was actually his?”

    Because he’s an entitled self-coddling simp. We “boys” told my mom that the last check she writes should bounce. Point is I agree with you, LL, spend it with/on your family while on this side of the veil, thereafter leave anything you want to “others deserving of such generosity”. But as history has proven time and time again, as soon as a death occurs the vultures come out of the woodwork to descend on the “largess”, demanding “their rightful cut”. If it is ultimately gotten, often by contesting the Will, then disappear as quickly as they appear. A humble and grateful person never has this attitude. We have a small dilemma, no one will live at our place…if we bequeathed it to someone they would simply sell it for the money, something we could beforehand. However, if someone comes along and expresses interest we may make an amendment to the beneficiary. Attitude matters…which is why so many stories abound of lonely older folks giving their estates to the person who actually gave a damn while “the kids” got nothing.

    1. “Mercury needs reparations”. Don’t give them any ideas!!!!
      “the last check she writes should bounce”. We were talking on this subject on air a couple days ago and the host alluded to not leaving a dime. I wish I’d had that line to steal then.

      1. Yours to disseminate as your own. (Like when someone asked if I ever had an affair (no), I said, “Having enough trouble with the one I got, why would I want another one?”)

        Oh, a Pluto-level cut-n-paste “2nd” typo up there (add that to my ever-growing list putting me further from the camp stove). Despite it being a ways since 4th Grade science didn’t mean to stick it to Venus, even if it’s “the female” on one side of Earth with Mars “the male” on the other. Maybe Mercury has a bigger role in the battle of the sexes than we can know, a buffer between us and the heater.

  9. the one on the left reminds me of Chuck Schumer; the one on the right reminds me of Bernie: I dunno why;
    yeah! I guess I do – really.
    Chuckie, this time (for a change) said something really dumb n’ is trying to choke it down: “Israel shouldn’t be murdering all those innocent Gaza women and children …”
    Bernie – – – well the color’s ’bout right (uh! well! – usta be red for commie left) – anyway d’ boid looks jus’ like ‘im.

    1. I would like to know if I gaze upon all those fine fowling pieces if there is such a thing a manifold lust, and do I suffer in proportion to that many guns?

    2. 1st part- NO…God will “give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37-4)
      2nd part- Me too, but having the Vaquero with grips that are j-u-s-t a bit small for my hand (still workable tho), I would need to see how it fits in the hand, otherwise the next one up.

  10. DEI
    As a heterosexual Caucasian male who has known many people who fall into the defined DEI population and have achieved success on their own merits, the DEI bullshit taints them and creates just another burden for them. DEI is just another way for the weak to bring down the strong and for our external enemies to weaken us. YMMV.

  11. Gun violence. It might actually be much worse. When I lived there in the 90s it wasn’t actually considered to be a homicide until there was a conviction. Perhaps Jules could shed current light on the subject?

  12. favorite- bottom left, not b/c of the pearly whites but in spite of them. i like the commander size……no such thing as gun violence…..russia has been losing the war since before it startedand has lost it six time already, if you believe the stuff you read. i know for a fact they have many thousands of tubes in mothballs in siberia, along with tanks as far as the eye can see from 3000 feet. i”l believe they ran out when vlad says so and not until….gas jumped another 14 cents a gallon today, 50 cents this month. why does biden get to “hand down” new emission standards for cars for 2035? is he emperor now? his roman name is ignoramus gigantus then.

    1. I’d like to see the imagery or even the analytic summary (monthly) on Russian artillery tube depletion. We know that they’re entraining T-55’s and moving them into place with tractors so that they can be used as fixed tube artillery. They’re not as vulnerable as towed artillery. In fact, you can almost bury them in sand bags and steel plate to protect them from indirect fire. The turret can move a few degrees and the gun can elevate. It makes an efficient bunker and they do have a near endless supply of those tanks. There are questions of ammo supplies. We know that the Norks are dipping into their war reserves and are supplying the Russians. It’s not efficient, and I have no idea how accurate they are, but the Russians have never cared much about accuracy as they have about volume, which has a perfume all its own.

  13. “invest in crystal mining companies”
    I made a good chunk of money digging up crystals for the SF crowd back in the early 80s. “Hallelujah Healing Stones”; a significant pocket of nice clear and smoky quartz crystals. The prices those people were willing to pay … Same folks that ruined Black Rock Desert.

    1. The bacteria growing on its own, wild, mutating in the Black Rock Desert must be a thing to behold after all of the hippies leave, only to return. Maybe the flood and mud that washed them all out of Burning Man last time cleansed the place? Nature is capable of doing that.

      Maybe I should go into the healing crystal business.

  14. I have two safes of those Australian firearms but will accept donations for more. I’m partial to 30-06 for general hunting.

    Murder by gun is actually small in Australia. Stabbing is number one at 37%, then blunt force 19% with guns third at 13%.

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