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I’m not a fan of Mencken & his stances on some things, but it’s hard to argue with his take here. Can a human of even average intelligence watch much of what passes for advertising today and not feel his/her intelligence being insulted? I think not. But they keep trotting this drivel out, so it must be working. What does that say about us collectively? It says that smart people DVR what they want to watch and fast-forward through the ads.

I think Toffler put it more kindly and more accurately in Future Shock, in which he stated: “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write. It will be those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

The times are moving way too fast for the average mind to process the change with which we’re obliged to deal…and attempt to do so thoughtfully. And do not most of us want…even crave…simple solutions to complex problems? The more sophisticated technology becomes, the more complicated life becomes. The more choices we’re confronted with, the harder the choice becomes.

It doesn’t help that we have the paid-stream media, mainlining messages that clinical depression is up and that even the best of our government’s acts are imperfect. They have learned they can monetize angst…and big pharma is happy to cash in.

Prices continue to go up, but instead of acknowledging that greedflation and shrinkflation are things, the media breathlessly reports how wage growth isn’t keeping up with the Consumer Price Index. Thanks, teleprompter readers. By all means, tell us what we already know, but don’t, whatever you do, call out the corporate thieves licking their chops as they milk each doom-laden sentence for another 2% plus up to margins.

We are caught in a maelstrom of change that has swept away most of the signposts by which we navigate life. We can do one of two things. We can adapt…or more or less fall back to the solutions that worked in simpler times and pretend they still work.

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that we…collectively…are the problem. Multiple causative factors are at work here, but one is how poorly our system…educationally and otherwise—for life in the 21st Century. And as products of it, we are both the problem and the fix.



Bullet Points:

** (right) Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, make counter-allegations, find a scapegoat.

** Next week, we begin another round of Soviet-style show trials where the US Government works to show the public that a demented, foolish, morally bankrupt pedophile should be kept in office and President Trump is somehow unworthy. – Pedo Joe slept through the Memorial Day service yesterday. By the way, who controls the Nuclear Launch Codes?

** What do you do to reduce stress?

** Dead gunner drills.

** The Mexican word of the day is “harmony.”

** I haven’t seen any pro-Palestine riots at trade schools. What’s going on there? I haven’t seen the fat, blue-haired, inked-up lesbian women protesting anything or boycotting Framing 101. It’s suspicious.

** Blue Flight – “They come to Idaho where they can enjoy their career and make a difference,” Lovell told Fox News Digital. “They see that, largely, our communities support law enforcement and public safety.”

Cities large and small across the country suffered severe staffing shortages on the heels of anti-police protests in 2020. Four years later, some departments still can’t stop the bleeding.

Seattle’s police staffing is at its lowest level since the 1990s, according to a March KING 5 report. Earlier this year in California, the Alameda Police Department offered a $75,000 signing bonus — the highest in the nation — on top of a six-figure starting salary to entice new officers.

And while Lovell said Idaho hasn’t been immune to recruiting challenges, the state also saw a wave of out-of-state police applications when other departments began losing officers.

** Few people understand what the war in Ukraine means for big business—namely, opportunity. It’s not just the weapons and reconstruction contracts. Ukraine’s vast agricultural lands—among the most fertile in the world—are up for grabs, and American companies like BlackRock are at the front of the line. This is an interesting article on war or peace in Ukraine. The permanent Washington Establishment would need to find another war to feed the military industrial complex if peace were to break out in Ukraine. They’d be happy to fight the war to the last Ukrainian.


House Cleaning

(Link) James Comey Warns Trump Will Gut FBI & DOJ If Re-Elected: ‘That’s a Danger for All Americans’

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey has appeared on leftist propaganda outlet MSNBC and warned viewers that President Donald Trump is planning to overhaul the corrupt, weaponized federal justice system.

This is all the more reason to re-elect President Trump. There needs to be a serious realignment to flush out the rot. Will the baby be thrown out with the bath water? I don’t think that there’s anything but bath water these days.


VDH on Biden

Has America Finally Had It With Joe Biden?

Joe Biden’s personal approval rating is at historic lows; almost all his policies do not poll fifty percent. He is behind Trump in almost all the swing states. And now he lies serially even to sympathetic interviewers. In short, finally, Biden has been exposed for what he always was and represented. Senator and Vice President Joe Biden was always sort of a buffoon. He is by nature a grandstander who handsomely profited from his office while posing as good ole Joe from Scranton. He is a blowhard meddler, one who proverbially has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades (Robert Gates),” from dissenting on the Bin Laden raid to his trisection of Iraq scheme. He is a fabulist who believes that the more animated he misleads and slurs (“semi-fascists” “fat”, “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, “chumps”, “dregs of society”, etc), the more likely he is to get away with it. He is a confessed plagiarist. He has also invented much of his biography, from would-be star, college-scholarship athlete, and brilliant law student to semi-truck driver and jailed civil rights activist. His uncle, we are instructed, was eaten by cannibals. Joe assures us he was the first in his family to attend college. And he is a racist with a repertory of racial taunts and smears unrivaled among modern politicians (“junkie,” “boy,” “you ain’t black,” “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” “put y’all back in chains,” the Corn Pop and golden-leg hairs sagas, the “racial jungle” memes, the strange brag about Delaware as a “slave state” (e.g., “You don’t know my state. My state was a slave state. My state is a border state.”), and his encomia for the old Democratic racists of the Senate from former Klansman Robert Byrd (Biden’s self-described “mentor” and “guide”) to segregationist James Eastland (“never called me boy”).



Identify the Aircraft







Parting Shot



36 thoughts on “Inaniloquent

  1. (1) North American )-47.
    (2) Not any of the things I thought it was. IDK.
    (3) Vickers Vernon ?
    (4) Boulton-Paul Overstrand.
    (4) Hawker Hart ?

    – Kle.

        1. Hmm. I thought maybe the O2U, but the plane in the picture has a much different
          vertical stabilizer than what I’m used to. Must be a different model.
          In any case, I figured Surly and Hogsbreath would have it sorted by the time I got back.
          – Kle.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. North American O-47
    2. Vought O2U Corsair
    3. Vickers Victoria
    4. Boulton Paul Overstrand
    5. Hawker Audax

  3. Unpopular question: Blue flight: What’s the quality of the officers left, the same as Comey’s FBI agents or is there a difference?
    Comey should be broadcast far and wide, especially in the deep blue cities. Trump will get even more black and hispanic votes that way.

    1. Frederick, much has to do with the investment in the retirement system. In California, peace officers (as defined by PC 830.1) contribute 27% of their base pay to either the Public Employees Retirement System or (in the case of Chapter 37 Counties) to the county retirement system. If you’re close to retiring, the move to Idaho or outside California doesn’t make sense. Depending on the specific city, county or if you’re a state officer (Highway Patrol or State Police) the maximum would be 3% of base pay per year at 50 yrs. of age paid as a defined benefit. There are different programs within PERS (vests at 5 years). County retirement systems typically vest at 10 years and you can earn up to 100% of your base pay if you stay long enough. PERS is not tied to the California State Budget. It stands outside of that and the though it has loaned money to California in the past with interest, politicians can’t dip their beaks — so far.

      What that means is that the older employees with more time vested in the system have to stay in order to earn an excellent pension. My son-in-law is a city police officer in California, earns a good living and though he wanted to move to Idaho a couple of years ago, the numbers didn’t wash. They’ll flee when he retires.

      1. Larry,

        I certainly understand running the numbers. However, as an example, I have a neighbor who retired from two different PDs. He recently made a joke about a now gone neighbor (before my time) who ran a meth lab in his condo for months. I couldn’t understand how or why he would have let that go on for more than a few days.

        1. Some people are critical of those who see it through to a pension and retirement benefits, but when that has been your career and you’ve been paying into it for 25 years, headed for 30, it’s unfair criticism.

  4. Brandon is merely a less energetic Bart Simpson, who once said “I didn’t do it. No one saw me do it. You can’t prove anything.”

    1. I don’t know whether Pedo Joe can even formulate that level of critical thinking now. He slept through the Memorial Day Ceremony yesterday.

      1. oddly, i saw a video of joe walking unsteadily, milling around lost, ignoring salutes, a soldier had to point him in the right direction, then jill had to come back on stage and lead him off stage. yet when i go back to the video and others of the same events he’s “normal”. can ai clean up video like that? or was i hallucinating? …mandela syndrone i guess…have a ex-bil in fbi, not an a special agent. they screwed him over too, made him take the vax while exempting sa’s. he had an adverse reaction. he’s horrified at what he sees, just holding on for two more years to retire.

        1. If they shoot it on the sound stage in the EEOB, across the street from the White House live, they can re-shoot it with the body double later. I think that they’re reluctant to do too much of that, but if it’s really bad…maybe they feel that they must.

  5. My stress relief usually begins with something in .22LR, sort of like an appetizer. Steak and Cabernet come after.

    Framing 101. Funny you should mention that. I actually took that class in junior college. Later while in uniform, submitted my transcripts and was awarded secondary MOS 51B, Carpenter.

    1. I picked up a Navy NOBC in much the same way. (NOBC = Naval Officer’s Billet Classification)

  6. The Husk is a disgrace and anathema to America and The Constitution…VDH covers this as only he can: Perfectly.
    Comey – like Robert Hunter B. – is protected by the Ruling Class, otherwise this bum would be in prison for a very long time. Funny how these types keep resurfacing after a time, like a pocket gopher in the pasture…pops up every once in a while when the sun shines. Problem is I’m too busy to sit out there for hours waiting to dispatch the destructive rodent. “For the love of God, Please.Just.Go.Away” …yet here he is, spewing his demented rhetoric in a smarmy tone that the uninitiated willing lap up like mother’s milk.
    The Pro-Palestine unhinged crazies occupation of Woke Universities was an Op to distract from The _Resident and his massive failings (like falling asleep midday…because he needs to be in a retirement home, not sitting behind the Resolute Desk). Got a few bags of groceries last Thursday, filler items before the weekend rush…$116 of what is about $72 dollars a few years back under PDJT. Yeah, nothing to see here…because…Grandma Yellon says I’m deluded. Don’t think so when my wallet is thinner than my Android’s SIM Card and getting squeezed thinner by Gubmint’s 81Million Voter arbor press.

    1. The grocery increase is a small price for you pay for saving the democracy from President Trump…

      1. Rot is everywhere so where do we start? Those who count the votes determine the winners. Is there any real effort, nationwide, to oust corrupt election officials and restore integrity to our elections? If so, I don’t see it. Instead, we have Obama’s third term. Blue cities keep ‘electing’ the same corrupt people (Shelia Jackson Lee, anyone?). The practice is as old as our country (Tammany Hall).
        Tip O’Neill was famous for his quip, “All politics are local”. Maybe he was right. I spent eight years as a Precinct Committeeman in King County, WA which was a window into how things actually worked. IMO, the only way to stop the election rot is for citizens to get involved at the precinct level and demand accountability. WARNING: It ain’t pretty, or safe.

  7. LL … how soon till the new short story anthology books will be available? Last update noted it was getting close. Thanks.

    1. It’s finished. I could have it live digitally — today. Doing the paperback cover layout is a pain. Jules did the face for it but the rest is something I’ve been putting off. Thanks for the gentle nudge.
      The second collection of short stories is about half way there.

  8. >feel his/her intelligence being insulted?
    So a year or so after TSA had taken hold, and people were mostly over the “we gotta do SOMETHING” (as in go along with whatever Our Betters tell us) stage, I heard many people grousing, “I guess this stuff makes the average person feel safer, but I don’t see how this helps security.” This was so widely prevalent that I’d be surprised if I didn’t hear someone say that. Eventually I started replying, “We – you, me, the rest of the people in line – we ARE the average person. I’ll bet fewer than 10% of the people here feel safer. This is NOT about security.” Hardly anyone grouses any more: Clown world is the new normal.

    Incidentally, I’m waiting for my 6pm flight as I type this. I noticed that the “shaved sides, tiny bun on top” hairdo is becoming more common among the younger male agents. WTF? As if this wasn’t already one of the more dysgenic-looking job-populations, with excess obesity and general slovenliness. And to that you have to add a goofy hairdo?

    Not just the MIC and BlackRock are happy to fight to the last (ethnic) Ukrainian. I’m pretty sure Zelenskiy (as styled in the Yahoo link, or Zelenskyy, or “penis-sucking cocaine dwarf”, as he is viciously slandered in some circles, but I digress) is happy to fight to the last Ukrainian. Probably Blinken is okay with the idea as well. (If this were a Mark Meechan (“Count Dankula”) video this is where he’d pause and wordlessly look into the camera for a full 3-count. For, oh, no reason at all.)

    1. The Transportation Safety Administration’s budget is $9.7 billion. Yes, they hire by the pound (you get more value from a 350-lb TSA Agent than a 150-lb Agent) and are reputed to hire felons (in an era where nobody can tell you what a woman is, they likely can’t tell you what a felon is) who are off parole. They paid their debt to society, Mike_C. Don’t be a hater.
      Vlad Zelensyyy is vertically challenged, and cocksucking is very fashionable these days. Ask the Libertarian candidate for president in 2024, Chase Oliver, former US President Barack Hussein Obama, or his husband, Big Mike. Ask any number of people in Pedo Joe’s cabinet, from the Transportation Secretary Pete “The Butt Guy” Buttigieg or Admiral Dick (Rachel) Levine, leader of the National Health Service – or the luggage thief; I forget his name. They’ll all put lipstick on your dipstick (wink). Soddomy becomes the regime. Pedo Joe just liked boinking his teenage daughter in the shower – how horribly heterosexual of him.

      1. > Libertarian candidate for president in 2024, Chase Oliver

        It’s as if they’re deliberately making it impossible to take them seriously.
        From Ron Paul in 1988 to … to this shambolic mess in under four decades.

        1. I’ve heard no persuasive argument for Chase Oliver. The Extreme Libertarian who posts on the blog could weigh in on the subject. Other than being a homosexual male and a corporate wonk, what does he bring to the table?

          1. PS – Oliver wouldn’t be the first homosexual president. Barack had two terms and we’re finishing his shadow term. Nothing that he did suggested that he (a homosexual) was a good president. He was half black and Oliver is all white. Is that something that should be considered?

          2. I should have spelled my handle with a lowercase “libertarian”. Uppercase Libertarians mostly believe it is possible to do good by engaging in electoral politics, while lowercase libertarians mostly do not. The state and national Libertarian political parties experience the same negative dynamics as other political parties. The media I read show that Chase Oliver is Libertarian In Name Only.

          3. Since Libertarians are humans with genetically-programmed great ape monkey troop (communist) instincts, the Libertarian parties don’t have to be a CIA front in order to have most of the same values, goals, and organizational behaviors.

            I thought QAnon could be a science fair project by middle-school aged children of CIA employees, to see how long people would believe without corroboration from events.

  9. Sigh… Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, make counter-allegations, find a scapegoat, or pull the fire alarm. Sounds like the left’s game plan from the git/go. Re stress relief, the ‘zen’ of shooting, preferably long range, then the problem is staying awake… LOL

    1. I find black powder shooting with friends to be a pleasant and stress-relieving pastime. Cleaning the weapons afterward is part of the process. You don’t shoot that much because it’s all single shot. You don’t spend a lot of money. The weapons themselves are pleasing with light recoil. It’s a lot like pipe smoking. You spend more time screwing with the pipe than you do smoking it. I have a dragoon revolver but I shoot it less than the 50’s or the Bess. Flintlock is better than percussion cap because you screw with them longer and it takes more time. When you shoot them, you can watch the big slow ball travel downrange.

  10. This is a rather serious post and I applaud it.

    Some might argue Western Civ went on a skid ’round about 1914 and hasn’t pulled out since but has only accelerated, where to? Nobody knows, and I don’t say that lightly.

    To address this grievous situation, perhaps we should meet in Chinatown/Whitehall or Delhi, where the Gymkhana beckons.

    1. We live in Clown World, LSP. I tried the “beam me up, Scotty, things suck down here” solution but it was just —-crickets.

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