Women, Stand UP and be Counted

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So there you are, a 5’2″ woman, and today, you’ve decided to be a 6′ man (because gender is as fluidic as is race and height). The lines at the public restrooms are shorter for men than they are for women, and you want to saddle up between Steve and Jerry and take a whiz. No, there are no privacy guards, but as a man, you have a right to whip it out and stand hip to hip as you relieve yourself. Except that you only decided to be a man – today. That means that there hasn’t been time for messy and painful surgery and you’re not completely sure that you want to be a man tomorrow.
Don’t worry, your neighborhood Target has you covered! Keep your Go Girl in your purse at all times, or maybe in your pocket if you’re a guy that day, and urinate with Jerry and Steve meat gazing you – with pride.
It’s available in purple, which is not the color of a healthy penis, but the guys in the men’s room aren’t going to believe that you have a schwanz anyway. Could any product be more progressive?

23 thoughts on “Women, Stand UP and be Counted

  1. People baffle me. This thing seems messy and inconvenient, and I don't really see any upside.

    Oh well, to each their own, I suppose.

  2. Reminds me of the Pet Rock…they will sell millions of them, laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. Yes, it's progressive, and every woman who wants to pee standing needs some sort of appliance to keep the appearance of hygiene up.

  4. Outdoors, freezing weather, layers of clothes and you need to expose your bare butt? Saw my first one snowmobiling early 70's.

    As you point out can be used to make a political/social statement.

  5. Who knows? There may be a testimonial here on the blog from a user for all I know.

    I never owned a pet rock. Was that a major mistake on my part? I can go to a hobby store and buy those plastic eyes for $.50 and glue them to a rock even at this late date.

  6. All genders expose to eliminate, #1 or #2… If I was a woman, I wouldn't want to tear down clothing to try and engage the Go Girl in sub zero weather. Leakage would definitely result in stiff, frozen clothing.

    I suspect that the appliance is more of an object to declare your progressive credentials if you're a woman.

  7. No mistake…like anything novel the Pet Rock was all about the marketing, more of a joke than anything else. It was "fun" (a word the self-loather's of society have no use). This product, however, is about social justice crap — a morally superior revamp of the She-Wee to appeal to the activist attention-getter's among the crowd. (Queue the Twilight Zone theme.)

  8. The mind doth boggle. Numerous additional applications come to mind. Family blog, not going there. Where's my brain bleech?

  9. Meh. Not a new thing.

    The War Department during WWII, especially in the early days of the war, issued a similar thing to female recruits because barracks and facilities were, until then, mostly set up for men only.

    And another version or versions has/have been available at camping stores for use outdoors for years and years.

    So, well, if they wanna go into a men's bathroom, good for them. Let them discover what we all know about stadium and gas station bathrooms…

  10. I refuse to shop Target ever since they said no more blue clothes for boys or pink clothes for girls (I never liked pink). It all had to be unisex.

    Not that I would ever consider buying something so stupid. OR using a men's rest room.

  11. Also, they have sold something similar for use when flying long distance in a light plane. It comes with a similar device and a container for the "output". There is another device for anatomical males (just avoiding the PC police) to use under similar conditions. It is sometimes difficult to land quick enough when the urge hits so a method of relief was designed.

  12. Well, the one I have was very useful when backpacking and having to go. There is a learning curve, but no worse than learning to pee without getting it all over your legs and clothes without using a go-girl. And the bright color helps to keep from losing it in the brush on the ground. It rinsed out and shakes dry easily. But, no, would not want to stand between the boys in the bathroom line…just me…YMMV.

  13. Years ago, my wife worked in a clinic owned by a gay doctor. At the Christmas party, he stole someone's gift, opened it, and found … an electronic stud finder. He actually blushed.

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