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You can vote in Socialism, but you need firearms to eject socialism. Such is the nature of the decline into tyranny.
In Venezuela, police and National Guardsmen successfully prevented the delivery of 200 tons of food aid that had been stockpiled in Colombia and in Brazil. 
One report said four 20-ton trucks with aid were stopped at Cucuta. All three international bridges in the area remain closed. The most violent location was near the border with Brazil. At Santa Elena de Uairen, eight people were killed in clashes with police.
The Venezuelan Navy prevented a delivery by sea at Puerto Cabello. 
Colombia’s foreign minister said 285 people were injured and 37 hospitalized on Colombia’s side of the border.
President Maduro was delighted with the performance. He and his wife performed a salsa dance that was televised nationally, while his security forces fired at Venezuelans.
The Venezuelan defense minister described the failed attempt to crash the border as theatrics. Nevertheless, the government announced it broke diplomatic relations with Colombia and ordered Colombian diplomats to leave the country within 24 hours.

The Maduro regime won a tactical victory in that the police and militias remained responsive to the government and repulsed the attempts at delivery. Interim President Guaido promised the food would be delivered on the 23rd. The Maduro regime was ready.
Two trucks reportedly succeeded in entering Venezuela. Colombia President Duque closed the border crossing points for 48 hours for clean-up operations.
The US position is to help the Venezuelans help themselves. That does not include an invasion and military intervention for now. Some leftists are calling the American interest in eliminating misery in Venezuela, an ‘oil grab’. The US and Canada have the largest oil reserves in the world. Within a decade, the US could surpass Saudi Arabia’s capacity to export oil. Aiding Venezuela is not about an American need for oil. There is a humanitarian crisis and in time the Venezuelans have to stand up and end it or they have to be content with it.

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  1. When the Romanian people had enough of Nicolae Ceaușescu they took care of matters with a 7.62 recall. The Venezuelan people may have to do the same.

  2. I think that's the answer – and THEY should do it. Not the USA. At least we should have deniability if we desire to help the process along.

  3. Socialism leads to corruption, loss of freedoms, and misery for the common men, women, and children. Sucks for the Venezuelan, to be sure, but what an example to pin on our homegrown (P)regressives.

  4. They think that Venezuela is a cool future for the USA. There will be a lot of dead politicians before that happens.

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