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Gavin Long called himself “Cosmo Setepenra”

Gavin Eugene Long, alias Cosmo Setepenra (right) was killed in Baton Rouge, LA after he ambushed and killed three police officers and injured three more.

We know that Long was a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and that he advocated violence against white police officers. It’s ironic that one of the police officers that he murdered was also black.
I find it odd that the media didn’t broadcast a photo of him. It doesn’t take long for them to put pictures of white police officers allegedly doing something wrong on the screen (far before any investigation is complete.) I wonder why that is?
Long is dead and some clever Baton Rouge police officer saved the taxpayers a lengthy trial (during which there is no doubt that Black Lives Matter would have protested the prosecution).
Barack helped whip up hatred and now he’s trying half heartedly to walk it back. It plays well to Trump/Pence and their law and order platform.

The sniper/assassins torpedo their movement by de-legitimizing something that wasn’t all that legitimate in the first place. Now if you march for blacklivesmatters, you label yourself as a bloodthirsty Afro-American who wants to kill the police who are protecting you. Meanwhile, there are the conventions, coming up.

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  1. Problem is, if they get rid of the police, then there is nothing left to protect them from us, the gun owning middle class patriots that built America, and who darned sure aren't going to lose it to a bunch of big mouthed whiners with impulse control problems.

  2. CW is right. There's way more of us than them. If the police are marginalized, then the bitter clingers will have no more tolerance for a movement such as blacklivesmatter, and will stamp it out in short order.

  3. That can't be. (Your statement is Islamophobic and I feel some micro aggression may be involved)

    Islam is the "religion of peace".

  4. I think the intent is to get the police so paranoid they have to be shut down, so the government can do the patrolling. There are certainly enough 'offices' with the firepower. Or, the police quit, which means the government has to do the patrolling. Either way, martial law and King Obama or Queen Killary are left to rule.

  5. It may seem that way, but that's not how it works in the real world. The police just gear up and get tougher and more tactical. In Dallas and in Baton Rouge, the police didn't retreat. They simply killed the assassin and mourned the dead later. I realize that BLM wishes to have the police so paranoid that nobody will conduct a traffic stop on a black person or stop a black person from robbing a convenience store, but that dream is very unlikely. Martial law is a two edged sword to the angry negroes no now confront soldiers who don't show the sort of restraint that the police do, and use more lethal weapons. And it means that the local democrats in power in these inner city hells lose power and hand it over to the military (not popular among prog mayors and governors).

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