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I don’t eat ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s, though if Lizzy Warren’s healthcare plan goes into effect, and 2 million people lose their jobs, maybe Ben and Jerry’s will hire them at the same salary that they made when they were working in healthcare. 
Then again, it’s not about healthcare, it’s about power over YOU and over your life. 
In about a year, I will be of an age where I will be required to file for Medicare.  (link
Even if I am happy with my present healthcare arrangements, the government will FORCE me into their medicare healthcare web. 
You don’t have to sign up for Medicare. The catch? If you don’t enroll when you’re first eligible, you will be subject to serious financial penalties later in life. Why does the government do these things? Why do they want to FORCE me into their program when I’m willing to pay my own way? They counter with, “but LL, it’s FREE!”

Socialism depresses me.

The Warren Healthcare Plan will require a 48% payroll tax (more here). And then there are all of the other ‘free’ programs that she wants to offer to the mooches to induce them to vote for her.

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  1. If it’s free why are you penalised financially later for not signing up? Is this your version of the NHS? Cos that ain’t free – it’s a tax.

  2. When I hit that age a few years back I declined to purchase Medicare Part B. I saw no real benefit to it other than it covering my co-pays. I preferred to have the cash that would have been spent on premiums, enough to buy that Dan Wesson.
    No Ben and Jerry's for me either. I'll stick to cheaper, unwoke ice creams.


    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  4. One could surmise this is the Left forcing government assimilation to afford more Dem voters (some portion like this crap because it's free!). It's a tax…not a fee, not a premium, and not voluntary…pay or else. Guess they figure seasoned citizens won't fight back to remain independent…can't have people be free now can we? (Seems a while back "we" left England for similar reasons.)

    Nothing these grifter's morph into law is the least Constitutional, but that may be changing…at least a little. Case in point: Here in Colorado Prop CC was soundly defeated…means the state has to continue refunding excess "revenue" back to taxpayers, versus keep it to spend as they wish (the proverbial "Thanks for the gift, now go away while we do the peoples work.") This renouncement is telling. Won't stop the thieves from trying again though, using different, more obfuscated language to trick the voter.

    Everything on my ballot was to raise or add a tax on more nonsense, and some segment thinks this is acceptable…just like some believe you should be forced into government healthcare programs after a certain age. Something else to erode personal freedoms…as they want it.

  5. It's for old people, like me. Not NHS. You go to your doctor and it supplements costs. You also need to have your own private insurance because it's not enough to cover most medical costs.

  6. Medicare ain't free… And dealing with them is a PITA. It's BAD when the VA is EASIER to deal with.

  7. I've been on medicare for a while now, didn't like it to start with and don't like it now. I have used a self funded acct to handle medical bills beyond medicare. Being self insured does not set well with the government system. Now at the urging of family (because I'm getting older (no wiser though)) I've enrolled in a no premium supplemental plan. The catch is that since I didn't have or use a prescription plan, because I didn't need one, they will mandatory deduct a penalty fee from my SS for the rest of my life…

  8. Yeah.

    And as I approach the mandatory age of 65 (I'm currently 63), I guess that I will need to navigate the rocks and shoals of the mandatory Medicare bureaucracy. I really hate the idea, Brig, and as with you, I've been self-insured. I avoided the VA for all of these years because of the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. People say that the VA is better now, but I recall the butcher shop that it once was. So I went it alone.

  9. I don't want to do it, but they push it and they penalize, and do I want to fight them forever and remain angry. Or do I go with the flow like a dead fish, dipping through the rocks in a river, carried by the current?

  10. Wife and I signed up for Medicare two years back. Damn but I am sick of having to pick the lesser of two evils. At year's end, we will be switching from Humana to AEtna.

    Re: Obamacare. I've always said that the death panels are a three-fer for .gov. when you depart–

    1) All those Social Security payments? .Gov gets to keep them.
    2) All those medical expenses? .Gov gets to keep that money too.
    3) You are no longer around to post up on the web about how America
    used to be.

  11. I was forced into Medicare at 65 since I am using the military retirement health care coverage. My late father was part of a lawsuit back in the early 90's to try to kill the use of Medicare; it didn't work. I don't know what will happen when Medicare bankrupts.

  12. We can thank Congress for all the Social Security and Medicare IOU's that they have never paid back. Always something more important – like all the illegal immigrants – who need it more than American citizens.

    I've been on Medicare for a few years now. I kept up the military insurance, which is now Tricare for Life. The free medical I was promised when I joined finally appeared.
    I also use the VA on occasion, but hubby has a lot of service connected problems and that is where the VA has made some good improvements.

  13. Ben & Jerry's? Never liked their overpriced garbage, and their support of Mumia and other leftist charges broke me of ever wanting to eat that carp.

    And I am just obnoxious to point out their stupidity and political leaning out loud at the grocery store or at someone's house if I see their damned names show up.

    Hates them… Hates them I do…

    Rather eat BlueBell or Publix for half the price and twice the taste.

  14. I signed up last year. Still get my employers insurance.
    Don't know why I had to. No cost. Yet.

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