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I wish that I had a dollar for everyone who asked me whether or not they should visit Mexico. Normally it runs like this:

Q – I’m planning a visit to (wherever in) Mexico and wonder whether or not you think that’s a good idea?

LL – It’s a bad idea.

Q – But it’s inexpensive and the part of Mexico I’m planning on visiting is safe.

LL – Then why ask me?

Q – Because you have worked down there (doing whatever) and understand the place better than I do.

LL – Keep talking yourself into going, then. Don’t bother me.

Headlines on Fox News today (link) tell of a group of women and children who were ambushed and murdered (and some were apparently kidnapped) on a highway in Northern Mexico. In this case, these Americans were also Mexican citizens. Some say that it was a case of mistaken identity. I can’t say, but it’s not atypical in Mexico, a failed state, run by drug cartels. (more here from Newt Gingrich)
President Trump offered to send US troops into Mexico to root out the rot and corruption and to kill members of drug cartels. Mexican President Lopez Obrador respectfully declined, saying that it wouldn’t work. President Lopez Obrador may be right because killing everyone directly involved with the drug cartels or indirectly involved (businesses that take loans from cartels, the cartel support structure and the politicians who are supported by generous contributions) would leave Mexico nearly unpopulated.

Should the US be focused more on Mexico than Syria? 

You can blame the wealth in the US and the insatiable appetite for drugs if your conscience allows it, but the problem is that Mexico is still a failed state. And the US is compromised in many ways because of the vast network of narcotics trafficking routes through our communities. 
Q – But LL, we’re going to (name your vacation destination) staying at the XXX resort. 
LL – The XXX resort is managed by a US/International company but the hotel is owned by the Guadalajara Cartel. 
Q – I had friends who went there and they had a great time, So what do you think, should I go?

BREAKING NEWS – Mexican President Lopez Obrador said that ‘hugs, not arrests’ are the focus of Mexican policy against the drug cartels. (how much did the cartels pay him?) He feels that humanitarian outreach can solve Mexico’s cartel crisis,

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  1. Excellent advice, especially from you (brings to mind a line from "Taken" — "You live in your little bubble…")

    I don't care if airfare is included and they show smiling fit couples romping on the beach and offer cheap adult beverages with little umbrellas. Not ever going there…too risky.

  2. Yeah, they're asking for your affirmation, it not outright permission and you're not giving it. IMO, that's the moral responsibility in this situation.

    Now, if we could only uproot the Sinaloa cartel's influence in the US government, that would be a huge improvement.

  3. The money involved creates massive corruption on both sides of the border and the cancer has spread to the point where I think that no more how much chemo you apply, it won't work.

  4. Not going, period. The places in Mexico that interest me (Copper Canyon, Mayan ruins) are way out of bounds.

  5. People don't usually ask me about these things, but my answers tend to be:

    Are you a criminal enterprise? If not, then no.

    Are you hoping to score some cheap blow and then maybe get raped and murdered by members of a criminal gang? If so, yes.

    Not that I would never, under any circumstances, visit Mexico for "vacation", I just know that it's a poor idea, risk-wise.


  6. I have friends who go to Mexico every year ———- and, wait for it, he's a retired Los Angeles LEO. Huh? First – I don't see the point of going to the same darn place every year to sit around in the sun and sip crappy drinks. Heck, I can do that on my deck or the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene for way cheaper. Second – I'm so glad that my mom and I toured all of Mexico almost 50 years ago when it was still somewhat safe. I also remember the fun of "boy's town" in the border towns when I lived in Houston. Fabulous food and great music.

  7. Mexico is a neat country. I love the food, the culture and the people personally. Truly. There are things to see. The country has a rich heritage. But today it's dangerous. And while not every American has trouble there, enough do. And the police WILL set you up by planting evidence on you and off you go to the local carcel while your family assembles the money to hire a lawyer and to bribe you out of custody.

  8. It's the totality of the situation that makes it a less than ideal vacation destination. In the case cited above, the people who were kidnapped and murdered were VERY FAMILIAR with Mexico. It didn't help.

  9. Building the Wall is important.

    And while I go down there occasionally for work, I am the very soul of caution. There are other places to visit where you can have a great time without the risk.

  10. I'm with you, Adrienne. It used to be a nice place.

    And a lot of police officers have more balls than brains when it comes to Mexico. I know a lot of them who go to Baja. Some have had problems. Most haven't but it's just across the Sea of Cortez from Sinaloa…

  11. Forgive my Captain Obvious hat. Nothing changes unless/until we have the will, like on December 8, 1941. But that was a different generation.

    Even if you did say Ok to a trip, after all the caveats above, if their trip went sideways, you would be the first one they would point a finger at because "You said it would be Ok!".

  12. I've been to Mexico many times on vacation. Last time was for a destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, two years ago. Then 10 months later a tour bus crashed 5 miles from our resort and a bunch of Americans died. Those Mexican run side trips are lots of fun, and now high risk. They never have the money to put brake linings on the buses.

    My wife, daughter, niece and Aunt Sally (yes, THAT Aunt Sally) want to spend a 7 day stay in Cabo San Lucas next year. I will not bother asking you if we should go, as I already have read your answer above (at least 6 times…)

  13. I have less than zero desire to see Mexico. Back about 50 years ago my sister spent the summer as an exchange student in Saltillo. She enjoyed it, but things were a lot different then, and the family she stayed with were very well-to-do, and knew enough people to keep out of trouble.

  14. If I want to go visit Mexico, I'd rather do it as part of a group excursion, like the US did in 1846 or 1916. We'll all dress alike so everyone on the tour can tell who belongs, and maybe we'll make it to Mexico City.

    Else I have no interest in seeing Mexico. Saw enough of real Spanish-Mexican culture touring missions in SoCal and going to real Mexican restaurants in SoCal in the late 60's.

    As to modern Aztecian Mexican culture? It needs to get the same treatment the Conquistadors gave the Aztecian cultures back in the day.

  15. It was a fun place back in the late 60s/early 70s. My last time there was 77 to run the Baja off road race. And even then it was going bad. There were places where they 'moved' the course markers to try to wreck the cars/trucks. If you broke down and left your car, by the time you got back it was GONE. And I'm GONE… NOT going back.

  16. That scenario has played out.

    And recently, a guy took his wife and his Jeep on a run through Yucatan and nothing happened and he said, "See, not a problem."

  17. Caveat emptor, Fredd.

    I might actually be able to shoehorn Aunt Sally into a gig as a chef down in Los Mochis. I know some people who own a goat restaurant there and are having difficulty finding help.

  18. Yes, the US has played Conquistadores and Aztecs more than once. The current fear may be that 'you broke it, you bought it' could apply today in a way that it didn't when Blackjack Pershing kicked a$$.

    Full disclosure, I know some OUTSTANDING restaurants in Mexico City and elsewhere in Mexico. If it was forty years ago, I'd be hanging out and being a beach bum, drinking the local brew, surfing, long hair and beard, etc. Not today.

  19. Just had a minor squabble with the missus: told her that Cabo was giving me the heebie jeebies, after watching that cartel murder of the American family recently. She said, 'nah, we're staying on the resort property, nothing will happen to us, you're being paranoid."

    Me: " there are so many other places to go where we won't be rolling the dice as to whether we come back."

    Her: " next thing you know, you will be telling me it's dangerous to visit Chicago."

    Me: "the south and west sides, about the same as Syria or Mexico, in Mexico and Syria they hate you for being Americans, and in Chicago they hate you for being white. Regardless, we'd be rolling the dice."

    Her: 'man up, Fredd. The world's a dangerous place."

    Morale of the story: I hope Cabo's nice and the cartels are feeling peaceful. We're not leaving the resort property under any circumstances.

  20. PS: do you think the Mexican authorities would have any issue with me packing my .357 Magnum? You know, just because….

  21. It's a superior beer.

    The cartels are running their country in the way that best suits their business model.

  22. Bring a dictionary so that you can use harsh language that they will understand. The .357 would be ill advised.

    Staying on the resort property is usually safe. The cartels which own the resort want your money anyway. And remember the brand of the management company on the hotel marqui is not necessarily who owns the place.

    Murders on hotel property are bad for business. And people make money on Yanquis. So you're as safe as you would be staying in a Motel on the South Side.

  23. I get very nervous whenever my sister visits Mexico. In my eyes it's a narco country and I don't care how beautiful their beaches are, you don't go there. The cartels run everything. It's a madhouse. I can't believe anyone would go there.

  24. Why go to Mexico to taste Mexican culture? They're all here. I just head into Atlantic City and viola, I'm in Mexico.

  25. At least here we can carry in most places.
    Hubby wants a concealed carry license, but I'm not sure I could pass the course as I am not good at taking my weapon apart.

    I am not surprised by your breaking news about the Mexican president. I figured something like that when you said he turned down President Trump's offer. That and he wanted to stay alive.

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