What is the President Saying?

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I’m not sure whether academics or politicians (usually lawyers) are better at double-talk. President Obama claims to be both (his professorial credentials are not sterling) so where does that leave us?
For all the rhetoric of an improving economy, I don’t see much difference from where I am. The president is vacationing in Hawaii, so from his chair under the palm tree, mai tai in hand, the world must look a little different. Then again, he’s an ‘academic politician’.

10 thoughts on “What is the President Saying?

  1. They should run closed caption sub-titles under him whenever he talks on TV. Or better yet, have one of those sign language interpreters off to the side.

    The interpreter could alternate between holding up their middle finger to the crowd and bending over and pointing at their butt throughout the speech.

  2. Excellent point! And they don't have a clue, nor a plan to GET a clue… They're just muddling along driven by what polls say…

  3. You're so right! The subtitles should deliver what he's really saying. The problem is that it would come off like a Saturday Night Live skit and Democratic Party voters would just laugh.

  4. I think that it would be a breath of fresh air to have all polling done away with. It would leave him with a blank teleprompter — and we know what he's like when he goes off teleprompter.

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