VDH Says it’s Coming  


Bullet Points:

** Love everybody, but never sell your sword.

** People have been calling it a hedge fund with a university attached. They have a point — Harvard (Satan’s Vatican) stands at the troubling intersection between higher education and high finance, with over 15 percent of its massive $38 billion endowment invested in hedge funds.

That intersection is getting crowded. Yale’s comparatively modest $26 billion endowment, for example, made hedge fund managers $480 million in 2014, while only $170 million was spent on things like tuition assistance and fellowships for students. If you’re going to donate money to Harvard, maybe it makes more sense to mail a check directly to the hedge fund of your choice and cut out the middleman.

Maybe the fund did not as well as Nancy Pelosi through her hubby, but Harvard beats the S&P 500 routinely like a man on a girl’s swim team.

Whether Harvard goeth, so should my stocks. Harvard is dropping Meta (Facebook) and Alphabet (Google) like a tree losing leaves in autumn, which is strange because both stocks are at or near 52-week highs. Maybe Harvard sees something others don’t.

** Returning to Pineland in 2024? The offer was extended again. I wear a University of Pineland ball cap around the White Wolf Mine from time to time. Yes, I know it’s an Army thing, but I’ve participated in Robin Sage as an actor in the Q Course finale before.

Many Americans don’t appreciate the desperate campaign for Pineland’s freedom against the oppressive, godless, communist forces of the United Provinces of Atlantica. However, It’s not Ft. Bragg anymore since they renamed the base…it’s just not the same to me. A local told me that the Army put Peaches (in Fayetteville, NC) off limits to military personnel again. Have they no respect for traditional Army culture? The Navy is said to be purer than the Army and has greater trust for its sailors. I’m sure that Old NFO could talk about trust in Olangapo, PI, before they tore it down. I heard rumors, of course, but I was at choir practice at the time and lacked first-hand information about buying baby chicks to feed to the crocodiles, among other pastimes.

** This calls for a beef rib dinner. Are the Beef Growers of America paying the United Nations to promote their products? That’s certainly what it sounds like.

** Which sweater is better to wear at a Christmas Party? Never say that Virtual Mirage doesn’t promote fashion. We have a passion for fashion here – a thing for bling.

A –

B –

** 2024 Polling – Veepstakes – Among Democrats, 57% think Harris should be Biden’s running mate again. Among GOP voters, DeSantis is the leading choice for Trump’s 2024 running mate, with 23% support. I don’t see anything on RFK’s chances and as far as I know, he hasn’t discussed a running mate.




Identify the Tanks



More than one AFV in the photo. Can you identify both types?


Claudio, did you ID this one?


Identify the Aircraft





  1. IDTS:
    1. SNCASO SO 4050

  2. Identify the Tanks:
    1. T-44
    2. Philippine M-113A2 with UT-25 turret, another M-113, and what looks like two AIFV following.
    3. Ariete C2

    Identify the Aircraft:
    4. Sud Aviation Vautour IIB

    • Even when Miss Insomnia visits me I am not up that early! Kle, with Surly and Hogbreath I don’t even try to participate in LL’s Identify games… I can’t process that fast, I am an old 286 Tandy laptop running 256K memory.

      I would definitely wear the Valhalla T-shirt, harkens back to my Swedish side of my genes… Berserker indeed.

      • Embrace your Nordic-Ness.
        It worked for even me. So I was in Sebastopol (CA, not the original one) trying to get an Ibis Hakkalügi (cyclocross bike) packed for shipping at the REI. The shop guy said the wait time for packing was a few days. This was no good since they wouldn’t ship the bike; I had to take it to UPS myself and I was flying out the next day. So while I’m trying to figure out what to do another employee comes by to chat about the bike. I mentioned that “Hakkalügi” made me think of “hakkaa päälle”. “What’s that?” asks my interlocutor. “Finnish battle cry,” says I. The shop manager came over. “We’ll have the bike packed for you in 90 minutes.”
        “Wow, that’s great!”
        He stuck his hand out, “I’m a Finn. Name’s Kevin.”

  3. Veepstakes; I saw a couple short clips of the DeSantis/ Newsom debate. Very revealing. The Ho, is a D.C. Howard University BA grad, as well as hailing from p.c. name changed Howard University in S.F. ( RIP fort Bragg) NO acting grad programs that I have ever heard of at either of these institutions. It’s shame on themselves that the donkeys don’t recruit better. I.E. Arnold S. and Ronald Reagan. Pedo can’t finish a sentence let alone debate the likes of ” congressman Trump”!!!! I hope to God one of my best friends concerns of another scamdemic type lockdown for 2024 is incorrect. Although completely legitimate, with the affects it could have on public discourse and voting.

    • I don’t think that the public would sit still for another cold and flu season lock down.

      Maybe if they released weaponized smallpox from Fort Detrick or something, it would have a more chilling effect on the population?

  4. Satans Vatican: ”Only eighteen years after the Pilgrims landed in the New World, Harvard College, the first of the Ivy League schools, was established for the sake of educating the clergy and raising up a Christian academic institution to meet the needs of perpetuating the Christian faith. All of the Ivy League schools were established by Christians for the sake of advancing Christianity and meeting the academic needs of the New World.

    Nowadays we see the complete opposite of that charter, which is what occurs when serious money and Leftism infiltrate ANYTHING. Kurt Cameron’s “Monumental” showcases our founding tenets in various monuments that still (??) exist from our founding, including the inscriptions on and around most of the Haavaaad Yaad entry gates, including this on the Johnston Gate “Enter to grow in wisdom” while on the reverse side, “Depart to Serve Better Thy Country and Thy Kind. Wonder if those have been ground off because it is now racist due to the gates being designed by white architects?

    When enough Americans, having been taught/indoctrinated to eschew their actual history…for feelings and emotions…decide they are the arbiters of all that is right, a country cannot hold together. A man carrying an American flag at the Rockefeller Center tree lighting was attacked by Pro Hamas lunatics…err…peaceful protesters…police helped him to safety. The rabidness in these people is unreal, meaning The Demonic has infiltrated their weak brains. A lot can be blamed on multiculturalism, allowing locusts into our country who only want to devour everything in their path, led by academics and morons who are more stupid than the average Jane or Joe. But hey, they have an Ivy League parchment.

  5. #1. I look better in black.
    Why should I believe the results of the Rasmussen Reports? It’s not just how the questions are worded, what is the make-up of the cohort, do they speak andd understand English, have they even had sufficient education to understand the questions?
    Oops. I just drooled on the keyboard – personally I prefer pork ribs, but I wouldn’t refuse …

  6. Speaking of lizard-men, John Kerry looks pretty rough at the linked “beef article”. Maybe his human-suit needs some maintenance. (That was a personal attack on Kerry, not on his ancestry. Plus, it looks like “ozempic face”, though it’s probably “plastic surgery can do only so much”.)

    Are Jonny Quest’s opponents “coded Asian”? The one with the knife has slitty eyes. (You too can make everything an anti-Sinotic dogwhistle! Follow me for more tips.)

  7. VDH-
    Love how he takes the 100lb brain he has to take complex issues/problems and effectively communicate them in a way that even the treasonist left cannot argue. Well lie to be exact. The very definition of Genius. My only question is, how are they going to come at DJT and RFK? Having a little bit of experience in witnessing first hand “accidents” of foreign political candidates/leaders its really they’re last resort. My thought is the only thing holding them back is thee fear of a ‘real’ insurrection of which they could not control. End fiction.
    Sometimes violence is the only answer-
    Kill em’ all! Why discrimnate when you can hate everyone equally with one well placed round, JDAM, CWIS, or even 76mm from Naval guns! Slayer1 out…break break…standby for 9 line Reaper6…

    -STA lethal

    • THAT is the question. RFKjr and DJT both have good security. DJT picked his SS detail before he left office and has augmented them with other picked non-SS men. RFKjr is better off with his own picked people rather than letting the democrats pick his bodyguards, IMHO.

  8. Now we know why Race always wears red, he tore his other shirt.
    Mike_C, why do you assume they’re Asian? Lizard men are not defined by their skin suits. Example, no would accuse kerry of being an American.

    • I don’t, not really. I was just trying to fit in to modern post-Western society by looking for, strike that, by MANUFACTURING opportunities to cry victimhood.

      Red shirts, it’s like the old joke:
      Crewman1: Why do you wear red shirts, Captain?
      Captain: Because if I’m wounded I don’t want the men to lose heart when they see my blood.
      Crewman2: Captain! Three pirate frigates!
      Captain (to first crewman): Get me my brown trousers.


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