The Tilted Kilt – Orange CA (Review)

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Tag Line: “A cold beer never looked so good.”®

Preparing for St. Patrick’s Day
It’s not Hooters, but the women who work there are just as pretty and by all accounts, the food tastes better. I have only been to the Tilted Kilt located at 1625 West Katella Avenue, Orange, CA.

After the fights, the UFC crew likes to swing by and insure that kilts are still tilted.

The atmosphere is fun and the Tilted Kilt gets huge marks for staff attitude. On St. Patrick’s Day they had 150 waitresses on the property to insure that everyone received their drinks and snacks promptly. That’s something you NEVER see at an Irish Bar on St. Patrick’s but they pulled it off. 
I wondered how they did it, so I hung around and watched management’s attention to detail, tweaking here and adjusting there (not kilts – the operation). They stayed on top of everything and didn’t fall prey to the pattern many bars follow where management is more interested in being cool than in running the place.
My rating:  MUST VISIT – High Marks

4 thoughts on “The Tilted Kilt – Orange CA (Review)

  1. There just happens to be one of these in a 'burb not too far from here. Definitely on my list of places to try.

  2. 150 waitresses… is that a fact? AND good service too? Are you sure that wasn't some kind of dream you were having or maybe one beer too many? 😉 If not, well, I say we MUST visit the Tilted Kilt.

  3. Don't go if you are offended by the presence of beautiful women and alcoholic beverages.

  4. I sat with Glenn (owner) at his table. He told me that he had 150 waitresses working on St. Patrick's Day and there were a LOT of them there. I had to take his word for it, though I would have enjoyed making a physical head count.

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