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People don’t want to raise the subject because it’s ‘racist’ to bring it up. However in my present travels, things pop up  as I sit in the bar eating oysters on the half shell, and those things are grist for blogging. CDR Salamander touched on it in his blog, “France’s Long War“. But he didn’t take it as far as he might have.

There have been various scenarios that were war gamed over the past few decades. The first, back in the 70’s, was that rampant sickle sell anemia would curb population growth in Africa. That may still be a problem in Africa but it is eclipsed by so many others.
The second was that AIDS would depopulate Africa. The third was that maybe an Ebola wildfire would do what AIDS did not. I realize that these are not politically correct thinking, but they were circulated and not by me. I’m just bringing up the touchy subject. Now I think that decision makers and shot callers are confident that the whole “plague will solve the population problem” scenario isn’t going to be effective in the near term. And it’s increasingly unlikely that Africa will be able to do anything to solve the African situation, which is complex, and self-perpetuating.
As things stand, irresponsible government, human population expansion beyond that which resources are capable of supporting, and genocidal inter-tribal disputes will continue to force illiterate and unskilled people north, across the Mediterranean into North Africa and into Europe. 
I haven’t seen much will on the part of Europe to address the situation.
Sanna Marin will be sworn in as Prime Minister of Finland today. Depending on when you’re reading this, she may already be seated.  As with many Europeans, she’s strongly left of center, but she is easy on the eyes. Damn me with faint praise as being a heterosexual male if you must.

I’ve worked cooperatively with Supo (Finnish Intelligence Service) in the past. I was always impressed with their professionalism. But none of them looked at all like Sanna Marin. And that’s a shame.

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  1. A shame she's left of center. I must be getting old, she doesn't look old enough to be a Prime Minister.
    She is pretty though.

  2. As a leftie, her pulchritude is no longer a factor in my assessment of her as a Prime Minister. She is harmful to any government she is seated within, and accordingly the less we all see and hear from her, the better off we all will be.

    I don't listen to Katy Perry music, either. Or Taylor Swift. For the same reasons.

  3. I looked it up. She's 34 and is indeed easy on the eyes. I don't regard either as a disqualifier. Her political viewpoints do that.

  4. She has a 22 month old child. Per the Daily Mail, there are pictures of her breastfeeding.

  5. Anyone voting elected officials into office on looks gets what they deserve. Physical beauty, while a nice attribute, is only skin deep…true beauty comes from within. Regardless of looks, Ms. Marin and her other cabinet members are all Lefty's, that would be enough for me to vote the opposite.

    Then again, we have been witnessing the lunatic outlaw scumbag subversives in Congress and the media using their personal Lefty self-loathing hatred of our President in an all out war on our Constitution…so which is worse? Then again, our First Lady is intelligent, classy, and elegant, and does nothing to overshadow her husband's important work, meaning she is a strong woman without an axe to grind, which is beautiful.

  6. She doesn't bring the wisdom of the ages to Finland. In March of this year, Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipilä resigned one month ahead of the election. The social welfare and health care system collapsed, bankrupt. It will be interesting to see how Finland cobbles together a new system based on spending other people's money…

  7. She either reforms things with an eye toward a free market, or she'll face a no confidence vote like her predecessors have.

  8. Finland faces an ongoing financial crisis because of out of control healthcare costs and a lack of revenue to pay for it. That ALWAYS results in rationed healthcare and a lot of dissatisfaction. She can raise taxes further, causing capital to flee, or she can implement austerity, resulting in reduced social security type payments and rationed healthcare, but Finland can't keep doing what it's been doing. I don't think that she will last long.

  9. First Lady Melania Trump is the most lovely, elegant first lady that we've ever had, and the left despises her for it.

  10. Finland may have a pretty prime minister but her politics are butt ugly….and her tenure will harm and diminish Finland.

  11. Finland is financially bankrupt. She doesn't have much discretion to make things much worse. Socialism has failed the Fins, and it will continue to circle the drain until they can figure that out.

  12. As you've indicated, Finland is broke. They ran out of OPM and have NO idea how to get out of that do loop. Re Africa, they are 'exporting' their problems to Europe, and there is no answer there either! Glad I don't have to do any trips into Europe anymore, much less to France.

  13. The EU has proven to be a joke. The British want to leave and the EU apparently won't let them. Individual nations can act rationally, but to do so runs afoul of the EU. The only nations in Europe that seem to have a spine are those in Eastern Europe, and the Norwegians.

  14. It's unfortunate that people in all free elections tend to vote for the good looking candidates, and eschew the not-so-good looking ones.

    What we need is a good old fashioned big old fat bald white guy to throw his hat into the ring, any ring. A blast from the past.

  15. Yes, she is…and because the Left consists of weak-minded self-loathers who hate anything good and wonderful and decent the First Lady is a target.

    The Left's axiom is to force other people into sharing their misery…from our place we can see them coming from a long ways off just in case they decide to turn down the drive uninvited.

  16. I read that the new gov't of Finland has is predominately Millennial female taking twelve of 19 ministerial positions. What could possibly go wrong?
    Tom S.

  17. Comments at CDR Sal's are interesting. Apparently the problems with Mali are: Islam, lack of a rational legal system, corruption, tribalism. All of these are true, and are cultural issues, but are any of these the root cause? Or is it maybe, just maybe possible that culture is downstream of biology?

    That was rhetorical. With an average IQ below 75 (64 to 74 depending on which source you use), Mali is simply not capable of becoming an advanced technological society, nor even a stable democratic republic. Perhaps tribalism and nepotism-based corruption are the best they can do. It is not the responsibility of the West to take in large numbers (or any) unintelligent people without useful education, skills, or even a common heritage and culture. Nor should we be dumping in massive amounts of food aid so that the population vastly exceeds their carrying capacity, making them dependent on Western handouts and increasing pressure to emigrate/invade Europe and the US. The best we can do is to refrain from exploiting them ourselves (i.e. leave them the hell alone), and to keep others (China, cough cough) from exploiting them.

  18. Low IQ notwithstanding, it's France's source of uranium, and France is powered (80%) by nuclear energy. So the French will stay and exploit the resources there. And the US will continue to provide them air support and tactical air assets through AFRICOM.

    As to the IQ, the matter is not only in Mali but in the downstream DNA that ended up picking cotton in the US, though it's politically incorrect to mention it.

  19. Hopefully better days for Finland are awaited. Its nice to see the changing global dynamics and trust being imbibed in the younger generations now. Gen X could only do harm to the global dynamics. Even Greta Thunberg for that fact is waking the world up. I think its time.

    Hope you're doing well LL. 'been a long time! 🙂

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