In Sudan

There is a civil war in Sudan between the military and the paramilitary police. Each faction lays claim to the considerable natural resources of Sudan. Each controls part of the capital city, Khartoum.

The Paramilitary Police (Dagalo) have withdrawn from the negotiations in Jeddah because they believe that they are winning. They have made progress in Omdurman and clashes have likely cut the connection of the Army’s control in Bahri to their supply from the west.



Roman cavalry mask recovered from the Teutoburg Forest in Germany, the site of a battle in which the Germans ambushed and annihilated three Roman legions in 9 AD. I’m not sure when the Roman cavalry started wearing masks. It became something that the equestrian class favored for a time.


Blazing a path into battle for others to follow…


Redneck C-4


Bullet Points:

** Differences between American and British English: somebody named a town in Idaho Boisé, and two centuries later it’s become BOYZEE… And also way back when somebody started calling floaty things bouées and despite British people saying it pretty much unchanged they also started spelling it buoy for no discernable reason.

** At a dinner party during the war, a gentleman asked General Nathan B. Forrest, “Why is it that your hair has turned gray, and yet your beard has remained dark?” To which Forrest replied, “Probably because I tend to work my brains more than my jaws.”

** AI, Bitcoin & Billionaires

** In Scandinavian culture, there’s a term, tall poppy syndrome. The tall poppy gets whacked. Resentment’s like a drug. Resentment is a very satisfying feeling because it’s the feeling that lets us off the hook. “If they’re more successful than I am, it just proves that they’re worse than I am. Because obviously, they must be immoral. They must have committed crimes. They must be making the world worse.” It’s very deeply wired in.

**. Two Atlanta-area women say they have been fired for reporting a robbery at the Lululemon store where they worked.

“All of a sudden we see some gentlemen run into the store in masks and hoodies. They swiped until they couldn’t hold any more product and ran out the door,” former assistant manager Jennifer Ferguson said, according to WXIA-TV.

“We didn’t really feel very protected or know what else to do,” former employee Rachel Rogers said… more here from the Western Journal.

In this case, the negro thieves were apprehended. It sends a chilling message to the negro community in Atlanta and this practice of notifying the police had to be stopped.

** Bud Light doubles down. Bud Light announced a $200,000 donation to the National LGBTQI2SM+ Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) on Tuesday as the company suffers from declining sales amid a boycott over the company’s partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. Conservative activists launched a Bud Light boycott on April 1 after Mulvaney shared a video to social media showing off a Bud Light can that bore his likeness and claimed, “This month I celebrated my day 365 of womanhood.”


Identify the Aircraft





Identify the Tank


The Eternal Struggle


Meme of the Day


  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Vickers Valiant
    2. Messerschmitt P.1101
    3. Martin AM Mauler

    Identify the Tank:
    CM-11 Brave Tiger

  2. Silly pronunciations: “lef tennunt”. I rest my case.

    “Resentment is a very satisfying feeling because it’s the feeling that lets us off the hook.“ True, but it’s also the case that some of the most successful in “our” financial class ARE genuinely bad persons. Interestingly, no few of them come from a culture that is rooted in resentment and paranoia. Shot: “It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.” Fair enough, now the counter-shot: What if they’re out to get you BECAUSE you’ve behaved consistently like an appalling asshole? But that’s not part of the resentful paranoiac’s head space. (“No, no sweetheart, the other kids are just jealous of you. Of us. Always.” That sort of upbringing pretty much destroys the capacity for self-reflection.)

    “Hey, Sarge! Shouldn’t we get parachutes or something? Like in case we fall off that thing?”
    “Lissen, Bronski, you fall offa that thing, you’ll be diced and julienned on the way down. No point to a parachute.”

    Logically, avocado guy isn’t wrong. But he’s carrying HALF-gallon containers. Unless there’s more in the car, THAT’S where he screwed up.

  3. The Lululemon reaction on firing the two clerks has opened the doors for shoplifting at Lululemon. The clerks tried to block the exit doors to give police time to get there. This had not been the first time one of the thieves had ripped off the store. The natives are getting more brazen.

  4. BOYZEE Idaho. BOZE City, OK.

    Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee Note the brown spit shined combat boots and what appears to be a M-1 Carbine.

    • Brown combat boots…Platoon Sgt to newly arrived recruits….”This ain’t your daddy’s brown boot army…this is the new black boot army (unfortunately I can’t spell it like it sounded). I remember that piece of information like it was yesterday, not 60 plus years.

      • We had a Reorganized LDS 2nd LT who passed out candy canes when he made 1st LT. Our WWII vet 1st SGT made the comment,
        “First the black boot Army, now this shit!”

        • He’d have been fragged right off if the Russians came through the Fulda Gap, WSF. There’s really not an option in that situation.

          • I knew it was time for me to get the hell out when they told us not to call lieutenants Ell Tee anymore.

          • Do they still call Naval officers LCDR and below, MISTER?

            They did when I served under the standard. I have no idea whether that pronoun is applied in that way.

            I was asked the other day what my pronouns were and I wrote, “Mister and sir.”

  5. You too can “own” a few grand of very good but overpriced Lululemon stretchy workout clothes…just waltz in and steal whatever you want, everything is laid out for your thieving pleasure…no changing rooms required as most will end up on eBay. Nice precedent by the Corporate Fools.

    As for your title Tactical Grace…begs the question:What if we switched it around, what then?

    Graceful Tactical. Has an interesting ring to it.

    • If you’re the right demographic in the right city, the police just let you go with the loot, if they show up at all. The store manager can make a phone report to the police and pad the loss for insurance purposes and everyone is happy. It’s a brave new world.

  6. Form “** AI, Bitcoin & Billionaires”:
    I can tell you my experience, having been now in startups for 30 years, is that the opposite is true. James Burnham was right. We passed from the original model of capitalism, which he called bourgeois capitalism, into a different model, which he called managerial capitalism, some decades back. And the actual correct model of how the U.S. economy works is basically big companies forming oligopolies, cartels, and monopolies and doing all the things that you expect oligopolies, cartels, and monopolies to do. And then they jointly corrupt and capture the regulatory and government process. They end up controlling their regulators.

    So most sectors of the economy are a conspiracy between the big incumbents and their punitive regulators. The purpose of the conspiracy is to perpetuate the long-term existence of those monopolies and cartels and to block new competition. To me, that completely explains the education system, both K-12 and the university system. It completely explains the health care system. It completely explains the housing crisis. It completely explains the financial crisis and the bailouts. It completely explains the Twitter Files.


  7. Unless you guys are using someone elses’s photo, YOU can’t walk out of stores with loot. No one is gonna let some white dude steal. Not enough victimhood in your “racial history” you see. You personally could have grown up really really poor, but you have privilege. A Black kid could have grown up in Newton, Mass or Grosse Pointe, Mich, with each parent making over $300k per annum, as say, a surgeon and an attorney, but he’s still a victim.

    There was an old joke about the UN getting together to decide on a replacement for gold as a universal measure of value. Each nation proposed something they had a lot of. The Finns proposed timber, the Saudis sand, you get the idea. Finally, the Chinese proposed Chinese people. Haha. So OUR new currency is victimhood. You gotta ask yourself, who would have wanted that? Who has (or claims) more victimhood than anyone else? Who run Bartertown?

    Finally, the name Lululemon was selected because it’s difficult for Japanese to pronounce. The founder observed that the Japanese are weirdly drawn to brands they can’t pronounce and wanted in on that phenomenon. Rururemon is lacist!

    • I feel like more of a victim than any of you bloggers. I just do. Don’t ask (ax) me to explain (splain) myself. I’ve had to self-identify as a 25 year old inner city female…just to find that inner satisfaction. As soon as that happened, lesbians started hitting on me. I don’t have the heart to admit to them that I’m actually a sixty-something white male veteran.

      • You do know that the real metric of Club inclusion is when you receive your EBT Card, Obama Phone, EV Charging Station, and free room at The Ritz, all paid for by taxpayers.


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