There are javelina where I live though I rarely see them. According to the map, there are no feral boars and I haven’t seen any sign of them, but they’re a scourge.


Bullet Points

* Arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around as if it won. As with liberals, never try to teach a pigeon to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pigeon.

* Pelosi Junior  who joined mom on her recent trip to Taiwan is the second largest investor in a Chinese telecom worth $22 million. It has also been revealed that a senior executive of the company was arrested on suspicion of fraud.  Yes, I know you’re shocked.

Reports have revealed he worked in an executive role for the Chinese firm Borqs Technologies. He bought around 700,000 worth of shares in the company which made him the fifth highest shareholder at the time. At least he’s above suspicion per the FBI and IRS.

* A country girl will pee in a field, by a barn, or behind a bush on a trail, but she will not pee in a dirty bathroom. I don’t know why that is — some sort of universal law maybe?

* Why did the FBI seize President Trump’s passports including an expired passport? It was a very cheap move on the part of some very cheezy people. And in other news, your federal government opposes unsealing the affidavit in support of the search warrant of President Trump’s home, citing national security concerns…right.

* “It’s becoming a well-worn trail of agents who say this has got to stop, and thank goodness for them and that American people recognize it, and I believe they’re going to make a big change on November 8.” The post, Jim Jordan: 14 FBI Whistleblowers Came Forward Against DOJ After Mar-a-Lago Raid

* There was a broke-down Snap-On truck by the side of the road. I told him that I’d fix it for $50 a week for two years…


For the historical record, I hate MOPP gear…


Did Old NFO fly one of these?

I know that he flew a P-3C – the question is how OLD our Old NFO really is…did he fly over living dinosaurs?





While the basic kit remained the same. Some units had the benefit of ‘new armor’ but more often it had been handed down. Segmentata (shown) was preferred but Hamata (chainmail) was also used. Some legions were a mixed bag of line legionnaires and others included auxiliary troops, who would be armed differently. The same is true of specialist troops such as cavalry scouts (a blend of Romans and foreign mercenary cavalry), archers, and engineers, who often had the benefit of having draft animals haul their gear.  The hand-me-down nature of armor meant that the uniformity one usually associates with Rome or any other formation up to the relatively modern era, was often less than is portrayed. A red tunic was usually reserved for actual combat because prolonged wearing in the sun and weather caused the dye to run and they looked grayish pink/dusty rose.


      • mopp4 in july, just b/c the commander wanted to show off to his buddies at the o-club. i threatened to go to the grocery store during the height of covid in my mopp4 gear, but the wife pulled rank. next time though….thanks for the legionnaire gear post, i often wondered. must have been hard duty. i wonder if they complained like we did. yeah, they were infantry. complain is what we do. suffer, complain, fight, drink, repeat.

        • MOPP4 and a march – in the heat – full ruck – is a special sort of hell. And there is always a training nerd who never marches, but is there in the A/C classroom instructing you and telling you that it’s been (simulated) combat tested and that you can fully function in almost any CHEMWAR environment with full confidence.

        • Of course they complained, they were infantry weren’t they?

          Carrying a full kit during summer including lunch, liquids, all necessary weapons and two shields, over a mile from tent to battlefield, done that and I have great respect for the Roman soldier. Bout killed me when I was in shape.

  1. For a year now I’ve been saying the wheels are falling off the Dem’s cheatery wagon, to little result that was coming true. Now? Nope. Gotta be now? Nope. Frustratingly stupid.

    Yet despite reams and piles of damning evidence (and thousands of dead bodies, especially from the Culling Covid BS) involving the SAME PLAYERS…who should all be tarred and feathered on the White House front lawn as an example to the rest of the scumbags to either fly straight or get out.

    [Most] American’s are getting impatient with all this elitist crap. Pelosi directly lies about PP Jr’s business ties with a foreign power. Crickets. Hunter is on vacation instead of Club Fed. Biden is the same, trying not to get ice cream on his polo shirt. And now the Fed’s ransacking MAL (when they KNEW which room the boxes were stored). That deal smelled from day one, and is obviously nothing but a push-narrative charade to gather the evidence Trump has on HRC and the DNC for his lawsuit, which turns out being presided over by the putz Dem operative Reinhart…who friggin signed the Raid Search Warrant. They are trying to make the evidence disappear while smearing Trump. How is that not a crime? Oh, because they “are above the law” in their minds while telling us that “no one is above the law”. A–hats.

    I am praying NOTHING sticks (again) to Trump, and he prevails in a massive way.

    Patience has worn out…it is WAY PAST TIME for a Herculean DC Pig Stye cleaning with the River of Righteousness. It’s the only way America survives this willful destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

  2. MOPP gear? When I went to the NBC instructor school for the USAF back in the 90’s the J-list suit had just came came out. The charcoal suit in your MOPP gear photo was next to useless unless you already had it on when a chemical attack occurred. If it was biological it was useless as the filter in the mask didn’t filter out things that small.

  3. Footnote to the radar cross section (RCS) graphic. The exact result depends on the wavelength radar you’re looking with. You know this at gut-level, because you can see any aircraft that’s “invisible to radar,” and light is the same thing as radio. The only difference is that light wavelengths are tiny compared to radio wavelengths.

    • Yes, of course, that’s true. I don’t have a lot of practical experience with that. The Navy experimented with the CWIS and Goal Keeper radar systems extensively to determine which band or bands worked best to “see” incoming missiles in the boundary layer where they make their terminal approach. I’m sure that the results are still classified, but I found it all to be very interesting. I’m sure that you, and people like DRJIM have far more experience with that sort of thing.

        • drjim – You an me both. Never here, never happened.
          As for RCS – wavelength comes into play, and the angle of the radar to the target (fore/aft/side/above/below/doors open/doors closed). Low Observable does not equal Invisible. LO does not necessarily cover IR or UV signature either – those are separate issues.
          Wandering Neurons

          • And RCS also depends on humidity and ice. What your RCS is in cool dry weather can radically be different with just a bit of moisture, or so the ones that know and can talk about it have told me.

  4. Your opening Meme is indicative of our gov’t…invite themselves over, drink your beer, thieve all your fries, then fly off to the next target. Never satiated.

  5. Being Air Force I never did a ruck march in full MOPP gear but I have very unfond memories of building up 500 lb bombs (which is pretty aerobic when each plane can carry 80 of the things) in Missouri, in 95 degree weather and what felt like 99.99% humidity in MOPP 4. Good training as they say. And you are right about the training guy who did not have to dress out but was evaluating the troops that did.

    The FBI. Maybe, maybe some justice will be found but it doesn’t look good looking when you look at the track record so far.

    Feral hogs. Luckily for the ranchers/wheat farmers in the area they have not made it to Washington state…yet. Would be fun long rage target practice though.

    Interesting about the Romans. I did not know about only wearing the red tunics for actual battle.

  6. * A country girl will pee in a field, by a barn, or behind a bush on a trail, but she will not pee in a dirty bathroom. I don’t know why that is — some sort of universal law maybe?

    The dirt in a field, barn, and behind a bush on the trail is natural dirt. The filth in a dirty toilet is the product of somebody else’s lack of hygiene.

  7. Some years back some feral pigs were spotted in the west part of the county but they were cleaned out before they could get established. The next county down, however, does have a population though not near to me. The law seems rather screwy on this one. They aren’t considered a game animal but you can only shoot them if you’re a landowner trying to eradicate a population.

  8. Love the P-2V7! And yes, I actually did get one flight on one out of Hawaii in 73. The VP-67 Thunder Chickens came out to NAS BARPT for crossdecking, and I got to fly a relocate with them. 200 feet sitting in that nose (MAD station), was ‘interesting’… Re Pelosi et al, why should we expect anything different? They consider themselves to be the ‘elites’ to us peons… Legionnaires were tough men! And I thought I’d read that the tunics were saved for battle because they didn’t show blood.

    • Red tunics (Romans, Greek hoplites or British Infantry) had a profound psychological effect on both their own morale and that of the enemy.

      I thought that you might have at least had a joy ride in a P-2. Still enjoying your books, Old NFO.

  9. Amazing…the public trough is located in the Maryland/Va. area and no federal feral hogs noted on the map. The quality of gov’t work continues as usual.

    Cletus Valvecore

    • Banner is hungry and people see his plight and pitch in to help.

      Just a crust of bread can make a difference to a starving animal…

  10. Three or four years ago I watched a video of some feral hog hunters in Texas.
    They arrived at the field about midnight, dropped the tailgate of their pickup, set up a laptop thereon, and launched a drone with infra red capability.
    The herd of feral hogs was soon located in the field.
    There were three shooters, IIRC, armed with suppressed semi-auto rifles mounted with infra red scopes.
    The drone operator vectored the shooters in on the hogs and when the shooting started the hogs had no clue which way to run.
    Most of the herd was put down in about a minute and a half.
    I told my shooting buddy about this and commented that if this over the counter technology is readily available and as easily used by these good-old-boys wearing Carhartts, and “gimme” hats from John Deere and Purina Feeds, just imagine what the Feds have in their toy box.
    I am sure that drjim’s “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe”…. fits into that category and then some.


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