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The Coal War

A significant part of fly-over-country in the US relies on coal. Modern coal gasification as used in energy production is clean and safe. And yet the federal government continues to push for closures of coal mining and energy production. The coastal elites don’t get it.
In 2018, the Navajo Nation received approximately $31 million from coal royalties and lease payments from the NGS power plant, together contribute approximately 20 percent of the Navajo Nation’s overall general revenues. 
“From public safety to elderly and childcare, school bus routes, roads, and scholarships, each of the Navajo Nation’s programs will receive a cut in their operating budgets as a result of the decrease in general fund revenues,” – Delegate Paul Begay.
It would be gratifying to see emphasis put on nuclear power. When you look at the safety record of the US Navy, which operates MANY reactors and countries such as France, which relies on nuclear power for 80% of national needs, a lot of the concerns expressed over the years fall flat. Until that time, the only possible solution to the nation’s energy needs falls to cheap coal and other fossil fuels, which the US has in abundance.
Comparative Presiidencies

The miserable years of Obamanation are over – but it’s interesting to see how many donkeys want them to return, isn’t it? While many progs blame Bush (and a lot of that crap is fairly ladled over George W. Bush), Barack just doubled down and made things worse. The only thing that the donkeys are useful for is in providing entertainment. You must admit that the run up to 2020 will force you to consume far more popcorn than you’d otherwise eat.

20 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday

  1. I amazes me the thinking of the donkeys, and all I can do is shake my head. The worst thing America has ever done is come out with welfare and food stamps. People stopped working and trying to proved for them selves and the family. Let Papa Gov do it for us. We have been going down hill, and picking up speed with the millennials.

  2. Coal – a subject that strikes close to home for me. At least a third or more of my extended clan makes their living from coal, oil, or natural gas. None of them are wanton polluters.

    The (P)regressives won't learn history. Most don't seem to care. They take electricity for granted. They can't comprehend the miracle it was for subsistence farmers via the REA (Rural Electrification Act) during the early part of the 20th Century.

    Ah, WSF, preaching to the choir.

  3. I'm excited for the dem/commie debates. Stocking up on popcorn – the real kind made with coconut oil.

  4. Food stamps. When we still lived in Kalifornia, when making a cash purchase, I would look the clerk in the eye and say "Here, have an original first edition food stamp".

    REA side note. I read recently that early telephones were connected to barbed wire fences, creating many rural party line systems.

  5. The only thing that the donkeys are useful for is in providing entertainment.

    Is it really 'entertainment' when it has such a profound negative impact on us?

    I suppose it depends on your viewpoint.

  6. The bulk of my electricity is provided by a nearby coal fired plant. I imagine some of it is also generated by the nuke to the southwest. Shut those down and I guess I'll have to depend on that wind farm about an hours drive from here. My electricity is comparatively cheap and reliable right now. I need it to stay that way.

  7. What cracks me up is these states that say they ONLY procure energy from 'renewable' sources. That is pure BS, because they get power from the consortiums, and all the sources are combined to provide generic power down the lines… LOL

  8. Solar collectors and wind power add to the grid but they’re not reliable. Progs recklessly attack the grid, but they seem to hate anything that serves the public interest.

  9. You can pour caramel over it…but does that constitute cultural appropriation? Did your ancestors eat their popcorn that way?

  10. Nuclear power has a pretty good safety record. Problem is it's designed, built and run by humans. This guarantees something bad WILL happen from time to time. In the past 40 years we've had Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. That's an average of one OOPS every 13 or so years. And when you consider the material said accidents can spew into the environment, the longevity and toxicity of these materials it puts the danger in a clearer light. EVERY locAtion poisoned by a reactor accident is essentially a no go zone for humans for decades and a no farm or live zone for centuries/millennia depending on the isotopes involved. At one accident every thirteen years you get 8-9 a century and 80_90 per millennia. After a while the volume of land that is poisoned an not safe to use starts to get significant. And this doesn't factor in what we need to to do to store the tons and tons of HIGHLY toxic waste created from spent fuel. Some of that stuff is deadly for TENS of thousands of years. So over the LONG term (something humanity has never been good at seeing) the safety of nuclear power is not as sterling as advertised.

  11. What was it Fermi told the young right before they set it off? Some things are so serious all you can do is laugh about them?

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