Which Planet Loves You?

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Those of you who follow this blog will recall that Virtual Mirage broke the story of the century with a genuine alien skull, found in the deep forest on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim. You’re welcome.
While I’m waiting for my Nobel Prize in Science for the discovery (patiently), I thought that we should delve deeper into the mysteries of the Solar System. Let’s us unlock some of the mysteries!
Mars, Olympus Mons Base. Some believe that this is a huge, extinct volcano. Others contend (including ancient alien theorists) that it is an active space hub for the Martian Armada. The “caldera” opens and they fly out to various destinations, including Earth. Martians are known to have engaged in unwholesome probing in the past, abducting cows and making crop circles. So, now you know.
The Jovian “moon”, Europa is actually a huge galactic egg that is cracking. Nobody knows what will emerge, but I expect that it won’t be good for mankind. Maybe we can get the huge space creature to eat China once it’s finished with Tokyo and New York cities.
No planet in the Solar System has been as unfairly maligned as Pluto, yet the planet still has a heart on it to let Earthlings know that while the other planets are orbited by huge galactic eggs or have armadas waiting to burst forth and overwhelm our puny defenses, Pluto has our back.


16 thoughts on “Which Planet Loves You?

  1. I hate when Blogger posts those ads in a post.
    But I could really use a bluetooth garden hose.
    They seem to always know what I want.

  2. LL, I want to know how much you get from Home Depot for pushing their products?
    Boise Bob

  3. This is not new, but I rather like the way it makes the point–

    Men are from Mars.

    Women are from Venus.

    All other genders are from Uranus.

  4. So all the cow flatulence on Mars is negatively affecting the planet's climate, then? Well, now we know.

  5. And who is to say that space aliens (Mars being the most likely suspect) didn’t transport cows to Earth in order to wreck our planet just the way they did on Mars. Thus I eat beef by way of revenge!

    We only have 12 years left. Might as well BBQ the steaks on mesquite.

  6. You just keep discovering. Oh, my new hose is on backorder. Seems your readers made the items quite scarce.

  7. While an interesting concept, I don't believe a bluetooth hose would work here. Not that I know how it works,but half the time I am roaming in my own yard – no pun of any sort intended.

    I always enjoy good intergalactic discussions.

  8. Olympus Mons, evidence for electric universe theory and a Velikovskyianism? I'm no expert but inclined to think it might be. Check out Symbols of an Alien Sky if you're in the mood:


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