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If you want to deal with public employee union problem and run-away pensions, simply make it ILLEGAL for a union to give a contribution to a politician that has voting authority over its members salaries…and that will happen when hell freezes over.
So long as employee A can give money to union B who gives some of that money to politician C, who votes employee A, a pay raise out of public funds (not his own), there will be problem.
I took a ride on the way-back-machine and ancient Rome had a similar problem because it was that very mechanism that Julius Caesar used to secure his position as imperator.  
Nothing much has changed.

5 thoughts on “An Opinion

  1. It's true, the Praetorians were a menace. But Caesar was an outstanding general.

    Mad Dog Mattis for President?

  2. Union members get the leadership they earn. Most can't be bothered unless they are facing termination or contracts are expiring. Easy organizations for thugs to take over.

    If the Supremes vote against forced dues, the members may benefit because there will be less money to attract the thugs IMO.

  3. The unions are claiming that it's the end of the world as we know it.

    I don't know how the High Court will rule but it could be and end to the endless gravy train for union chieftains.

    It could be devastating to politicians in 'machine neighborhoods' who rely on those endless union contributions to maintain power.

  4. You must have some pull in order to have convinced Mr. Peabody and Sherman to let you use the way-back-machine. History is rife with such shenanigans.

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