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I was looking at some photos and decided to share a few with the context in which they were taken.
In China
Adjunct Professor at the People’s Public Security University (Beijing) on a speaking tour in Changsha, Hunan, PRC

No more food.
And this is how the cow ate the cabbage.


They’re a lot older now, but I am a lucky guy to have four of them.

The master spy outs himself

17 thoughts on “From the Archive

  1. We are our stories, yours is an interesting one. Beautiful daughters.
    WoFat, the pink panther himself, who knew!

  2. Your beard is just a bit whiter now. That's all. You're still a lean, mean, fighting machine.

  3. I think that I'd make a better pope than he did…and if lightning strikes me, so be it.

  4. I'm trying to recall a warrior pope who wasn't a thief and philanderer…you are likely better versed on papal history than I am. I don't think that there was one? Was there?

  5. Not many of the clergy would approve of a pope dressed in camo… Muslims would mount an attack on Castle Gandolfo.

  6. I'm not a pope expert but I think the warrior popes were fairly "warm blooded" — I imagine your drones will come in handy for beating the Jihad back from Gondolfo, and retaking Constantinople. The clergy would just have to get behind that, whether they liked it or not.

  7. Yes, there have to be crosses on BOTH sides of the Bosphorus. I don't know how Turkey will take that, but they are continually taking the part of the Jihad over moderation… The Muslims are continually misunderstanding American actions and characterizing them as a crusade. That's not a crusade. THIS would be a crusade…

  8. LOL, pictures DO speak many words… And sometimes even the context is right… We've lived our share of interesting times…

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