Review of the First Four Obama Years.

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Sometimes you don’t know what our leadership is saying or thinking in private. Here are a few snips from the past four years of the Obama Administration as the nation looks forward to four more years of “hope and change” and “summers of recovery”.

h/t John Coffey

12 thoughts on “Review of the First Four Obama Years.

  1. The Napolitano one is a direct quote! As Governor of Arizona, he said over and over again that the border MUST be secure, and that it was the job of the Federal Government…

  2. That was then…this is now.

    I can't figure out how that bumbling woman ever became governor of Arizona. Jerry Brown in California for a second failed attempt, why not? But I had a higher opinion of Arizona.

  3. A comedy of errors.

    And I'd laugh if it was a movie farce. Unfortunately we're not reading Atlas Shrugged or watching a soap opera. It's real.

  4. It's quite a coup for corruption when this stuff can happen and there is NO comment about it among those who SHOULD BE running things,

  5. Astonishing really that we survived the first term… which would explain Soro's headache. Personally I'd like to give him a REALLY BAD ONE along the lines of a 500 count indictment that keeps his lawyers draining his accounts from now till the day he expires and beyond.

  6. I never thought highly of Nazis. When George Soros declared that his days as a Nazi stooge/informer/sympathizer were the happiest of his life, it pigeon-holed him for me. And it also served to explain why he would be the perfect puppet master for the ObamaNation.

  7. The boy who would be king. There's not a lot of difference between Duhwon and Kim Jong Un.

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