Trying to Top Woodsterman

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Some of you have met “Odie” – the Woodsterman on-line through his blogging and humor. I am one of those people who have met the genuine article — and he’s cool. So I am posting this homage to his blog.

People of Walmart – the video.

10 thoughts on “Trying to Top Woodsterman

  1. That's all he needs… an homage. Next he'll want a parade through Truckee.

  2. This was the scariest thing I've seen all week, including the tornadoes in Joplin. It's a fitting tribute to the Great Woodie, er, Odie.

  3. Well bless your pea pickin heart, pard. You honor me. I think I posted about 3/4 of those photos.

    Nickie, is that you up there? A parade would be wonderful, thanks.

    I feel a WalMart post coming on …

  4. The real Odie (not the photo) is a suave and polished jokester of Biblical proportions – just keep the Beefeaters flowing…

  5. I just got back from the Neighborhood WalMart and yes, even in the smaller store, this is all true. So very, unfortunately, true.

  6. Big Vicar – Is the parade out of the question?

    Opus – I think they multiply with every welfare check.

    Silverfiddle – Not THOSE glasses. The last time I saw him he wore a WW2 Aviator cap with goggles, a white shirt with waistcoat, gaiters and spats.

    NFO – You can never erase the People of WalMart no matter how hard you scrub. There's not enough soap.

    Euripides – They will survive the Apocalypse along with zombies, reptiles and cockroaches.

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