I have instructions to leave one of my knives by my bedside as I check out – if I go with my boots off. (h/t Claudio) Emilie (above) has sworn to do it. The others will hedge. The medical staff might balk. But it’s necessary, you know. How else can I get to the Corpse Hall?

Congress – Today

Where did it go?


Life is like that…



The Frankish king Charles the Simple cedes to Jarl Rollo a territory centered on Rouen, 911.


Identify the Aircraft

1 (try to be exact)


2 This is a distant photo of an aircraft, but you could  ID it by understanding which aircraft carrier it’s flying from and working backward from there.


Two photos to aid your identification


Bullet Points:

** “The highly-anticipated debt ceiling package House Republicans and Pedo Joe announced on Sunday includes a provision fast-tracking a massive 303-mile West Virginia-to-Virginia natural gas pipeline project for approval.

The unexpected carveout green-lighting the billion-dollar Mountain Valley Pipeline — which is 94% complete, but has been mired in a lengthy permitting process for years — was immediately cheered by West Virginia lawmakers who have touted the project’s expected economic benefits for years.

The pipeline is projected to create 2,500 construction jobs, $40 million in new tax revenue for West Virginia, $10 million in new tax revenue for Virginia, and up to $250 million in royalties for West Virginia landowners.”

** Crying “Racism” at the middle class has been the attack mechanism of the left since the kulaks.

** Illegal Immigration article worth a look – “They [the Americans] let them in,” he said. “They get permits, immigration papers.”

** Cody Bret reports: Today while at the gas station, I overheard a lady in her late 20s telling 2 other men to leave her alone so I decided to walk over to them and I asked her, “How was the meeting today darlin? ” she looked at me and said, ” it was good, I’ll tell you more about it when we get home in a few “. I replied, “Wonderful I’ll pick up your favorite for dinner”. The two guys left in a hurry and she told me “You have no idea how much that meant to me …. thank you.” I said “You’re very welcome ma’am …. you can never be too careful. “I made sure the guys left before I walked back to my car and as I was walking back all I could do was think, “I hope a man does that for my future daughter one day”.


  1. Considering the sorts of goofy things we’re expected to put up with in hospitals these days, because “muh cultural sensitivity” and “muh diversity”, the medical staff can do something anatomically improbable to themselves if they object to your perfectly valid Norse belief.

    But only half of those chosen go to Vallhol, the others go to Freya’s great hall Sessrumnir on the meadow of Folkvangr. It’s not clear what this means. Some have suggested that there is conflation of Freya with Frigg (Odin’s wife) and that Sessrumnir is actually another term for Vallhol. Perhaps a kenning. And after all, a wife’s hall is also her husband’s, and vice versa.

    • If my family dressed me in tactical armor and blacked my face out for battle the hospital staff couldn’t refuse, black face and all. I need to get some of those Ukrainian plates – hedging my bet between Heaven and the Corpse Hall

  2. “What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity” – Maximus (a variation from the original by Marcus Aurelius)

    H/t Cody Bret…an excellent Situational Awareness reminder.

  3. Knives at bedside. Hmmm, thought you were an axe/hatchet sort of guy but all in all a good idea.

    Illegal aliens. It is pretty obvious to all that Biden et al are fostering this soft invasion of our country. The the fed gov can rely on the states that are in the liberals pocket (New York, California, Oregon etc. To get the illegals registered to vote. And who would not want to vote themselves more freebies from the public trough?

    • A knife is easier to smuggle into a hospital. If the family brought in the Sig Cane Rattler in 300 Blk, with silencer and spare mags I’d feel more at home. But I’m also an edged weapon guy

  4. Stop me if I’ve shared this here before……..

    I’ve always wanted a Viking funeral but can’t afford an appropriately sized boat. So, I’m depending on all of y’all to heave my remains over the gunnel of one of John Effing Kerry’s yachts and set fire to it. Whether or not you decide to handcuff him to the guardrail is up to you, of course.

    • Go real Norse and get yourself burried in your boat in a ship mound. You, laying on deck, surrounded by your fishing and hunting gear (that which isn’t going to favored jarls and jarlindas of your line), along with cases of your favorite drink and food. Optional is favorite pets and your horse, or your car or motorcycle (again, that which isn’t going to favored jarls and jarlindas of your line.) Surround and cover the boat with large stones so as to keep a space for the barrow wights to crawl into and keep people out of your barrow. Make sure the turf-cutters keep the turf in good shape during the internment so that your mound is grown well by the following year.

      Burning boats don’t work so well. Seems the ocean has a say-so about that pesky fire thingy.

      • So, you’re saying burning J-Effing-K’s yacht down to the waterline has no entertainment value for you? Interesting point of view, indeed!

        • No. Burning Kerry’s yacht, with him on it, after loading it with enough fireworks and explosives to simulate the Beirut explosion, has a lot of entertaining value.

          What I’m saying is if you’re not wanting to feed the fishes partially cooked dead human, you do a ship mound and let the ground insects and such feast or not depending on how well you seal the mound.

          Personally, love to take an actual sailing ship with guns, or any ship with guns and go chase after J-Fing-K’s boat as long as he’s on the boat.

  5. Hah, future Normandy. Charles the Simple/Fat did a slick deal on that one. He thought he got rid of Rollo and his followers. Little did he know that in 5 years abundant tribute would be coming to him and his from that recalcitrant province.

    As to Valhalla, well, not everyone can die in battle. Thor’s hall is also r cruiting and takes warriors who sometimes didn’t die in battle. And Bilskirnir doesn’t have those annoying goats running around.

    Though the Cold Lands ruled by Hel might not be so bad. Hel being one heck of a freaky lady (in a good way) with just enough dominatrix to counter her minxiness. The souls in Hel (the land, not the lady) are also possibly available for Ragnarok, depending on how Hel (the lady) feels towards those in Asgard when the end comes.

    But who knows? Maybe you’ll end up in the halls of Michael or Andrew or George or others of the warrior saints and angels. There’s nothing in the Bible saying that the warrior angels and saints don’t have their own halls of the dead, and Christianity is more favored to those who fight and then die peacefully.


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