Grinding Gears

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The US and Canada have the largest proven reserves of oil in the world. It’s not news. Much of that oil is tied up in shale, and popular wisdom suggests that it was too expensive to extract the oil from the medium that it was in. I believe that one of the only options that we have to reverse the disastrous Obama Years and the massive debt that this administration has created for us is to explore, drill, extract, refine and sell oil. I realize that’s not popular with the Green movement, but it’s reality. We are tied to oil as is every modern economy. One day that won’t be the case but today is not that day.

I kissed all of that angst off yesterday and took the motorcycle out for a run. Check out that journey in the “Diavel Made Me Do It” blog on the sidebar to the left – RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL.

15 thoughts on “Grinding Gears

  1. I agree. And I also believe that for this to happen, and for the good of our country, we must get people in office who can make hard, cruel decisions that will piss off a bunch of people… until they start reaping the rewards from those decisions. Fuck green, Fuck PC, and Fuck government entitlements. BUT I don't seen anyone out there who has the balls (or ovaries) to do what needs to be done.

  2. Drill baby, drill!!! Romney would have done it but people hated him for being a Mormon…and it was the nation's loss.

  3. Don't overlook coal. The Germans in WWII ran much of their war machine on Fischer Tropsch conversion process. South Africa, as the result of decades of embargos, has brought coal gasification technology to a mature industrial process. Coal is abundant and these processes more productive and economical viable than releasing hydrocarbons from shale.

  4. Looks like fun, and that was quite a run! 🙂 We've got more oil in California (Elk Hills) than most countries…

  5. A lot of it has been explored and is currently producing but there is a moratorium on drilling on government land. Maybe the next president will lift it?

  6. We have a nearly inexhaustible supply of coal, but America declared war on coal – even clean goal gasification plants. It's all about the war on the weather. (more on that tomorrow)

  7. If we let Iran duke it out with Saudi Arabia, and they slogged it out over time, dragging in all their temporary allies, and oil prices skyrocketed…and we had a willing Republican President and Legislature…

  8. The sooner we defeat Weather the better! And that means no more coal, no more drilling and a lot more tax.

    Then Weather will be defeated and everyone will be richer. Far richer.

  9. Unicorns will appear from the forests and rainbows will shine every day, even on cloudless days.

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