We pulled the rug out from under the Poles and the Czechs who were hoping to have protection, not from Iran, but from Russia. Dear Leader sold them out to the Russians. The Iranian issue is completely different and I happen to agree as to Iran that Aegis guided missile cruisers armed with SM3’s can do an adequate job of protecting Eastern Europe from Iran.

Eastern Europe has been under the Russian boot. They know what it’s like. The Russians know we have inept leadership and are capitalizing on the issue, rearming and reasserting themselves. Dear Leader, himself a devout socialist and professional coward bent immediately to Russian pressure. This means the Russians will fell bold to push us around wherever they are moved to do so.
America has no leader anymore. We have betrayed those who trusted us. Dear Leader is not up to the task. The Congressional leadership is every bit as morally bankrupt as Dear Leader is.