Stubborn Jobless Claims Still Keep on Climbing Higher (MSNBC) – voice of the Democratic Party reports that jobless claims have been over 400,000 per week for the past seven weeks. The Obama Administration is at a loss to explain why. I think they need to ask a fifth grader.
Economic Growth Disappoints as GDP Gain Just 1.8% (MSNBC) – voice of the Democratic Party reports that high gasoline prices, and weaker than expected spending caused the economy to grow tepidly during the first three months of 2011. The liberal rag also blames government budget cuts. I hate to rant but I will. The cuts involved to date have been miniscule.
The Middle East is in a political meltdown and to aid the stability, President Obama in what began as a speech that sounded as if it had been written by George W. Bush, turned on itself when he suggested that Israel return to its 1967 borders. I know that a lot of people told BHO that his comments weren’t helpful or appreciated by anyone but Hamas.
The uncertainty of politics in the Middle East concerns everyone. Pointing fingers and stirring up Israel and the forces who would destroy it has to be a jewel in the Obama crown. Maybe he’s going for his second Nobel Peace Prize to help out his re-election bid?
The mainstream media doesn’t understand that businesses thrive in conditions where regulations are moderate to low as are taxes and confidence in the stability of the future is high. None of these conditions have been met by the Obama Administration. Nobody knows what the liberal wingnuts will do next, but we can be certain that the debt will go up and the real problems that we face won’t be addressed. This leads to UNCERTAINTY. The worst thing for investors to face is uncertainty and all business is based on investment and projections.
We know that fuel prices will remain high during the tourist season, so businesses project that people won’t be traveling and spending. No need for staff to eat up overhead while sales remain tepid…
Somebody important needs to walk down Main Street and chat with people. Solving our most serious problems require that we do these among other things:
(1) Deal with the American Government’s spending addiction effectively. (we know that it’s going to hurt)
(2) Reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
(3) Reform the present Administration such that American businesses have confidence in it. Without confidence, people won’t hire and spend money. Barack Hussein Obama has proven himself to be a vacuous narcissist who managed to ride a theatrical cult of personality into office – and is leading the nation into a place on the world stage of irrelevance and ultimate disgrace. 


  1. But what about all those entitlements? We can't make any budget cuts or we'll lose entitlements like Medicare. You're just trying to push grandma off a cliff.


    (Just in case your liberal readers don't get it.)

  2. By the way, as an investor and having worked with investors for years, we've all been stuck in a holding pattern since 2008's bank bailout bill because of – are you sitting down? – the uncertainty of the market. Not a one of us has any confidence that this administration and any of the federal regulations will help us get back on our feet to actually start investing in businesses again.

    Most of us have had to take two or three jobs just to make ends meet. The current administration is sickening.

  3. Something tells be we will have plenty of politicians talking about reducing dependence on foreign oil. Every President since Nixon has, with no results. Palin is the only possible candidate with any kind of credibility on the subject.

  4. Uncertainty is the biggest burden on business. Business can adapt if they know what's coming down the road.

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