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Gingrich Predicts
Newt Gingrich on the Sean Hannity Show blasts Mitt for his anti-Trump speech and for doing robocalls for both Rubio in Florida and John Kasich in Ohio, he says Romney is hurting them both.
March 15  
* Kasich and Rubio sound like very sour men, sore losers who can’t believe that public doesn’t want them. 
* California may end up deciding the Republican race because of its 172 winner-take-all delegates primary in June. It’s very unlikely that Cruz could win California. 
* The paid shouters and marchers will continue to be bussed from political event to political event in the attempt to disrupt the process. George Soros and the left do this because they have an inexhaustible supply of low information types who will take the $50 in cash, the box lunch and the bus ride.

10 thoughts on “Thoughts for the Day

  1. It's about time someone does a smackdown on the paid Dem "supporter" racket. Nice Sowell quote.

  2. There has to be some law that these paid shouters and thugs are breaking. This can't be legal. Either the cops have to do something, or if they can't, then the attendees of the targeted venue have to do something.

    Either way, this has to stop.

  3. I expect to see counter-demonstrations in due time and I have an idea who will win those — if the police don't stop them, stop the busses, etc.

  4. We could pass that out at move-on rallies, but I don't think that any of those people can read.

  5. Shoot the rebels and send a message!

    I wonder what attracted her to the billionaire, Donald Trump.

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