Bullet Points

* If the Federal Bureau of Investigation works with giant media corporations to alter the outcome of elections, we have no elections in any meaningful sense.

* Socialists do not merely want a welfare state, they absolutely must have one. They must have a groveling dependent class from which to obtain their daily opiate: a hallucinogenic euphoria that comes from the delusion of being superior to and more altruistic than all others. They must have ‘the poor, huddled masses’ in much the same manner as vampires must have the blood of their victims.

* A Federal Court struck down the Brandon regime’s transgender medical mandate that forced doctors to make trannies.

* On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher said there was “a conspiracy to get rid of” former President Donald Trump by the media, who buried the Hunter Biden story “because they were like, we can’t risk having the election thrown to Trump, we’ll tell them after the election.” (more here)

* NY Post – In a final blow to the credibility of RussiaGate special counsel Robert Mueller, a newly released 2019 memo shows he was blowing smoke in pretending that, even though the whole Russia collusion case was utterly baseless, then-President Donald Trump could still be prosecuted for obstruction of justice over how he dealt with the investigation. Naturally, the media have greeted the memo from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel with dead silence.

* Tweet from Brit Hume: “Donald Trump seems to have done something that years of pleading by intelligence officials failed to do. He has awakened in the news media a reverence for the classification of documents.”

* Shout out to the guy at the municipal waste dump outside Flagstaff, AZ, who tried to sell me weed but used slang that I am so incredibly unfamiliar with that he had to keep simplifying his sell until he literally settled on “I am selling weed, do you want to buy some.”



U.S. Marines stand beside their M3 Stuart Light Tank which helped defeat the Japanese in the August 21, 1942 battle of the Tenaru River during the early stages of the Guadalcanal Campaign, Solomon Islands.

KMT troops belonging to Forces X or Y, equipped by the Americans and British to fight in Burma, 1944.

British Mark IV tank that succumbed to the mud of Passchendaele, 1917.

An Italian M14/41 in German service was disabled by Polish insurgents during the Warsaw Uprising, 22 Aug 1943.


High Speed – Low Drag – in the Med, years ago.



Identify the Tank


Bonus Tank – I personally think that this is a very tough one.






  1. Thirty years ago, there was a strong effort by people to expose the corruption, fiat money, and subversion of the Constitution. Government thugs harassed them, audited them, and destroyed those that were in their way. That was then, before the information age, and the tactics are now exposed. Hopefully, this time some real changes are accomplished.

  2. I like the Beto infographic. What kind of name is that anyway? Yum, what a delicious Faux/Mex sandwich. A bit like its northern variant, the Kasich.


      • Yes, but you’ll be ready.

        Me, I’m STILL waiting delivery of my Hydra-6. Been ready, the pad and anchor bolts are in. Something about supply chain problems, like it’s stuck on slowly circling container ship 140 miles off the California coast that Gavin The Hairball says don’t exist. Next the excuse will be it’s delayed due to Non-Compliant Pre-2010 Semi’s that can’t get any DEF. I need to be ready, maybe just bean them with frozen Schwan’s Brats (they come in an 8 pack clip and we’re stocked up). I freely admit the throwing arm isn’t what it used to be but still has some steam left…and a frozen bratwurst could do some serious damage.

        • “a frozen bratwurst could do some serious damage.”

          If you know where to stick it, yes. (I’m telling yuh as an academic physician, a case report about “Frostbite of the splenic flexure” would probably make the venerable British Medical Journal, albeit the holiday joke issue. The splenic flexure is of course the major left-sided bend of the colon.)

          Anyhow, The Admiral and The Dog-F***er may well have some expertise in that arena….

          • CQB – Close Quarters Brats – There must be an FM (Field Manual) on their use somewhere in the archives.

          • You need to build a skorpion (Roman siege weapon) to put the brats in to propel them at sufficient velocity to make them useful. I acknowledge your throwing arm, but you can do better than that. We need them to penetrate kevlar.

          • Hmm, good idea. Altho, I could modify my potato cannon, neck it down, add some rifling, and use propane as a propellant. Might need to add a grip tho, for control. Come to think of it, dipping the wurst in some tannerite might make them armor piercing grade.

          • Paint it black and call it the Wurst Assault Cannon, manufactured by Ghost Cannon’s, USA…just to mess with the Lefty’s.

  3. I am sad to see that the victimhood cards rank so low in the deck. No wonder Jussie Smolett was denied justice even though he brandished three cards at once. And “Asian Hate” didn’t even make the grade! (Asian Hate needs to be rebranded as “anti-Sinotism”. It’s clearly a nonsense neologism, but it might get traction among the semi-literate and the careless readers, due to its similarity to a powerful, established brand. Oops, that was insensitive to say “brand” in the context of racism. It’s just like whipping a man until he cries out “Toby!” JUST like it.

    Therefore, I denounce myself. Anyway, “anti-Sinotism” is entirely consistent with Chinese practices of making up a BS name like Abibas, or PLAVBOY to prey on the illiterate. It’s culturally sensitive, you see.

    • The deck was likely constructed by a member of the white patriarchy, thus matters of prime concern – things like Ukraine, anti-Sinotism, and tax-funded mobile brothels for necrophiles were left off. It’s all part of a sinister plot.

    • During the battle of the Tenaru River, the Japanese conducted bayonet charges against tanks, entrenched machine guns, and artillery firing canister and entrenched infantry at point-blank range, suffering near 100% losses. It was a learning point for them. Banzai charges continued during the Guadalcanal Campaign, but never with those sorts of losses.

      • One of the very nice things about the US 37mm gun (anti-tank or vehicle mounted) was that it could fire cannister and HE and AP. Unlike the British, who by doctrine only fired AP out of their 2pdr (40mm) gun.

        That cannister was very popular in the Pacific campaign. Great way to remove snipers from tops of trees (and the tops of trees…) Though, overall, the short 75mm howitzer from M8 HMC (howitzer motor carriage) (built on the M3/M5 Stuart light tank chassis) and the LTVP4 uparmored as an amphib tank (with the turret from the M8 HMC) and the much better protected M4 medium tanks with 75mm guns.

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