Defining the Obama Presidency

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Rarely has there been a cartoon that defines a presidency as well as this one does.

It’s humiliating to have a president who always does the wrong thing no matter what. The “screw ups” if that is what they are, happen with such predictable regularity, that it’s difficult to believe that they are not contrived.
We live in a dangerous world and we need somebody at the helm who has the guts to make tough decisions and who will surround the presidency with hard people capable of making hard choices. I think that Fiorina and possibly Trump can do it. Rubio — too much of a puss. Carson has the capacity but it will take some time to get him up to speed.
Clearly Obama, even after seven years, is not ready for prime time.

10 thoughts on “Defining the Obama Presidency

  1. Raised and mentored by avowed communists. Spent several years in a madrasa. Floated through colleges and universities that few are given admission. Why are we surprised he has delivered what he was raised and trained to do? Weaken the capitalists while facilitating the caliphate. My question is he Shiite or Sunni?

  2. Raised by a tranny babysitter. Mother was something between a slut and a hooker, has been somewhat gender confused his whole life.

    The Shiites and Sunnis don't want him.

  3. …"surround the presidency with hard people capable of making hard choices." Where's Donald Rumsfeld when you need him? This is the guy that could fix a lot of things right now. And Barry wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.

    (you remember Rummy, right? "You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wished you had." …that guy.)

  4. As one would expect, to flourish in the Obama Administration, you have to share the vision of the boss. Unfortunately those people are mostly children, fresh from university, are chosen based only on skin color, and are inexperienced. The blind leading the blind. Most dangerous of all, they either rose from the ranks of corrupt Chicago politics or from other liberal enclave where their genuine experience is with things other than doing.

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