I received an e-mail asking how I feel about the Russo-Ukrainian War. I feel bad for the average Russians who didn’t want a war and didn’t want to send their sons there to be used badly and their national treasure wasted. I feel bad for the Ukrainians who didn’t want to see their country laid waste and their sons killed resisting the Russians, being Russians.

The US is using it as a replacement for the US-Afghan War and funds can be laundered back into the hands of the permanent Washington administrative state (Swamp). Some weapons and technology can be demonstrated for the benefit of Beltway Bandit who are eager to peddle their wares. The Russians aren’t selling anything to anyone anymore.

The armchair general in me finds it all very interesting.

I participated (the company did) in evacuating high-value Ukrainians early on. Then we shifted directions.

This article from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reflects the desperate state of affairs that the Russian Army in Crimea faces. You never know how much of this is propaganda but it has a ring of truth. The Russians have had significant difficulty supplying their field army in the Ukrainian Theatre of Operations since the first week of the war when Russian soldiers began looting food to eat. They were burning the reactive armor from their tanks to keep warm when the fuel ran out. That was a year ago.


Chinese Espionage Yields Results

H/T Claudio for the Strategy Page reference.  China aimed for world domination in as many manufacturing industries as possible. China was still hobbled by a lack of domestic engineering skills that enabled the development and production of high-tech items like aircraft engines and many other key components of world-class military and commercial aircraft. They made up for that lack of innovative skill through an effective espionage program. Where roadblocks existed, they bought politicians like the Biden Crime Family. Old Pedo Joe just wanted 10% of the take. Is that too much to ask?

The Chinese government founded COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) in 2008 by merging several smaller aircraft and component companies. COMACs first product was the ARJ21, a 90-passenger regional airliner powered by two General Electric jets. The experience with the troubled ARJ21 airliner led COMAC to begin production and further development of the C919, which made its first flight in 2017. Seen as a cheaper competitor for the 737 and AirBus 320, it encountered even more problems than the ARJ21. As of mid-2022 only seven development aircraft have been built. This included accusations of stealing technology and manufacturing techniques so that China could produce key components in China and claim they were Chinese-developed. The Chinese espionage effort was discovered in 2015 and arrests were made. This sort of thing is nothing new but in the case of commercial aircraft, it limited export sales. It also made several smaller Western aircraft manufacturers rethink deals with China for co-production. This espionage was one reason why America implemented sanctions and trade restrictions against China in 2018.

Originally designed to sell for about half what 737s and A320s cost, fixing all the problems encountered has increased the cost of the C919 to the point where it is nearly the same as the 737 and A320. COMAC already has orders for over a thousand C919s from Chinese airlines but greater profits only come via export sales. Artificially lowering the price to gain sales is illegal according to the international trade agreements China agreed to in order to gain access to major export markets. The Chinese industrial espionage efforts will further limit export sales. Undeterred, COMAC plans to eventually dominate the world market for narrow-body airliners like the 737 and A320. COMAC is planning on developing larger wide-body airliners as well and by the middle of the century be a major competitor for Boeing and Airbus. The only way they can achieve this goal is through the theft of trade secrets and outright espionage.



Bullet Points:

* ‘Twitter Files’ fuel suspicions that FBI tipped the scales for Biden in 2020. The Secret Police serves the permanent American administrative state. There should be no surprise there. President Trump wanted to disrupt the DC Swamp and the Swamp struck back.

* JJ Abrams announced that he’s working on a new Black Superman film. Of course. It makes sense. I’m sure that it will be woke.

* In Arizona – 2022, it didn’t matter who cast what vote. It was/is blatantly obvious to EVERYONE that they were gonna keep “counting” until the democrats won. If you believe otherwise you are either 1. Literally in on the crime or 2. One of the most naive people to walk the earth.

* Dr. Moon, MD before Congress: “I have a government telling me that I have to say “safe and effective” and if I don’t, my medical license is threatened. How am I to give informed consent to patients? We’re seeing an uptick in myocarditis, we’re seeing an uptick in adverse reactions… something is extremely wrong”.

* Public Education in Chicago:

Those are pre-plague numbers. You know that they are much lower now.

As a public school teacher: PLEASE homeschool. Get your kids out of this system. It is so broken.

There are authoritarian teachers. There are woke teachers. There are groomer teachers. There are also teachers who are trying to do their best to teach 30 kids who have wildly different upbringings and cultural attitudes toward education and authority, as well as different needs, abilities, and predispositions.

This usually leads to either chaos where kids do whatever they want and nobody learns, stuff gets broken, and kids get hurt, or an authoritarian-style classroom where everyone follows the same rules, with no exceptions. The middle ground can happen, but it’s extraordinarily difficult with large classes. These teachers, honorable as their intentions are, have been set up for failure.

Again, not that it can’t be done or that diverse classrooms can’t work, but the larger the group the greater the need for a uniform set of rules that everyone follows.

I want my students to be able to go to the bathroom when they need to, eat when they’re hungry, and learn at their own pace. But that doesn’t work in the public school setting.

Public schools as we know them today are a modern experiment and one that has utterly failed.


Breaking Bad’s Blue Meth


  1. COMAC ‘may’ also be building counterfeit parts for other aircraft… and systems… including some in service in the US military. And I’d walk before I would get on one of those homebuilt birds.

    • Yeah, you don’t want to fly in a COMAC aircraft. There have been several noteworthy scandals in USGOV circles when aftermarket non-OEM ChiCom parts were used and failed. It’s the same crap that is baked into their military hardware.

  2. It is pretty hard to get me on an airliner anymore in any case and the ones I ride in are Boeing, Airbus or in a very few cases Embraer. I would join Old NFO on his walk if my only choice was COMAC.

    Good point about soon to be Senator Fetterman.

    Spot on regarding the Ukraine.

    • Fetterman travels with an army of handlers. I’m sure that they’d remember for him. Old Pedo Joe, strangely, is often wandering around on stage aimlessly. The handlers lose track.

  3. Great all ’round post, and my heart grieves for the many thousands killed in this new war. Then there’s our schools.

    What desperate, hideous national embarrassment. My mind goes to the erstwhile Cadet who was so outta control that he got sent to the “discipline school,” from which he graduated, miraculously. What was this “discipline”?

    They had to wear a uniform (chinos and a polo, slack, I know), weren’t allowed to talk in class unless asked and had to do their work. Huh. Sounds a lot like school and it worked for the boy. So.

    • It is always the poor slobs that do the actual fighting that see the brunt of things. Defense contractors in the US and NATO are making large profits. Probably the same is happening for defense contractors in Russia. The people who are taking it in the shorts are the soldiers on both sides and, to a lesser extent, the taxpayers that are funding this mess.

      On n educational note, I am forever grateful to the nuns and priests who made the effort to pound knowledge into my thick skull and I hate to say it but uniforms helped.

  4. It’s not John fetterman or his punk crew of wanna be gangsters that he surrounds himself with that keeps me up…it’s that dead-eyed Medusa looking wife of his that we all know we’ll really be calling the shots. You have to wonder what sinister plans and crimes against the Constitution she’ll be orchestrating from his office. I’ve seen this in third world shit holes all over the world but never thought I’d live long enough to see it happen in my home. Call me naive but I took my oath very seriously as I’m sure many of you on here have as well. Anyway that’s my rant stay safe head down dick up and keep moving fellas.

    • It’s really a toss-up between Pedo Joe and Fetterman in terms of who has more gray matter available. Both are managed 100%. I think that the wife will be sidelined. There was a guy in the Little Saigon district of Orange County California who traveled to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam on vacation. While there, he had a massive golden dragon wall hanging commissioned, at considerable expense. It wasn’t solid gold, but gold plated. Something like 12 feet in length. A month or two it arrived in Garden Grove, CA at his office and was 12 inches long. The message was clear. “You may think that you’re a big dragon, but you’re not.” He shut up and didn’t complain. The same will be true of Mrs. Fetterneck. She’ll get the message.

  5. LL, did you mean to include a link for the public education quote? I’d be interested. Or any links for the Bullet Points after the first one.

    • The public education quote came from Twitter as did the one from Dr. Moon, a pediatrician whose Congressional testimony may have been quoted by Dr. Nicole Saphire, a radiologist who is also a Fox News contributor. You can use the Virtual Mirage search engine (top of the page) to try and find it. If you can’t and need it, e-mail me and I’ll help you find it. I don’t always cite third-hand quotes cited on Twitter feeds.

      Black Superman:

      The Arizona election steal is blatantly obvious. They don’t even bother to hide it. They don’t want to have happen in Arizona what happened in Florida.

      • Well, that worked great! Thanks

        Funny because I already searched, but yours is obviously a big step up. Not even sure how that’s possible.

  6. Beautifully put LL. Just downloaded your book the old whore on Kindle looking forward to the Read. Somehow I felt like I didn’t need to read bloody Mexico but it was a great book. keep churning them out Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  7. in re Ukraine:
    was wondering why the market’s been lead-balloonin’ the past two days. Anybody tell me why the GITWH (genius in the White House) sent troops very recently over to Voru, Estonia, a hop, skip, n’ a jump from the Russian border (n’ not all that far from St. Petersburg)?


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