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Fashions change with the seasons. They just do.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee said in a statement that the state treasury’s Investment Risk Management Committee (IRMC) began to assess the relationship between the state’s trust fund and BlackRock in late 2021.

“Part of the review by IRMC involved reading the annual letters by CEO Larry Fink, which in recent years, began dictating to businesses in the United States to follow his personal political beliefs,” Yee wrote. “In short, BlackRock moved from a traditional asset manager to a Democrat political action committee. Our internal investment team believed this moved the firm away from its fiduciary duty in general as an asset manager.

Following this review, the IRMC proposed to reduce Arizona’s Treasury exposure to BlackRock. In early 2022, Yee began the divestment. The office divested over $543 million from BlackRock money market funds in February, reducing exposure with the company by 97 percent this year. At the end of November, Yee said her office’s only direct exposure to BlackRock was in stocks and bonds worth less than a tenth of one percent of her officer’s total assets.





The ancient Himalayan kingdom of Mustang in Nepal has been isolated from the world—until now. The Kingdom of Lo houses priceless relics and traditions. Will a new road to China save its unique culture or destroy it?

Read the story in NatGeo Magazine >> The link leads to a pay wall, but there is quite a bit floating around on the net.



Everybody talks about breaching charges and they definitely have their place, but mud Marines and even more specialized troops often resort to more practical means because you can’t always carry enough demo with you.

Above: A U.S. Marine with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines Regiment, uses an axe to smash through a wall during Operation Steel Curtain, an operation to clear Husaybah (a city on the Iraq-Syrian border) of insurgents on November 5, 2005.


People ask what 2023 will be like:


Bullet Points:

* Should you scatter brass cartridge casings around your front door to dissuade intruders? Snow messes that up. I shouldn’t have to tell you.

* Democrat voters are said to favor cash reparations to descendants of black slaves. No mention is made of reparations to the Irish slaves or to the families who lost loved ones during the Civil War in an effort to free them.  (shouldn’t black people be paying reparations to the families for freeing their ancestors?). Democrats shouldn’t dip into the tax coffers to do this. They should do it on their own dime. Nothing prohibits rich, white, Dems from forking money out of their pockets. They could start a Go Fund Me page since that company is very woke. Collecting tax money at the point of a bayonet to give to people who self-identify as negros is wrong.

* It would be useful to have a Federal Government that did what Elon Musk did: Release everything and fire 75% of the employees.

* Vladimir Putin is rattling his saber – again by issuing more threats of starting a nuclear war.  He has to do something to entertain the people back home. Discussing Mother Russia being bled white over Ukraine is something he avoids.

* The Attorney General’s release of the transcript of Fauci’s 7-Hour deposition: Fauci, who famously claimed, “I am the science,” could not cite a single study supporting the use of masks throughout the 7-hour deposition and reportedly based “his lockdown advocacy on the observations of a single guy relying on reports from a dictator.”

* The DC Beltway Crowd (pagans all) cry, “Blood for the blood god!”  as they drink their expensive single malt at holiday parties (not called Christmas parties in those circles anymore). Yes, yes, “blood for the blood god” and all, but when you think about it, why would the blood god want blood I mean, he/she/it is the blood god. Presumably, they already have blood. You’re giving them the one thing that by definition they already have in great supply. I hate to apply logic and the Beltway crowd hates me for doing that too. They also disparage me for suggesting that WW3 would be a bad thing. Sigh. I need to go back to Arizona.

* The United States as James K. Polk wanted it:

Note: It excluded Puerto Rico – visionary.


Repost as a Public Service:

40 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. Has building a road to China ever “saved the local culture” ? I suppose, technically, the local culture and population have always been Han, so… yes?

    That’s a maul, not an axe. Of course, “journalists” think an MRAP is a tank, so this is pretty close.

    We should have kept all of Mexico in the 1840s and Cuba in 1898. How much worse a job could we have really done with them than what happened? PR is fine, we just should have forced it to become a State, 100 years ago. It’s also stupid that the Bahamas are not part of the US.

    Ugh, you’ve been in DC, among the Denizens!? Just take a couple dozen hot showers once you get home, the feeling will wear off.


      1. The US doesn’t need PR. It’s time to set them free. True, they’ll become a Chinese outpost. If they do, it’s just one more place to nuke when the balloon goes up.

    1. I heard people say the same about the Philippines. What a mess that place is. They were robbing us blind in the 1980s. If they’d have been a state, they could’ve done it honestly in Washington, D.C., the world’s greatest nest of vipers.

    2. On the other hand, ditch PR and keep Cuba. Better all around. Coaling stations could be placed in the US Virgin Islands.

      We should have gotten everything east of the St. Lawrence River, dammit.

      As to upper Mexico, we had it, should have kept it. But even we at the time didn’t want that socio-political hellhole.

      And back to the PR. We shoulda made them learn English only. Ditch the Spanish-mishmash they spoke and speak. We make the idiot Hawaiians learn English. We made the Acadians in Louisiana learn English. We made the Italians and Irish and Germans do it.

      Maybe if PR spoke Murican English, they’d be a tad bit more successful than they are.

      1. The PR is more openly corrupt than the permanent American administrative state in DC, but recently, the curtain on DC has been flung wide open and it’s actually operating at the same level.

        We fought a war with Mexico (1846 to 1848) and we should have kept what we killed. We fought a war with Spain (April 21 – August 13, 1898) and should have kept Cuba, etc.

  2. Middle East- Part of me thinks we would have been better off bombing the bejesus out of the place after letting those wanting to leave a couple of days, then pave it over into a parking lot and put a Mickey-D’s in the middle run off an LL SMR. Enough with the 3rd world mud buildings and “our boys” having to breach anything from that 15th century throwback.

    The Fowch- Blofeld in a diminutive package. 36 years ago the homosexuals were protesting that “he is killing us’ with his AZT crap, now he’s at the helm of a larger culling canvas. Nothing but a black-souled operative. He and his cronies made up the asinine 6ft rule, laughing (as if anyone with half a brain didn’t see right thru that idiocy). Fauci should be sent to a Wuhan wet market and forced to eat one of everything, washed down with cheap Bourbon in a paper bag…then shot at dawn (if he makes it thru the night) for crimes against humanity.

    Those 75% of freshly laid off gov’t leaches would be perfect for doing “the jobs Americans won’t do”…picking crops and sweeping streets would give them some real world perspective. Problem solved.

    Interesting FTX was run by a shorts/t-short wearing mop head named ‘Fried’, and Blackrock is run by an Armani suited guy named ‘Fink’. Seems the scumbags write their own meme’s.

    1. “Bankman” makes a better meme than “Fried”. Fink probably has the same etymological root as “Garland”, I’m guessing.

      Exposure to China will be very bad for Lo-Mustang. But it could be worse. At least the Chinese do not push pedophilia, negrolatry, victim worship, and all manner of sexual deviance. Now sexual deviance certainly happens in China, but no one holds it up as “stunning and brave” and no one dresses up a dumpy man in the uniform of a female 4-star.

      1. The PRC holds us out as a degenerate society with significant justification. I find it galling, but they definitely have a point. Russia does the same thing. It started in earnest with Obama, a mulatto homosexual whoreson, married to a tranny. Now we have Pedo Joe and his coterie of freaks and misfits. Yeah, that’s what we’ve become.

        We used to joke about the KGB and the Chinese MSS but the FBI has transformed itself into the political police here, defending THE PARTY against assaults.

        1. I liked this comment from “AnotherAnon” at the Z-blog.

          “What the DC children in charge don’t seem to have a handle on is the very same disdain that they have for heritage America is the same disdain other nations have towards them.”

          1. Yes. They lack that understanding.

            The woke, likewise, feel that disdain only goes in one direction.

          2. We are fortunate to have a number of brilliant blog hosts, Z-man is another I enjoy reading, commenters proves there are more reasonably intelligent people out there than the MSM will have you believe. This comment precisely brackets the argument/malady.

      2. @Paul M. My brain was not working and I was thinking “freed” (phonetically) and not “fried” as in “baked” or stoned. Mea duh.

        About degeneracy in the US. My take is that the US as a whole is not at all degenerate, quite the opposite; though illicit drugs are indeed a scourge. But sexual deviance and degeneracy in general seems to be pushed from the top. Initially in the “arts” and academia, but now the rot has spread to corporate and governmental.

        If I were PRC or Rooski I’d be pushing the “decadent, degenerate US” angle as a matter of propaganda, but IMNSHO the bulk of Americans (both white and Black) are decent and generous people.

    2. Can’t agree with a Mickey-D’s; my vote is for a pulled pork sandwich or a BBQ pork ribs place.

        1. Sidney pre-Paul Singer, that is.

          Not that Singer isn’t a great philanthropist, of course. A great, great man. People who have not heard of him should look him up. A great man. Beloved by the people of Peru, among many others.

  3. 2023? nah, if it was 2023 that passenger would have his weapon pointing out and would not be looking at the driver. i noted that my wife suddenly wants me to go with her shopping n such. that being odd, i asked. in essence she wanted a bodyguard. sign of the times.

    1. She deserves protection. The times being what they are, I don’t blame her. MRSLL feels safe around me because she’s seen me in action and she knows that the threat would have to exceed the content of magazines.

  4. Why should I pay reparations? In the ante bellum period several members of my family, Quakers at the time, operated stations on the underground railroad. I should be given thanks just for that. Still hasn’t happened. Besides, there’s evidence that the first member of my family arrived on this side of the pond after being indentured for being on the losing side of the Battle of Worcester(damn you Cromwell!). Still awaiting my reparations.

    1. MANY Americans are due reparations from the ancestors of slaves. My family is on that list as well.

      1. Dad would say “Nobody owes you anything except payment for services rendered, after that it’s all up to you.”

        Reparations are moronic and solely a Democrat play to garner votes. Of course that’s the BS these people focus, as America crumbles Ol Joe hosts a Tranny Party at The Peoples House.

    1. He will make Twitter profitable. Without subsidies from THE PARTY, it is no longer an ‘organ of the state’. It requires a re-thinking.

  5. I’m not quite certain if it’s his saber that Vladimir Vladimirovitch is rattling; like a certain species of reptile, he may just be sounding the warning we’re all too familiar with: “Don’t tread on me!”
    If you’ve done enough hunting, you’re all too familiar with that sound – I wonder if anybody is listening carefully enough.

    1. Putin is in a bind. The ONLY thing that the Russians have holding back the Chinese (brother communists and all that) is their nuclear weapons. The question in the case of China is whether or not they have ENOUGH to deter Beijing from seizing Russian territory east of the Urals. The Communist Government would sacrifice all of Shanghai because they’re considered to be a city. of traitors to Xi, but do they want to give up Beijing too? That’s the question.

      1. And, looking at their own nuclear supply, do they think the Russians are any better at maintaining the nukes themselves and the launch platforms than the Chicoms are?

        I feel that the actual supply of working and deliverable warheads from both countries is rather small, in comparison to their ‘listed’ numbers.

        Of course, even a few nukes can make a bad day. Though one nuke hitting Three Gorges Dam would basically destroy most of functional China.

        1. It would be a sad day for China. You see me grabbing the crying towel. It would be fair swap for China if they could keep all of Eastern Russia. I think that the Russians know that.

    2. There needs to be more than listening, there also needs to be a mind that can accurately process the information.
      This is not something I expect from the Non Compos Mentis Mob.

  6. * Democrat voters are said to favor cash reparations to descendants of black slaves
    Last few elections have shown LBJ’s boast is slipping. Need to buy back those black voters. As a bonus, keep white guilt in the forefront.

    1. A practice existed in the dim and distant past where credentialed people kept their creds in the jackets of their suitcoats or sportcoats. Access cards were carried in the shirt pocket. “Nigging” the creds of a co-worker consisted of using adhesive to put the photograph of an Afro-American over that of a white, Hispanic, or Asian credential holder. When the need to present credentials arose, the face in the photo didn’t match that of the credential holder.

      I wonder if they “Whitewash” credentials these days?

  7. Getting out of Blackrock is a sound business decision! And thankfully, Texas did that too! Re Mustang, stick a fork in them, they are done…

    1. Florida under DeSantis has already dropped many ESG financial companies. And is working on making a clean slate.

  8. Reparations? What about all the Scandinavian children brought over in the late 1800s that were basically ‘bought’ as slaves for farms and businesses?

    I am all reparations. Shit’s over. Get over it.

    Especially since a certain segment of society has been getting ‘reparations’ since the 60’s.

    The only way I’ll support reparations is if it includes a one way ticket to Africa and a permanent removal of citizenship and a permanent ban on reentry. Wakanda that, a-holes.

    1. Since we don’t have a functional border, the permanent ban on reentry would only be an anemic gesture.

      1. That would be part of the whole reparations scam. Enforcement of the borders. And not one drop of government assistance to anyone who is not a citizen.

  9. * The DC Beltway Crowd (pagans all) cry, “Blood for the blood god!” as they drink their expensive single malt at holiday parties (not called Christmas parties in those circles anymore). Yes, yes, “blood for the blood god” and all, but when you think about it, why would the blood god want blood I mean, he/she/it is the blood god.

    Yes indeed, but let’s not forget the Blood God isn’t rational but’s driven by an insanely voracious appetite. It’s a glutton for blood.

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