The Holidays

They are a time of great sadness for me. Of bloggers, only Jules gets it. I’ll get through this one. Among holiday ghosts is Francisco (below, right) who I want to mention as an RIP, tortured for a few days and murdered by members of Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación – CJNG in Tijuana, Mexico. He was part of my team. I have lost a few over the years. The photo was taken at our Christmas dinner at Taboule in Tijuana not long before his murder. A measure was extracted but it’s never enough.

The stoicism of the ancient Romans and Chinese that sustained their empires through the centuries was due, in large part, to policies that reflected their deep respect for the wisdom gleaned from their study of history. You must ignore the vexing complexity of virtue if you want to survive beyond the gates in a barbarian territory where there are no old men.


In Germany

The threat of global warming is only a distant and pleasant memory for most Germans. Mainstream German newspapers, magazines, and woke media, who have wholeheartedly embraced the climate change agenda peddled by the country’s political elite, are busy churning out a flurry of articles telling people how to save on heating and electricity this Christmas.

“Light’s Out!” Germany’s leading newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung told its readers. “But is it really that bad?” the paper arrogantly asks.

The state-funded Deutschlandfunk radio broadcaster declared: “Holiday-lights out! So we might overcome of the crisis.” The outlets told their listeners to use eco-friendly “straw stars” instead of lighting up Christmas trees or houses.

The surging energy bills also put Germany’s traditional bakeries out of business ahead of Christmas.

German public broadcaster Tagesschau warned that “according to a study, massive surge in gasoline prices may lead to the de-industrialization of German and Europe.”

Go Woke – Go Broke?

No amount of rationing or energy saving might be enough to avert the coming disaster. Bloomberg News cited a recent survey claiming that the German firms were “running out of ways to save” energy. “Large parts of German industry will no longer be able to avoid production cuts if companies need to further reduce natural gas consumption,” the outlet reported.

As ordinary Germans freeze and sit in the dark this Christmas, the climate fanatics are killing two birds with one stone: disrupting Christian festivities (so hated and despised by them), and destroying Europe’s biggest industrial nation.


Bullet Points:

* The nation’s housing market is beginning to cool. As a result, a new analysis shows that an alarming number of recent home purchasers are now more on their property than it’s worth.

Some 250,000 people who took out a mortgage this year to buy a home are now underwater, meaning they owe more on their loan than the home is worth, Black Knight, a mortgage software provider, found. Another million have less than 10% equity. Those unlucky homebuyers got caught in the crunch between historically high housing prices and rapidly rising mortgage rates, which in recent months have caused real estate values to slide.

* Are you looking for a new drug? A substance sold as a dietary supplement has been deemed “gas station heroin” and has been banned by several states. It is being reported that the compound, tianeptine, affects the body similarly to addictive opioids.

Tianeptine is a tricyclic antidepressant used to treat depression in some European, Latin American, and Asian countries, but it’s not approved by the FDA for medical use in the U.S. It’s not a controlled substance and is typically sold in the U.S. as a dietary supplement, nootropic (a chemical that improves cognitive function), or a research chemical under brand names like ZaZa Red, TD Red, and Tianna. It can be found in gas stations or easily bought online.

* Yesterday the Washington Post had a town hall meeting for employees. According to staffers, Fred Ryan, who runs the joint, announced that they’d be laying off people after New Year’s Day and he didn’t take questions. What will they do without all those woke fact-checkers?

* Oathkeepers is a hive of federal infiltration as I’ve pointed out here a number of times. Leaked documents show that at least 300 are DHS agents. There is no indication of how many work for the FBI or are other law enforcement infiltrators or informers.  Playing in that sandbox in any capacity will get you into trouble.

* Putin didn’t apply the age-old Chinese metric in his Ukrainian invasion:  Dead men don’t pay taxes, burnt farms can’t supply soldiers, and thus the cost of men and material spent in even a victorious battle is astounding.

* Over at Old NFOs blog he had a Navy Christmas Bingo card. I commented that “What about SEALs showing up with two drunk hookers each in tow to the Command’s family party that included a drunk master chief in Santa garb? That could be a bingo box or two depending on the command. Or maybe times have changed?”  To clarify: I was never witness to anything like that.  It’s simply an ugly rumor that things like that happened. Or that drunk CMSO Santa handed a wrapped present to the XOs thoroughly Christian bride of about two weeks that contained a 16″ black dildo known as “The Rod of Power”. The rod of power appeared at inappropriate times over the years – often at change of command events with senior officers present. Sometimes Christmas parties made Tailhook look like a church social…or so it was said.

There were twin ladies who liked showing up and they’d get past the wives who tried to monitor things…oh, my, Old NFO. A lot more happened before the shocking, improper, and indecent conduct by Old NFO’s brown shoes at the Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada circa 1991.  The Navy cracked down as best it could after that. Everything had to be moved offshore.


It’s Only Lunch

Yes, there’s a small cup of coleslaw to balance things out.


  1. Larry, we bought our first home in Kommiecticut at the top of the market in June 1988. It was a small 1000 square foot Cape built in 1950 that needed a lot of updating. Within a year of closing we were under water to the tune of about $40,000. In my mind though, those were paper losses. We lived in our house for 16 years, faithfully paid our mortgage, and completely renovated the house, mostly with our own skills and labor. We sold it in 2004 for $4000 over our asking price. We walked away with $80,000 in our pocket that allowed us to build the home we live in now. No matter what the market does, we owe just over half of what it’s worth and have a fixed rate mortgage of 3 1/8%. For our expandable 3 bedroom home, we are paying $700 less per month than the going rate for a decent 2 bedroom apartment. Next move will be to a free state where our income goes farther.

  2. Raising a toast to absent friends – probably been going on since the invention of alcohol.
    Want a new drug – didn’t Huey Lewis & The News sing about that?

  3. Oh yeah, there ARE stories, and thankfully that was back in the day before cell phones and the proliferation of cameras… Sigh… Nice lunch!

    And yes, it IS the season to remember those who aren’t here. We all do that in different ways.

  4. Quick Mart Opiods: Don’t need to be more wired, prefer more calm. No drugs save for caffeine…altho have cut back to sleep better…and it’s working like a champ.

    Germany Power grid management failure: BUT, BUT…The Left is yelling for more Adult Industrial Pinwheels and thousands of acres of useless solar panels. They must know something we don’t. Oh yeah, No. They. Don’t. As Reagan said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

    Fools come in all shapes and sizes, problem is you get more of what you subsidize, which is why The Hollowgram and His Handlers are pushing this crap on the rest of us, wrecking the landscape in the process and paying China beaucoup tax dollars that he didn’t earn for the parts and pieces and mining. Thing is, The Left knows how to run the grift to line their off-shore accounts.

  5. Lights out—spouse native German, naturalized American, almost a Cajun and honorary Texan, reports my sister in law told her the Christmas Market in Munster (I don’t know how to add umlaut) is going strong. No commentary from that area on bakeries going out of business. Is the German press reporting reality? I trust word of mouth news of relation by marriage rather than the press.
    Title of almost a Cajun and honorary Texan bestowed on spouse through the power vested in me as almost a Cajun and a Native Texan.
    Cletus Valvecore

    • (I don’t know how to add umlaut).

      My solution is to use MS Word to create a special character, then copy and paste it. I keep the characters handy on my desktop. I was stationed on the outskirts of Nürnberg in the mid-70’s. On that note, I spent my last Christmas there with a German family. Very fond memories.

        • Good to know about Android.

          I still don’t have a good solution to certain archaic letters (eth and thorn) other than to use an Icelandic keyboard. Which is a bit of a pain when my KB gets inadvertently switched from normal Murrican to Icelandic. But how else to have ð and þ I don’t know. (I realize this is very much a niche problem. 🤔)

          • MrsPaulM was glad to be able to insert the standard Danish characters. Icelandic…yeah, niche, but when LL is at the volcano researching the next Red Mist novel might come in handy.

      • Many thanks for all the tips…next time I need to add an umlaut or other special character or diacritical mark, I’ll know.

    • And that is the real question. How much of what is reported in Germany is true. Considering that a few years ago they banned ‘alt news’ so only allowed newsies are allowed to news the news, so to speak.

      I have heard that people are heading out of the cities to load whatever vehicle they have chock full of firewood in order to stay warm. That comes out of places like Daily Mail, which sucks for news from England but usually speaks truth on other nations’ issues.

  6. Good heavens, what a racy post! But we have to ask, would today’s Command party hookers be trans, and would they be serving?

    Then there’s Germany. Good work, Climate Millennialists. Let’s see how much they enjoy a simpler, less industrial age.

    Prayers for your friend.


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