From the Album: Two of my daughters, culturally appropriating.


Express Yourself as you are moved here, while I am away from the blog for a bit.

The captioned photo is my youngest daughter,  Emilie,  queen of the selfie, and me, at the beach. Note cargo ships waiting to unload in the background.


Life is like this sometimes isn’t it?

More questions than answers…




  1. Nice looking family there boss. Only woke weasels could possibly care about this level of appropriating. I was in Japan for a couple years and brought kimonos home for my mom and fiancée. They look great in them, but a kimono is a bit of a pain to put on, so they have never worn them much. Hats and parasols are easier.

    I’ve spent some time at Fort Story with operators at Trident Spectre. I brought some tech there so the operators could use it, and/or break it, their option. Those guys stay very current on their PT and are just as dangerous in retirement as when active, at least that was my take-away.

  2. Express yourself as you are moved to… See one minute you tell me this is a family blog and then you say that. That’s asking for trouble. But, I shall behave. I would like to express the following:

    I got 4 bottles of gin for Christmas. All from different people. All of them have gold flecks in them and are in light up bottles and are basically alcoholic snow globes. I don’t want to drink any of them because 1: I’m afraid of the floating gold stuff and 2: they’re too pretty to open. I think this is a test. What should I do?

      • If four different people are giving you bottles of gin then I suggest having your liver function checked. Albumin and INR would be a good start 😉

        For those of you wondering, “what about muh AST/ALT?” (Or GGT.) Those are more measures of liver injury or irritation, not measures of the liver’s synthetic function. (Synthetic as in synthesis, making things. NOT as in “fake”.)

  3. Sooo, the beach pic (really great btw), was taken before the political optics maneuver to move the 5 mile container line to 125 miles, which allowed the MSM to say the problem has been fixed. Symbolism over actual substance.

    I’ve determined the Covid Psy-Op has been using standard Cult tactics to generate the Mass Hypnosis Hysteria/Fear, with an unwavering following despite self-flagellation or known facts. It’s Waco on steroids. Or Tony Alamo. Or NXIVM…including generating tens of billions for the inside club players. Oppressing people then having them love you is the main indicator. When it’s not the Fed’s doing it they take you out, otherwise it’s sanctioned by our elites.

    The Self-Aggrandized foolish Dems seem to forget that the well trained who have been eliminated from our military ranks due to The Charade, should not be underestimated if they decide to retaliate…which the rest of us would wholeheartedly support.

    • which the rest of us would wholeheartedly support

      Probably not, but more than enough of us to force change.

      • I hear you, yet I vacillate between “eye for an eye” and “grace and mercy” when viewing people bent on wrecking the best country on the planet. Seems messing with middle class livelihoods saw a lukewarm response, whereas men highly trained in warfare who get shafted for life in a DD over a stupid vaccine may not go away so quietly. Consequences never seem to hit the cowardly political class living in their self enacted protective bubble…a little consequence might go a long way to further dissuade future tyranny.

    • The moved the anchorage that far out??

      I’ll have to see if I can find my charts of the area. Some of those ships may not be able to anchor in water that deep.

      • I either read or heard it, maybe on Tucker. Pretty sure it’s accurate. Plus it sounds like something the cheats would do.

        • The continental shelf drops off very quickly. The Catalina Chanel is something like 3,000 ft (+/-) I doubt that they could anchor but they may have software that allows them to hold in place. Though I can see that fraught with difficulty because those ships can develop significant momentum, I don’t know one way or the other. There are still ships anchored off Huntington Beach (relatively shallow water, under 100 feet).

          • I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a conatiner ship with a Dynamic Positioing System aboard, but I suppose it’s possible. If they have bow thrusters, they can point to bow into the current, use the main enginge to counter the current, and use the bow thrusters to keep it pointed about the right dirtection, **if** their nav software supports it. Kind of a crude station-keeping arrangement.

            BUT….that takes fuel to burn, and those comapnies are loathe to burn any more fuel than absolutely required….

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