Washington DC Street Art

From ZeroHedge: The artwork is a brilliant Soviet-style mockery of Joe Brandon and Anthony Fauci COVID Mania regime. And seeing it appear in downtown Washington, D.C., the home of America’s ruling class and unquestioning COVID compliance, is the perfect setting for these absolute gems.


Hillary (It’s HER turn…again)

There is a lot that she’d rather that you forget.

Hillary wears those goofy pantsuits that would lend themselves to this sort of disclosure, but I fear we’d end up with fine print unless she had a long cape or something on that order.




Identify the Aircraft

Be specific. Yes, the shell is a B-17.


Jules Smith offers best wishes for getting through the week. So far you’re only halfway.


Historical InterludeFrom the Days of Fighting Sail

The cooper on board was one of the so-called artificers. This meant that he was not a sailor but was there because of his special craftsmanship. He was not pressed into service, but applied regularly and then always found a place of employment, as at least one was needed on every ship.


His job was to build, maintain and repair the barrels with supplies and food, and to take them out of each other and stow them away again. But as this was not a daily job, the cooper was also used elsewhere and helped either the carpenter or the steward with their tasks. Because of this, he was only paid like an Able Seaman but could sleep down in the orlop and not with the others on the gun deck, if the captain allowed it.


Meanwhile, in 2022

(Daily Wire)  Thefts from trains in Los Angeles are reaching epic proportions – sort of like a sci-fi story. Jules Smith and are finding it difficult to write sci-fi in a dystopian future with all this crap happening every day.

There is a solution to this problem. Send prisoners out to clean up the mess and authorize the Railroad Police agents to shoot looters on sight. The prisoners can haul away the corpses every morning. But the inner-city street gangs would find other lucrative sites for theft unless you shot them stealing at those other locations too.

I realize that the woke want to free all prisoners, which would complicate the clean-up, but the execution of other inner-city people would mean less of a need for prisons. Somebody has to clean up the corpses, though to prevent cholera.


It got the Tongan’s Attention…

Near Tonga


  1. I don’t know what it was called, but it’s a B-17 with R-R Dart turboprops. IIRC, it was a water bomber, and was lost with both crew on a mission.


    • I have a magazine article about this ship in a dusty box somewhere. IIRC–the engines had to be fared forward to maintain CG. With that much power, it was actually possible to exceed the maximum permitted airspeed in level flight. On transit flights, they would shut down two engines.

      When the ship went down, consensus after the fact was that the flying conditions that day were extremely dangerous, and air attacks should have been grounded. The crew made a downhill run and dropped their load, but the heated air was so thin that the props had nothing bite into. The crew pulled the nose up, but they pancaked in.

  2. It’s basically the weekend. Feel free to let loose and defy rules.
    In other news, I would like to encourage you all to watch David Attenborough’s new series “Green Planet” if you can get it across the pond. It brings a whole new way of looking at plants and how terrifying and clever they are. I now believe we have not given vegetation enough credit. I’ve witnessed sentient fungi and vicious lily’s in a new ferocious light.I believe all vegetarians should watch this because they might now be rather frightened by their salads and kale smoothies.

    • I know of people who are vegetarian because they hate plants. It makes some sense from that point of view.

    • Jules,
      With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, I usually open pop-ups leading to earlier versions of these hallowed pages.
      I know to never expect the types or limits of the new informations I could discover.
      For example, I had the extreme pleasure of reading your August 13 2016 expose of Olympic beach-volleyball champ Anouk Verge-Depre, his dipilatory successes, the tragic end to his mohammadan lover.
      Without your thoughtful provoking additions, my world was less complete.
      Less complicated, and yet, somehow, less complete.

      • I can’t possibly believe that I was so insightful 6 years ago but I am happy to know that I have completed your world view on things. This is both heartwarming and miraculous. Oftentimes, it’s better to not know that which I know, but where would be the fun in that?

  3. Better art than Hunter’s…and could probably get a print for twenty bucks.

    Congress needs to be banned from stock trading while in office (which may have the direct benefit of keeping their tenure short), lobbyists need to be run out of K Street. No jackets required.

    Jules looking pensive, or could it be she’s about to release the wolves? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • How could congresspeople become billionaires if they didn’t trade stocks on inside information? You’d break their rice bowls, PaulM

      • Good…bowl breakage is fine with me.

        Just read a report confirming that billions of Covid relief money (yes printed, but still…) in Dem controlled cities went to purchase large hotels at market value from city official’s developer pals (and not one was a Trump), all the while “unessential” businesses were given peanuts. Pure theft.

        Int hat vein, same grift, different dollar level: Found out our neighboring property sale was of a similar backroom deal, our offer threw a wrench into the listing agents plans to make money on both sides by selling it to another realtor buddy, so they had to hurry it along (four days to “contract” despite a higher offer given). I’d be good with unleashing Jules wolves on them.

        • Just listened to Tucker from last night, he went into this in detail. Guessing the FBI will continue to work hard to track down and persecute trespassers, and generating deflection psy-ops to keep the media liars going and the mind-numbed on board with hating themselves for being white.

  4. A little too much truth on the solution to the railroad problem. The authorities who can’t stop train thefts will be in contact with you soon.

  5. lol, i’ve been on that corner before. there used to be a phone booth there. i used it to call my ex and sung that tune into her answering machine, just for meaness….jules: here drink this, or else….i’m surprised the saudi’s didn’t take ol hillary out after paying her a cool billion and got no pipeline in return. i think putin would just nuke us for spite if she get’s elected.

  6. Winslow, AZ Is that flatbed Ford always parked out front? The Swedish Disaster kept her office cubicle bare, except for a postcard of Winslow, with an identical red flatbed truck in front, tacked to the bulletin board. (My cubicle was the opposite of bare, let’s leave it at that.)

    WSWS: not enough genetically-oppressive people actually practice #8. The twin political pillars of a certain segment of tradcons are: 1) voat harderer next time because muh Constitution/trust the system, 2) muh Israel right or wrong. The real problem with all that is that these people conflate influential leftist American Jews with Israel (which is not the case at all); this abject failure to understand things beyond mere surface labels leads to cognitive dissonance and societal disaster.

    “Somehow she knew that Bonderenka means Cooper in Ukrainian”
    Yep, I learned something today too. I have random bits of factoids in my head for no good reason and now I have one more. This is occasionally amusing. In some conversation I’ve long since otherwise forgotten I referred to hedgehogs by their Swedish name. Which caused The Swedish Disaster to start and do a double-take. Ironically I know the word for hedgehog in more than one Germanic language, but have no idea what they are called in Mandarin. Fortunately this sad deficit has not been an issue in real life.

    Soros: palindromic evil? It occurs to me that Jacob Schiff was the Soros of his time. Or rather Soros is the Schiff of this fallen age.

    “what will the butt-guy do for a iving if the Republicans win?”
    Now that there is the Platonic example of not my circus, not my monkey. But realistically, Butt-Guy would be given some position “to prove Republicans aren’t homophobic” or something like that.

    • 1. Yes, the flatbed Ford is always parked there. The Corner is a curiosity for tourists. It’s one of the few things that generate income in an old railroad (ghetto) city that peaked when USGOV subsidized housing during WW2 and built crackerbox homes that are still the mainstay. A large percentage of the population is American Indian and unemployed. It’s kid of an allotment city.

      2. Israel dislikes American Jews unless they are lobbying Congress for more (free) money and they have an efficient lobbying group assembled on K Street. Beyond that, the connection between Jewish groups is tenuous at best. Israel itself is hopelessly fractured politically with parties (in a British System) deadlocked on a number of issues.
      At present, there are in the legislature: Likud, Yesh Atid, Shas, Blue and White, Yamina, Labor, Agudat Yisrael, Yisrael Beiteinu, Zionist Party, Arab Democratic Party, New Hope, United Arab List, and Meretz.
      I have friends at the Institute (Mossad) and Shin Bet (National Counterintelligence Police), and they are “secular” to put it mildly – men of the world. They’re pragmatic, nationalistic and ballzy, which is not how I would describe the average American Jew.

  7. Re the ‘art’, there was also some in LA, which had them going bat nuts! RHT is right, Air tanker, crashed on a run. Apparently was ‘quick’ to the point that the first time they cobbed the power, they exceeded VNE in level flight!

  8. You need to realize I had Glenn Fry (RIP) in my head most of the day.

    Laurel Canyon, a great 2-part documentary, Frey asks Browne if he could take the song and finish it, who says, “Sure, go ahead.” That Winslow, Arizona line sure evokes a “feel”.

  9. ABC News morning show talking heads finally acknowledged the out-of-control boxcar pirates in LA, with video of the scenes. One of the airheads said, “LA needs to get control of this, but they just arrested 100 thieves, so that’s a good start.” What they neglected to mention is the DA released all 100 suspects with no bail and gave them a small fine for a misdemeanor charge. They were back out on the tracks before the arresting officers completed their paperwork. Can’t make this up.

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