There is an order to things. Bankers will ensure that we stay in debt. Big Pharma will ensure that we remain sick.  The Military-Industrial Complex will ensure that we keep going to war. The Media will ensure that we’re prevented from knowing the truth. The government will ensure that all this is legal.


Conspiracy Theories

The problem in 2022 is that just about all of the conspiracy theories floating around have turned out to be accurate.  Take as an example, the latest from Old Blighty:

The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency proves without a shadow of a doubt that Covid-19 vaccination doubles your chances of catching Covid-19.

The anti-vaxers,  who many wish to throw into prison camps (at best) or murder (at worst),  turn out to be very close to the truth.


Nipah Virus

From a source in China – not via USGOV – there has been a lot of research into the Nipah Virus and gain of function research into the potential weaponizing of it. That research was undertaken in Canada (Canada-China-US) and Cambodia (US) in addition to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (Chinese bioweapons lab, now famous for creating COVID-19). Will it be the next big virus release? Who knows, I offer it here just as an FYI.

The labs investigating gain of function research of Nipah Virus operated through 2019 and in 2020 they were moved, so I don’t have a valid location to share. The Chinese source said that PRC operatives took over the Cambodian laboratory for several days in late 2019 and stole data. I don’t know that they “took” everything. Source said that there was a beta site (in Canada) that mirrored Cambodia so data wasn’t “lost”.

Source operated as an agent of the Ministry of State Security, PRC during this period and has good and some first-hand access to reported information.

From the CDC Website

Nipah virus (NiV) was first discovered in 1999 following an outbreak of the disease in pigs and people in Malaysia and Singapore. This outbreak resulted in nearly 300 human cases and more than 100 deaths and caused substantial economic impact as more than 1 million pigs were killed to help control the outbreak.

While there have been no other known outbreaks of NiV in Malaysia and Singapore since 1999, outbreaks have been recorded almost annually in some parts of Asia since then—primarily in Bangladesh and India. The virus has been shown to spread from person to person in these outbreaks, raising concerns about the potential for NiV to cause a global pandemic.

NiV is a member of the family Paramyxoviridae, genus Henipavirus. It is a zoonotic virus, meaning that it initially spreads between animals and people. The animal host reservoir for NiV is the fruit bat (genus Pteropus), also known as the flying fox. Given that NiV is genetically related to Hendra virus, another henipavirus known to be carried by bats, bat species were quickly singled out for investigation, and flying foxes were subsequently identified as the reservoir.

Infected fruit bats can spread the disease to people or other animals, such as pigs. People can become infected if they have close contact with an infected animal or its body fluids (such as saliva or urine)—this initial spread from an animal to a person is known as a spillover event. Once it spreads to people, the person-to-person spread of NiV can also occur.

The symptoms of NiV infection range from mild to severe, with death occurring in 40%–70% of those infected in documented outbreaks between 1998 and 2018.

Currently, there are no licensed treatments available for Nipah virus (NiV) infection. Treatment is limited to supportive care, including rest, hydration, and treatment of symptoms as they occur.

There are, however, immunotherapeutic treatments (monoclonal antibody therapies) that are currently under development and evaluation for the treatment of NiV infections. One such monoclonal antibody, m102.4, has completed phase 1 clinical trials and has been used on a compassionate use basis. In addition, the antiviral treatment Remdesivir has been effective in nonhuman primates when given post-exposure prophylaxis and may be complementary to immunotherapeutic treatments. The drug ribavirin was used to treat a small number of patients in the initial Malaysian NiV outbreak, but its efficacy in people is unclear.

Remember that the CDC reported on the naturally occurring virus, not an enhanced and weaponized version that certainly exists in some form now.


Thinking of Politics

This is no longer about Democrat vs Republican. We’ve been well past that for a long time. When President Trump was elected, it threw a monkey wrench into the systemic globalization of America. That’s why the Republican leadership of the House and Senate (Ryan and Boehner) turned on him and stifled his agenda when Republicans owned majorities in both houses of Congress. The people have turned on Brandon/Ho and the numbers show it – but can they keep the momentum going long enough? It all remains to be seen. Will Nipah be released to disrupt the 2024 elections? Don’t underestimate our masters.


  1. If there were a virus that only infected oligarchs and scientists, how long would it take to “enhance”, you know, to keep them safe?

  2. Reminded of the meme that says the difference between conspiracy theory and new…is about 10 days.
    Question – is Kamala competing with Hillary for the Cackle Queen title?

  3. just when a grain of hope entered my thoughts, poof! just like that, it was gone…… what i want to know is…why won’t this damn snow melt? mild temps and sunshine should have devoured it by now but its hanging on and temps will drop this evening for the foreseeable future. my loony sister might be onto something with her contrails theory. egad!

    • The snow clings here on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim even though there hasn’t been precipitation for a month. Conspiracy theory, or just chilly January?

      • White clingers (no doubt bitter) are everywhere!
        What a terrible world. What’s the mulatto bastard of a brave and proud Black activist to do? What hope does he have for his future? Surely the hoary adage “In America anyone can grow up to be president” is a cruel cruel lie.

      • well seriously i have a theory. i remember in the 70’s the snow having black specks in it, probably soot. we’ve cleaned up the air so well, something like 90 plus percent, that the snow is cleaner/whiter/more reflective and thus melts slower. that would also be my theory as to why the sun burns the skin so much quicker these days. it would also counter the global warming hoax as a clearer atmosphere releases heat radiation better. i have many hypotheses, one for just about everything, several for some things.

  4. Thinking we’re safe here from GoF evil carriers, got to 14 last night, all the fruit bats are either dead or moved into the urban areas where it’s warmer, poised to infect the afraid.

    Question: Since viruses can sit dormant in cold, if I collect said frozen fruit bats and incinerate them in the burn barrel, will I need to wear a full respirator or will a bandana work okay?

    • The move back in 2019 and previous to then was to facilitate the jump to humans that humans would infect each other as with the SARS derived Covid 19. Then allow human vectors to facilitate the spread.

      I don’t know that anyone intends to do that. But it’s an FYI.

          • Like they were for the last deal. Money breeds evil-doing.

            djim…or build a pen and get some hogs, I’ve read that eliminates all trace.

          • “Why are they into this?”

            There’s a school of thought that most people psychologically never progress beyond high school age. Although we learn methods to compensate for and to conceal our fears and flaws and vulnerabilities, most of us don’t truly grow and put the psyche of the late teens behind us.

            If this is true, then the kid who was treated as a weirdo, a geek, an unwilling outcast, etc is always that bitter, picked-on loser. When people like that get power, they tend to use it very badly, because they secretly (or not so secretly) want revenge on the world that was so cruel to them when they were weak. This also applies to people who were brought up to believe that general society wants to persecute (or kill) their people for no reason at all; regardless of whether they personally experienced trauma in their formative years, the psyche is wired (warped) into the paranoia that comes with being ill-treated.

            What is fascinating is that these sorts tend to mask their hatred, bitterness and thirst for revenge by latching onto “good deeds”. This is not merely to fool the rest of the world, it’s also self deception. “I’m really a good person. I’ll show them (there is always a THEM) that they were wrong to be so cruel to me. I’ll repair the world!”

            Now maybe I’m totally wrong about Gates and Zuckerberg. Maybe they were wildly popular in high school, were looked up to, and got so much sex that their biggest worry on a Saturday night was dehydration from loss of bodily fluids. But somehow I doubt that.

          • As you point out, there is the old theory: “Who you are now is what you were when.” That sort of rejection of that which rejects you might apply here.

  5. You clear view of what the future may brings is most insetting. Isn’t that against some law somewhere?

      • The primary research site was in Cambodia – and it may not be illegal there – cash is good, gold is better. Canada may have been a mirror site where data is stored.

  6. The thing that concerns me is the system collapse we are seeing as a result of their ineptocracy… And this is only going to get worse with the latest trucker’s mandates at the border. Food, spare parts, and ??? will exacerbate the existing shortages. Throw in a ‘new’ untreatable virus, and the whole world collapses???

  7. Your opener reminds of the scene in Network where Howard Beal gets chewed out by Mr. Jensen for upsetting the natural order of things….

    • The US as a nation is in decline. It’s difficult to argue against it. The general acceptance of calling good evil and evil good – which is pervasive and is peddled under a number of labels at the university level and from there makes its way into society. Once successful, the move was turned to younger children.

      You are here.

  8. Everyone here is probably familiar with Dr. Robert Malone developer of the mRNA technology. Brilliant guy that is true to his Hippocratic Oath. I believe he mentions that vaccinations will lead to increased susceptibility in one of his podcasts.

    Nipah virus, I did not think Resident Evil was supposed to be a “how to” game. We are building Racoon City greeaat.

    Lime is always good to have around…many many uses.

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