They Call Me “Mr. Sensitivity”

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The only thing that Blacklivesmatter (BLM) has accomplished (beyond facilitating looting) is to boost the stereotypes that we all have of ghetto people.
Some of the BLM activists are calling for no police in predominantly negro neighborhoods. I have no problem with that at all if the government also withdraws welfare and other benefits/entitlements except for military pensions, in the ghettos. Without police protection businesses would leave and insurance premiums would skyrocket, but I frankly do not care…I don’t give a rat’s ass.
It’s not just me. The country is tired of their whiney BS, sick of the lawlessness, the riots and the threats and demands. 

My message to BLM: Segregate yourselves from the rest of us and the police won’t respond. Drag the carcasses to the border so that a meat wagon can pick them up each morning and take them to the incinerator. If you leave the ghetto to prey on others, the police will shoot you. (open season, no bag limit)

9 thoughts on “They Call Me “Mr. Sensitivity”

  1. Kind of reminds me about some of the bullshit the media used to post when I was in SE Asia. What happened where we were and what the papers wrote about was supposed to be the same place, but really bore little resemblance.

  2. I've had the same experience. I was there, I saw the small picture in all of it's granularity and the big picture from a different view. Then there was the news and it bore no resemblance to anything.

  3. The progs want the votes, so they make a big deal about caring — until the election is finished, and they they keep them hooked on free cheese and Obamaphones until the next election. It's wrong, but that's the core of the Democrat Party.

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