For the Love of Bacon (a sermonette)

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I attended a soccer game on Saturday morning where my granddaughter (who lives with me), Alyssa. scored a couple of solid goals. She’s in action there (below right) as a proud member of the Sea Turtles girls soccer team.
I live in SoCal, which means that the population is racially and culturally diverse. For the greater part, everyone gets along remarkably well. Even the Muslims usually leave well enough alone.
After the game, I went to a greasy spoon off State Route 91 that I eat at from time to time because the breakfasts are good. When I went through the door there was an Afro-American, wearing a Mohammedan ‘costume/outfit’ screaming at the Mexican lady behind the counter. I quietly slipped the Kimber from its holster and dropped it to my side, and slipped off the thumb safety.

Notes: (1) The grandkids had gone straight home with my daughter and her husband, so were not there.(2) Round in battery, Hornady .45 ACP +P/185 gr FTX bullet.

I listened. The substance of his rant, laced with ghetto profanity, was that he wanted a “halal” breakfast and they needed to stop cooking bacon and sausage, clean up, scrub the grill and make it for him.

The mood of those eating was hostile toward the Afro-American Muslim. Of those present having breakfast, there were blacks, Mexicans, white folks – working class, and I’m guessing from their reaction that they were almost all “despicable”. The Afro-American focused his anger on the Mexican lady behind the counter and didn’t see the men behind him, most of whom were standing now, waiting to pounce like lions on a gazelle, and explain the concept of ‘frontier justice’.

I asked one of the Mexican cooks, who’d left the kitchen and was standing by, next to me, holding a butcher knife, if he had called the police. He said that they had. The police arrived seconds later and I discretely re-holstered. The senior officer of those who responded was my son-in-law. 
He asked, “What’s going on, dad?” 
“415 Muslim 5150. Wants them to cook him a special meal.”
The Muslim left in the back of a police car. (charged with CPC 422, Terrorist Threats, CPC 415, Disturbing the Peace, etc.) He was not armed. Just nuts. But it could have ended very differently. Better to be prepared and trained than unprepared and untrained. I have no idea how many of these sorts of incidents happen in the USA every single day, unheralded. I’m guessing that there are quite a few. It’s the first time that it’s happened with me as a witness.

S-I-L requested C-7. I bought. He and I ordered (bacon, eggs, toast, hash-browns) sat down and had breakfast. We got extra bacon on the plates without having to ask for it. The breakfast discussion centered on human lice and the benefits of retroactive birth control.

The greasy spoon is at least six or seven miles from the Mosque-Next-Door that is located near my house.

It takes considerable balls to walk into a place and do that. I wonder what the reaction would be if I brought a pound of bacon to one of their restaurants and demand that it be cooked to my satisfaction. Likely the same reaction that the greasy spoon owners and (despicable) patrons had. But nobody takes bacon to a Muslim restaurant and demands that it be cooked. That’s the difference – and the problem.

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  1. The judicious deployment of bacon and a firearm can solve many problems. Carry the firearm, order bacon, be a deplorable.

  2. I guess part of the problem is that most of us simply can't even begin to imagine acting the way that man did. We weren't raised that way; we didn't raise the next generation that way. That sort of self-centered, vulgar display is something that simply wouldn't even occur to us as a possible method of doing business.

    Not that that's a bad thing, mind you.

  3. Despite the shrill rhetoric from the progressives, most people are able to get along. I think that it applies to most Muslims in the US as well. However, there is a certain insanity that pervades the Mohammedan ranks that manifests itself in an unpleasant way and for those folks, you simply need to put them down as you would a rabid animal.

    At least that's how I see it.

    It's a numbers game at this point – we import X number of Mohammed's children and we will need to eliminate X% from the gene pool. Progs don't see it that way but that's just the way that it works out.

  4. It underscores the need to CCW. I wore the .45 to the ghetto wedding, mentioned in the previous blog post and by default, went out strapped yesterday as well. I normally have a firearm handy but don't always wear it. Maybe a lesson that I need to take to heart?

  5. He asked, "What's going on, dad?"

    If you are the perp, and have a clue, you should know you are behind the power curve.

  6. I started carrying every day about 10 years ago. I can count on the fingers of one hand the days since then I haven't carried. (of course, living in SD makes that easier)

  7. Yep, it's interesting how there isn't any pushback to muslim stores/restaurants… Don't see any LGBT types hitting them up for cakes, or demanding booze be sold in their stores…

  8. The Mooselim was focused on the unfortunate Mexican lady who stood behind the counter, not on what was going on around him. I was concerned that he'd crawl over the counter or draw a weapon, which would have been career ending and would have begun his experience with 70 virgins.

    The inner city guy was batshit crazy and I think that Mohammedanism may have been an excuse. It's difficult to guess which came first. Maybe like Obama, he was angry that his mother was a whore and it manifest itself in the Religion of Peace.

    I arrived only about 30 sec. before the police. Maybe not that long. The other people in the restaurant were closing on him, the cook had a butcher knife. The police saved him. I'm sure that's not how he or the other rag heads will see it.

  9. Good for you for standing ready, though I would expect no less from you. Bacon is a fitting reward!
    I will be very happy when you and the grands are out of this damn state.

  10. Me too. But the process grinds exceeding slow. (more blogging on that this coming week as escrow finally closes)

  11. Progressive dogma gives license for this particular brand of bat-guano-crazy action. It's the same mentality taking over Charlotte. It is an evil and depraved world view that drives Muslims to blow things up and blacks to destroy their own neighborhoods.

    We need more Kimbers in the world. Now more than ever.

  12. Back when he had his weekday radio show, Neal Boortz used to joke that America will reach true 'diversity' when all our money will read "In Allah We Trust", but that one would be able to purchase, on any street corner, a nice juicy PORK sandwich with that same money. Here's a thumbs up to your preparedness…

  13. …AND quality ammunition.

    As you pointed out on your blog, rampaging Muslims across the nation have hacked, stabbed, shot and blown up 37 people in the past week. The media encourages that we not rush to judgment for fear of being Islamophobic. That sort of thing brings the whack-jobs out from under the rocks and empowers them.

    The reaction to the negroes rioting in NC is encouraged by the media to improve ratings. The dialog goes like this, "The police shot an unarmed Afro-American!" – when the truth is that a black police officer shot a gun wielding Afro-American and the shooting is within policy. The felon who died deserved it. Looting becomes an excuse to get free stuff without being charged with a crime. So they come from miles around.

  14. I am not all that excited about extreme diversity to the point where people rub it in your face. I can get along with almost anyone (live and let live). The problem with the many Muslims is that they are unable to do that. The Muslim who lives behind me who keeps a low profile these days but it needed to be explained to him a couple of times, and in different ways, before it sunk in.

  15. God bless you all and keep you safe. Especially in this holiday season.

    I thank your son for his service. I back the blue. God bless all who serve.

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