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The world around you is a reflection of your reaction to the world around you.


   Bullet Points

** The FBI is infiltrating mainstream Catholic congregations in the search for domestic terrorists. Nobody knows how many they found.

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) added that what he had already received from the feds was bad enough: “The documents produced to date show how the FBI sought to enlist Catholic houses of worship as potential sources to monitor and report on their parishioners.” He felt it necessary to remind Director Wray, who likely thinks that Christians go to church on Sunday in order to plot hate crimes and figure out new ways to oppress brown people, of some basic truths: “Americans attend church to worship and congregate for their spiritual and personal betterment. They must be free to exercise their fundamental First Amendment rights without worrying that the FBI may have planted so-called ‘tripwire’ sources or other informants in their houses of worship.”

** From Jules – in Nottingham –  in honor of British National Pet Day

A Poem for National Pet Day

Dogs are great, they really are,

And owning them is quite bizarre.

They chew up shoes and gnaw on sticks,

And sometimes act like total pricks.

They’ll bark at strangers passing by,

And sometimes even make you cry.

They shed their fur all over the place,

And with dog breath then lick your face.

But despite their flaws, we love them so,

They’re the best friends we’ll ever know.

They greet us all with wagging tails,

And shiny eyes and slobbery hails

And even though they’re quite a handful,

We’ll love them always, we’re so thankful.

For dogs bring joy and laughter too,

And that’s why we say “woof” to you!

** Jules Blog – a right belly full.

** Upcoming Series on Netflix – The Diplomat – (trailer) There appear to be some woke elements, but I’m going to watch the first episode.

Hot off the White House press briefing: Keri Russell (The AmericansFelicity) will star in The Diplomat as Kate Wyler, a career diplomat who lands a high-profile job she neither wants nor believes she is suited for. Just as she was about to head to Afghanistan, the United States government enlists her to serve as the US ambassador to the United Kingdom in the midst of an international crisis. It’s a role that has tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future.

** Over the past two months, NATO and Sweden have flown an incredible number of ISR flights near Ukraine and along Russia’s borders. This map shows flights from 20th January to 20th March 2023.


For Riverrider and Cederq


Fact Check*

* There is a rumor that the woke are conceived through anal sex.


Since when is a whore unhirable on Wall Street?




Big Mike – Nugent Explains it – 

36 thoughts on “The World Around You…

  1. The world around you: you can find decent, hard-working people just about everywhere. You can find riffraff just about everywhere as well. The question becomes “what are you looking for, and why?”.

  2. A friend of mine and a fellow blogger (Hog on Ice, Tools of Renewal) and his best friend were in Obama’s class year at Columbia. They and no one they knew, remember Obama being there.

    1. He was, from all accounts, a no-show “foreign” student on a “foreign student scholarship”. None of this should surprise anyone.

      1. Manchurian…hand selected Democrat plant with a big mouth and a tranny for a “pal”. He’s only good at one thing; fomenting divisiveness.

        1. He and VP Pedo Joe were also adept at taking bribes. Think about it, they were milking Russia, Ukraine and China — and Hillary was rounding up money for the Clinton Global Initiative.

          Barack wasn’t just a half-blood prince who loved trannys.

          1. …and still operating behind The Holgram’s Administration. The guy is a bum, and I’d bet has no friends. (certainly not any of his Hawaiin neighbors like him, and they are about as laid-back as you could expect.)

    2. The Hog on Ice blogger had some interesting cookbooks he came out with. He also had some memorable quotes. One was:
      “I am not particularly brave around [live] pigs. I know how it feels to have an angry sow come after you and send you clambering up a fence. Still, give me a big sturdy assistant and a small enough pig and the right number of vicious dogs, and I think I could manage to bring home the bacon.
      In fact, I think that’s how Chelsea Clinton was conceived.”

      Hope he is doing well.

      1. Having picked up a piglet running alone in the East Texas Piney Wood, doesn’t take long to discover the mamma sow was behind some brush, meaning I can appreciate the Hog on Ice blogger’s comment. Managed to drop the piglet in 1/2 heartbeat and climb up into a pickup bed. Sat in the bed of the pickup for a while till the sow cooled down…rest of her brood stood around learning the fine points of how to put a teen aged Red-Neck in his place. Real problem is being raised around my Grandfather’s pigs I knew better, but macho took over since a girl friend was present in the truck and show off took over common sense.

  3. We should all acknowledge the skills of the leadership of Antifa in preventing that organization from being infiltrated by the FBI. It is a remarkable achievement for a group that emerged from the shadows shortly agter Obama became president. Comey and Wray and Mueller- they couldn’t get a single agent inside; unlike the Proud Boys of J6.

  4. The Italian AF just moved one of its two G-550 CAEW to Romania, to save on flight time com8ng and going from Italy.

  5. I’m working on the wold one, Larry. Grrrr.

    Happy Colorado day. The mountains are calling and i must go. I say pretty much the same thing to margaritas.

    The anal sex thing is not a rumour.

    1. There is something about living in the mountains. We’re clawing out of a very hard winter. The roads are all torn up from the cold and moisture. But there is something about springtime in the Rockies.

        1. Got the roads fixed after the big thaw, and tidying up the pastures with the drag today…and that gradual tinge of green happening.

  6. They turned the FBI loose on just the Catholics? Hmmm… must be Protestants behind the curtain pulling the strings.

    1. Anybody think this will alter the voting habits of most Catholics?

      Yeah, me neither.


  7. “Woke” – Yet another asinine made-up term by people wanting an excuse for their bad behavior and serious mental derangement to allow zero consequence. “Tranny” is another…and there is nothing any rational person can achieve engaging these nutjobs. A wide berth when feasible is the operative action. It’s why we won’t fly anymore, getting stuck inside an aircraft for 3 or 4 hours, with the much higher potential one of these self-centered idiots goes off, is not a risk I’m willing to take.

    Uncle Ted is not wrong.

    Catholics…uh huh. Yeah, that’s the ticket. All the while real domestic criminals and [true] terrorists run open loop with their free “Get out of jail” card. Tyranny at every level is for a reason, unless topped It’ll get a lot worse.

    1. Since we’ve started using woke and tranny perjoratively and it is taking hold as such, they’ll soon be among the banned words.

      1. I’m waiting for automobile transmissions to be renamed. Tranny fluid will be some sort of back door lube.

  8. I’ll yield the the menacing redhead to Riverrider LL. An older man can handle only so much brash, femininely wiles…

    As for Jules blog, what a delight! Whimsical and frustrating as my goal is to parse the slang, grammar and word usage of another language… Perhaps Jules can provide a glossary or a translation page of common phrases?

      1. Larry, read Jules blog entry and love her commentary about the leaf blower. Don’t know if she identifies as English or Brit and I’d hate to piss her off by using the wrong terminology as a reference. Friend of mine strongly perferred English as if he identified as Brit. he could be from many far flung parts of the Commonwealth.

        1. If I’m filling in a form I identify as British but if I’m being pedantic or it’s a football game then I’m English!

  9. Jules blog is a very refreshing reminder of everything I liked about living in Jolly Ol England with none of the negative bits included. Many thanks to her.

    The FBI is infiltrating just about every organization that stands for a traditional stance on God and country. Why waste time infiltrating antifa since they are already pawns that are working toward your (FBI’s) goals?

  10. Catholics
    A stretch, but somewhere the maggots are using Northern Ireland as an example/excuse. The Provisional IRA must be present in huge numbers in the US Catholic Church.

  11. Yep, the intel folks have been a ‘tad’ busy flying those tracks… Probably stacked in altitudes as more than one was on station at the same time… LOL

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