Just because it’s October



Bullet Points:

* More Bad News for the Vaxers – A study by Japanese researchers published in June in the Journal of Clinical Medicine showed that acute corneal allografts may be rejected by those who have recently received Covid shots. Corneal grafts replace damaged corneas, the outer layer of the eye. Corneal grafts can restore lost vision and, historically, corneal grafts have been one of the most successful organ transplants with a very low rejection rate.

* Johnnie Walker Red Label is a blend of 35 single-grain and single-malt whiskies, all of which qualify as Scotch under the strict laws of that country. It’s designed for mixing into cocktails.

Black Label is a blend of 40 single-malts and single grains, all of which are Scotch and all at least 12 years old. It is made to be sipped neat.

Green Label is a blend of 15-year-old single-malts. There’s no single-grain whisky in it.

Blue Label is made from casks their master blender has found to be exceptionally special. The brewer claims that only one out of every 10,000 casks has “the right stuff” to be part of this blend.

* The Great NY Gun Buy-Back– h/t PaulM – New York Attorney General Letitia James is an idiot. But I’m not complaining because she identifies as both a negro and a woman (whatever that is). What would it be like if the left had smart people in office rather than absolute morons?

* The Russian T-90 – Soviet doctrine dictated that a lower profile was better and safer. Thus, T-72, T-84 and T-90 Soviet (Russian) Main Battle Tanks had increasingly lower profile turrets. The lower profile meant that fewer crewmen could be present inside. The loader/gun servicer was selected and replaced by an auto-loading system. This resulted in a large number of cartridges stored inside the tank (as opposed to a semi-external storage space in the turret’s bustle). An added feature of the autoloader was that there was little place for the cartridge casings to be stored/easily ejected after use. A cartridge was designed so that the casing, itself, would combust on firing and a small base plate could be ejected.

Lessons learned in Ukraine: Any penetrating hit with a hot projectile, even if it was a solid sabot, would ignite the stored ammunition and incinerated both the tank and crew.

* Should we have a Viking Day too? I’m not saying that we should ignore Columbus Day, but the Vikings arrived before he did. They deserve a day of their own, a day of wild celebration of the Norse.

A 20th-century find suggests that the Vikings may have explored North America as far south as New York. Although the reasons for its presence in Charles Point are contested, no one can deny the fact that the spearhead unearthed by Augustus Hoffman in 1929 is of Nordic origin. With precious little evidence about how or why the artifact ended up in the Great Lakes Region, researchers rely on ancient tales and legends to explain the mystery of the spearhead.


* The Republicans are not more committed to preserving the Constitution than the Democrats are to destroying it.

* Tom Clancy: “What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms, and killing people. It’s not good at much else.”

* At this rate, they’re going to cancel shampoo so that bald people aren’t offended.

* Roses are red, Camela’s not black;  Joe has dementia, and Hunter’s on crack.


I’ll take a Hard Pass (h/t Frank)


Identify the Tank




  1. While I do enjoy Scotch I had a “bad experience” with Johnnie Walker Red Label back in the day and stay away from that brand.

    More and more bad effects from the vax seem to be coming out. Gee, who woulda thought that might happen.

    Way back when I saw a video of test that the sparking a depleted uranium round made inside of a tank hull. Pretty darn impressive and a bit scary.

    Tom Clancy made a lot of good points, the one above where he describes what govs are good for is certainly among them.

    I’d go for a Viking Day, another national holiday would be good and celebrating our Norse explorers is only right.

    • The DU rounds bounce around and create spalling wherein the interior of the tank is flying around at 200 mph too. Most impressive. I’ve seen a tank that a Warthog trashed in Iraq/Desert Shield/Storm/Saber (everyone forgets about Saber). Nothing inside but dried red goo and a lot of holes in the armor.

      • All the sticky-out bits inside the tank are now ground down to dust and splinters.

        An additional effect of DU is that it catches fire. Yay, for an especially good time.

        Caseless ammo, you’d have thunk that the Russkies would have learned from our Sheridan with the gun system that also used caseless rounds. But, no. No learning for you.

        • Meant to add had a friend who was in the first Gulf War. Interesting photos of inside tanks and bunkers. He also took photos of what the bunkers looked like from the MOAB. Perfectly intact bunkers with streams of lung tissue coming out the firing ports. Yuck.

  2. “Just because it’s October”

    October is a month of riches. In these parts we have the autumn foliage to appreciate. And my favorite agricultural fair (The Topsfield Fair) was just last week. Sunday was Dead Che Day. Tomorrow is Dead Inejirō Asanuma Day. On 12OCT1960 then 17-yo Otoya Yamaguchi stabbed Asanuma with a shortsword, puncturing his aorta, live on TV. This killed Asanuma within minutes. (An aortic rupture is highly non-survivable, even if you have your event in a fully prepped OR with a vascular surgeon ready to go. Try to NOT rupture your aorta.)

    Asanuma was a mouthy and influential leader of the Japan Socialist Party in the 1950s. “Sic semper” and all that.

  3. “* The Republicans are not more committed to preserving the Constitution than the Democrats are to destroying it.”

    My view is that the Demon-Craps want to take the country over the cliff at 100 MPH, but Re-pub-i-cans are satisfied to do it at 75 MPH. No one in the uniparty establishment ever thinks about maybe slamming on the brakes.

  4. A lot of interesting information. I suppose Clinton has a stocked bunker for when Putin uses the uranium..
    You all be safe and God bless.

    • I’m sure that we could work on the skull. Do you have anyone in mind? Do I need to attach a handle? How fancy does the handle have to be? I’m guessing that you’ll need it to drink a Christmas toast with meade.

  5. Thing about Nukular War Russkie style is… nukes have to be carefully maintained. All the bits and pieces have to work in harmony with each other. And if they use a Tritium squirt, that needs to be refreshed and kept up to snuff, otherwise you’ll have one helluva fizzle. With all that has come out about the glorious maintenance of all of the glorious war equipment of glorious Russia, what makes anyone think that their nukes will work as well as their planes or helos that tend to fall out of the sky on a regular basis, or the tanks that don’t work and have the reactive blocks replaced with garbage, or tires on trucks that can’t make it 100 miles?

    Not that I want to test whether the Russian nukes work or not, but… so glad the prevailing winds blow eastwardly from Ukraine to Russia. Gee, nuking the Uke will also nuke the Rus. Yay…

      • The Russians have been carrying OUR astronauts aloft to the ISS for decades now on launch vehicles that work.

        • Barely worked. Lots of oops and uh-ohs and almost deadly accidents. Roscosmos just doesn’t tell NASA what happens most of the time.

          And, seriously, there haven’t been any real changes in their manned launch systems from the early 70’s. Which is why it works okay, and isn’t too expensive.

          But SpaceX is far cheaper and with less issues.

  6. “A 20th-century find suggests that the Vikings may have explored North America as far south as New York. ”
    They needed a better publicist if they wanted the credit.

    • No doubt there. But isn’t it time for VIKING DAY, a day of celebration of the discovery! Maybe we throw axes at logs and eat lutefisk in honor of the day.

    • Into the Great Lakes, overland into Minnesota and further west, up along the north coast of North America. There are rumors that any acceptance of Scandinavians on North America without a preponderance of proof will kill an academic career.

  7. And the hits just keep coming concerning the vax. Been tested three times, and they all showed I was never exposed to it, and yet I was around people who had it. Go figure…

    Never got into Johnny Walker. I was always a bourbon guy.

    • I have a 100 meter and 200 meter range on my property. The way the house and grounds are laid out means two different ranges. I am sure it was shear happenstance that they both put the prevailing winds at my back. In the case of the 100 meter range it is offset about, at most 20, degrees. The 200 meter range the wind is right at my back. As another great quote from a movie goes “a man has got to know his limitations”.

  8. My taste buds can’t tell the difference between the expensive booze or the cheap stuff. My evening gin and tonic uses $10 a bottle gin. In my youth I drank Old Overholt rye whiskey. I have a few bottles of expensive stuff for those guests who care. Not sneering at those who are discerning imbibers; different strokes and all that.

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