The Nordic Model – and the ABC’s

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It’s worth reading this
article in Foreign Affairs.

Hillary, Barack and the progs always point to the Nordic countries as their model…but are they being too quick to judge?

Businesses are closed on Sunday in Norway including the capitol city, Oslo. The trains run and there are small convenience stores open for food emergencies, but the country shuts down. It used to be that way in most of the US but we became more “progressive”.  Temples of Greed (shopping malls) never close…not ever. The worship of consumption – the more conspicuous, the better, is our national mantra and must not be impeded.
Much of the success enjoyed by the Nordic countries has to do with a strong Lutheran work ethic, and a heterogeneous society where most of the people in the land are not of the same sort as the Muslim invaders or the denizens of inner cities of the US or Britain (for example).

The break down in those Nordic countries such as it is, can be laid at the feet of welfare dependence and the immigration of undesirables, which are the very hallmark of Prog ‘success’ stories like Detroit.

You will note that Norway deported much of it’s troublesome Muslim population and both Denmark and Sweden are putting the brakes on allowing Muslim refugees in from the hellish lands from which they sprang.

There is an inherent dishonesty that exists among the Muslim refugee populations – and the egalitarian and generally honest Nordic culture is not set up for that. They still welcome the “right kind of people”. In America that is considered ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’. In the Nordic lands, it’s called common sense.
It’s not about skin color, it’s about character. So extrapolating that experience to the US and the ABC. The mainstream media says that we’re not supposed to discuss it because ‘ignorance is strength’.  Whether we discuss the morally and socially odious Muslims who slaughter the defenseless so that they can get to paradise and the 70 virgins waiting for them or the ABC’s – it’s all about culture.

A Nordic Model wouldn’t work in the the slums in Los Angeles, in Baltimore, Chicago or Detroit. “What is missing?”  Good character, hard work and a culture that embraces a moral ethic including education and self sufficiency and that supports a nuclear family.

The ABC’s

The American Black Culture (ABC) is a morally bankrupt community.
In the 150 years since President Lincoln (the first Republican) transferred the ownership of the slaves from the plantations to the government, any sense of responsibility among ABC has been crushed by ever-growing entitlements. In the ABC sections of our major cities, responsible people of color have fled what have become war zones. Only the lowest common denominator remains, and they have formed into gangs to establish control over individual blocks of turf. 
Seventy percent (70%) of black children have no father figure in their home. If you subtract the blacks who fled the war zone, the percentage within is much higher. While only 13% of the US population, ABC is over 50% of the indigent and 39% of the incarcerated. Responsible people of color know that if they don’t get their teenaged males out of the environment, ABC will kill them. 
ABC teaches their children that none of this is their fault. It is all the fault of the white man and his racist views. ABC needs to recognize that it is their own racist views that keeps them blaming others for their own failures. ABC also teaches their children that the police are the enemy. ABC is broken.
All blacks in America are not a part of the ABC. Many, through good family values and hard work, have escaped. Others never were part of ABC. They have black skin, but not the ABC mentality.

13 thoughts on “The Nordic Model – and the ABC’s

  1. The Nordic Model, and particularly Norway, is virtually impossible to form a working society around by copying it elsewhere. It has two crucial factors that enable its success that cannot be duplicated:

    1. It needs virtually no army, navy, air force or marines. No need to spend the billions and billions for tanks, standing armies, battleships, jet fighters, none of that. The US taxpayer and its defense resources are taking care of all of that for Norwegians. They can then spend all of that money on social programs.

    2. They have vast oil resources just off their coast in the North Sea. How many 'model' countries have that going for them?

  2. Back when my Mother was living in an assisted living facility, 2 or 3 of the young ladies helping care for her were immigrant college students from Africa. I can't remember what country they were from, but they had delightful French accents and had been well educated in Catholic schools over there. Long story short, they bore absolutely no resemblance to ABC and were the type of immigrant that is a net positive for our country.

  3. Since I have friends in the Norwegian Govt., as many of this blog's readers know, I can share that one of the big concerns in Norway today is that the oil is running out. Norwegians know that and they know that it will bring an end to the application of that resource to social subsidies for the total population of 5 million people, who live in Norway. They will have to accept that loss of revenue in the very near future.

    Additionally, 5 million people in a large country (protected, as you point out) with substantial natural resources, have options that are not available to many other nations.

  4. The ABC mentality and morally bankrupt culture that results in 70% of children born without a father in the home is the problem. It is not about skin color. Dr. Ben Carson is the classic example of a wonderful man who had everything against him (born in Detroit to a single mother in abject poverty) and rose above it. The progs hate everything about Dr. Carson. He's a successful black man of faith who has succeeded and stands as a role model of who you can be. It runs contrary to their precious narrative. I'm sure that the same could be said of the ladies who cared for your mother. Yes, their immigration here only stands to strengthen the nation.

  5. I see your point but wonder how to explain Beivik. Three generations after WW II Resistance fighters, and in a country whose history had the fiercest warriors in their time, 100 died without fighting back.

    The first generation Norske I married didn't have that mentality. Only 5'4" but 100% warrior.

  6. Most of the people who died, did so on the island. Most of those were children. The Norwegian response was something akin to a Chinese fire drill. The government established a commission to look into the situation and try to understand WHY the government failed so completely. One of my very good friends was on that commission and I know others who participated. Because I've spoken to them at length, I could detail it (beyond saying that it was a total failure), but to make a long story short, the police became exceptionally complacent in their training and in their attitude, with an "it will never happen here" mindset.

    Following the July 22 Commission Report, a number of changes were instituted. I witnessed a number of those implemented changes and felt a lot better about the Norwegian capacity to deal with a similar incident.

    HOWEVER, the Norwegian police are not shooting, beating, clubbing, and fighting (except in training) every day and that lack of daily practice means that they don't shift into that mode as quickly as police in New York, Los Angeles or other cities… (Chicago Police don't do much of that anymore, they just sit back and let the animals have at each other).

  7. It's not the Swedes who are rapists…

    And I don't know that Germany hasn't exceeded the Swedish experience many-fold. As we know, the German government is complicit with the mainstream media in covering up crimes committed by the Religion of Peace.

    Merkel is a progressive German leader. I wonder how many of her advisors have been killed in bizarre accidents or crimes?

  8. My previous Doctor is a black man.

    He was extremely well educated, funny, interesting, and the best damn Doctor I've EVER had. He genuinely cared about his patients. I had the good fortune that he was on duty the Saturday I went to the walk-in clinic to complain about the recurring "chest pains" I'd been having for about a week. While he was explaining my EKG to me, he paused, and said "Oh, my..". Since he was trained as a Cardiologist, this was just about the last thing I wanted to hear.

    He literally saved my life.

    He's one of the finest HUMAN BEINGS I've ever had to good fortune to know, for many reasons.

    And he's also a God fearing Conservative man.

  9. He's not a hood rat, therefore the hood rats will hate him and declare him a "race traitor", which is at the core of the problem.

  10. It's a progressive truism that they will cherry pick the ideals that support their dogmas, while rejecting the ideals that don't support them. You're correct that Norway succeeded because of its work ethic. The US used to operate that way as well. Progs only see the wealth, however, and completely miss the mental and social structure behind it.

  11. Progs manage to get literally everything wrong. It's a trait of all people of who don't follow "the light".

  12. I wish that were hyperbole. It would be some comfort to think that progs got something right some of the time. But they don't

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