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There shouldn’t be winter anymore with the promise of global warming.  But, even in August, we know that winter is coming. What started as a war against the weather in general is now a war against the winter – or a war for longer and colder winters – I can’t seem to get that straight.
Lately people have cautioned me that winter at the White Wolf Mine will be daunting and long. I explained that I’m an hour and a half from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. You remember that place, where Bill Clinton sealed the deal with the Department of Justice to fix Hillary’s multiple felonies so that she wouldn’t be indicted before she could ascend to the Oval Office? Remember that former President Slick Willy Clinton with his bad heart and all was there to golf in 116 degree heat??? But I digress.
If we win the war against the summer, will snow plows be needed in Phoenix? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t I do something like invest in snow plows for desert communities across the Southwest? Soros might do that because he’s progressive enough to see that coming. Me, not so much. It’s a weakness that keeps conservatives like me, poor.

Is white hair natural camouflage during the winter months? I think that it is and if I reference the Game of Thrones, the White Walkers (ice zombies) are white, while the regular humans wear black. I don’t know why I mention this other than to state rather weak credentials to survive in the forbidding snow and cold…white hair…White Walker hair. Especially if I walk instead of driving the Raptor.
I’ve been warning LSP that his winter kit in Hillsboro, TX should include snowmobiles, or snow cats in anticipation of national success, but I don’t think that he takes me seriously. I have more confidence in our military’s capacity to win the war against the weather and to initiate global cooling than he does – I guess. Will Old NFO flee the ice storms of Texas only to find that the Port of Galveston (his exit route to the equator) is iced over? And what of Adrienne in North Idaho, buried under forty feet of snow, waiting for spring? Will she eat her dog to survive? Or will her dog eat her? Brig can cross the ice bridge between Northern California and Hawaii to hit the beach, so I’m not as worried about her making it.
In other news:
Progressive Rorschach Test
I was just signing some Arizona escrow related documents and they offer the signer two gender choices, MALE or FEMALE. There was no space for other options. In California there are 6 options. New York has 31 options (just as many as ice cream flavors). Arizona –  only two. I telephoned the escrow lady and asked her what I should put down if I’m a cotton-pickin’, finger-lickin’, chicken plucker. She laughed and said “male”… I think that in New York, that’s a category all it’s own.

Arizona didn’t ask my race either. I guess that they didn’t want to pigeon-hole me. Everything in California requires a declaration of racial identity.
Living here in the SoCal progressive heartland, I’m continually bombarded by social justice warriors who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Today’s so-called Social Justice Warrior is not a warrior at all. Merely a zealot. There is no onus on the zealot to hold himself or herself to a higher principle. The only thing a zealot understands, is that (s)he/it is emotionally invested in his/her/it’s beliefs above all else, and will use whatever means necessary to harangue, badger, intimidate, coerce, and control other people — so that the zealot gets his/her/it’s way. The world is artificially bent to conform to the zealot’s will.

I’m sure that social justice bullies exist in Arizona in the same way as they do in California (likely they moved FROM California to Arizona – sorry Euripides). It’s just that they haven’t forced their will on state government yet in the same way that they have in California.
Imagine – two genders – male and female. How novel! 

26 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. All that confusion about gender means our society is devolving – but to what? This upcoming election should be decisive. Getting your place in rural Arizona could well be a very prudent move.

  2. It's nice to be building a home in a place where "male and female" are the anticipated standard.

  3. Hawaii is of no interest to me, though I am strangely pleased that you are not worried about me.

  4. The National weather Service issued a frost warning last night for an area around Saratoga, WY.

  5. We've already started lining up our future snow plow people. I also keep a pretty well stocked pantry so we can be snowed in for weeks and not mind it one little bit.

    When it comes time to start building, I would appreciate being consulted about my room. It need not be large of fancy.

    Your article yesterday (The Nordic Model) is sitting in my tabs to be linked to – probably Monday as hits on the weekend are always lower. It was one of your all time best, LL. You're a very smart guy.

  6. Two genders! That's pretty hatin'. Here in Texas we're celebrating our victory over the summer by jetskiing over to Cabelas and buying waders. Smart people are investing in skates for when it all oces over. Such is the war, on weather.

  7. Life is all smoke and mirrors, Adrienne. Which is why having a shack in Az makes sense. Unless there's a forest fire, and then the smoke is a bad thing, and mirrors won't help.

  8. You guys defeated the weather earlier this year, and you've opened a can of whoop ass on Global Warming for sure. Keep those taxes rolling in and Barack will keep your tame weather in place. Naturally one of the grave concerns people have with a Trump presidency is that he'll shift the military's focus away from weather control and will have them do military things. Not progressive in the slightest.

  9. We snow bound folk near Chicago use what are called 'snow blowers.' Snow plows are vehicle mounted, where the more personal machines a guy can walk behind. I say a 'guy,' not gal, because I have never ever seen a woman work a snow blower. Maybe I don't get out much, but I just haven't.

    And I am starting to get impatient, waiting for all of this hellish man made global warming to kick in. I fully expect to see a few days in February here when the mercury barely exceeds 10 below zero. Happens every dang year, end of January, early February.

    These global warming zealots better put up or shut up, as their credibility is starting to wane.

  10. They are pining for colder weather and the return of the "The Maunder Minimum", also known as the "prolonged sunspot minimum", is the name used for the period starting in about 1645 and continuing to about 1715 when sunspots became exceedingly rare, as noted by solar observers of the time, ushering in a mini-Ice Age.

    Some suggest that another mini-Ice Age is coming:

    If so, expect the progs to blame greenhouse gas and the fact that I had a BBQ in my back yard this weekend.

  11. P. S. Chicago is so progressive that it is receiving long, arctic winters in its opposition to global warming. I guess thanks are in order for keeping us all from melting.

  12. As far as I'm concerned, Chicago can slide into Lake Michigan and then the state of Illinois would be beet Red electorally speaking. Those Windy City progs are simply addicted to gubmint cheese, and constitute over half of the population of the state, as they vote, so goes the state. Now, if we went back to the old school way of doing things, where you couldn't vote unless you owned property, Illinois would again go beet Red.

    Don't get me started, OK?

  13. I was under the impression that we are over due for an ice age, thereby global warming is to blame.
    However, until they can prove to me that extremes in temperature have never happened; and the earth's axis did not shift four degrees from all the earthquakes in 2012 or whenever it was, I will never believe that puny humans are to blame for any large shift in the weather.

  14. The Dems have figured things out. If they buy the fetid slums with other people's money, they can be in charge.

  15. The white hair reminded me of a saying, "He is about effective as an albino hitchhiking in a snow storm.

  16. Fredd – I run a snowblower like a champ. I have downsized to a Snow Joe electric, which I just use to do the side walks. Our driveway is quite large. If the snow is heavy we just rope off the horseshoe part and have someone plow the main part. If our private road drifts over (hasn't happened for a number of years – thank goodness) it takes a full sized front loader to unblock.

  17. Yeah, I keep hoping that our 116 degree summers will force the Californians out of the state. Alas, we've become inundated and diluted as a species.

    You, however, are most welcome here. Your DNA (and white hair) proves that your roots in Arizona are ancient ones.

  18. I lived in Mesa while attending elementary school (and prior), so I have some Arizona creds. Looking forward to swapping out the license plates.

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