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Everything that the progs stand for is incongruent: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. You’ve heard it before and it’s the cant of the progressive movement. For example: Clinton lies about EVERYTHING, which means — oh, look — a squirrel! Trump is bad.
I keep hearing that “Trump is unfit” to be president. Does that mean that Barack, and the lying cur, Hillary ARE FIT to be president?
Everything that I have seen points to the fact that Donald Trump would make a good president. Sure, his foreign policy credentials are a bit weak, but that’s why you have a Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and a national security advisory staff that is strong on the subject. Trump is strong where we need him to be strong, but that statement is odious to the progs. But who cares?
In order to keep his legacy intact, Barack has instructed the intelligence community to ‘cook the books’ on the intelligence information that he’s been receiving. Which is a bit odd, because many sources cite that he NEVER READS IT.
That notwithstanding, because Barack is both half black and a Democrat, he can take a pass on it — and go golf, which is where his passion lies. Michelle can take Air Force One (and 200 people to protect her) anywhere in the world on yet another vacation (and good-will tour). After all, we know that she hates the White House, the flag and all of those things that have mystically oppressed her. Poor little rich girl.
And you guys wonder why I need to get out and go fishing or something. The parade of sewage coming out of the mainstream media and the government is non-stop outrage. 
I’m still waiting for some support for the Milwaukee Police Department and condemnation of the looters who burned their neighborhood because a black police officer shot a black criminal who was trying to kill him.
The rants from Virtual Mirage continue, looking but not finding much sanity.
Then there is the issue of voting. Yes, I understand that Democrats are urged to vote both early and often. For some reason, the Republicans don’t take a strong stand against that. Could it be that the Republicans lack spine? Or is it that they’re too busy trying to get rich while they are in office and can’t be bothered objecting to the outrages put forward by their opposition?

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  1. I think that both are correct: Republicans in their current form are invertebrates and gold diggers. And they hate Donald Trump because he recognizes these traits of theirs and says so.

  2. The old adage, "If you throw enough s**t on the wall some of it is bound to stick" has been replaced by the new Democratic adage, "If you throw enough s**t everywhere it will bury everyone and you can do what you want."

  3. You have to give the Hilderbeast credit where credit is due. The only time she really lies is when her lips are moving.

  4. The Republicans have been living the dream with a great scam going in concert with the Dems. Both are guilty, both are filthy. Trump might break the rice bowl, therefore he's a bigger enemy than Hillary, who will NOT break their rice bowl.

  5. She also writes books that are packed with lies…but I'm sure that she doesn't actually "write them". So your theory holds water.

  6. I've been taking a break from the news, such as it is and finding solace in fishing and guns, or at least I would've been if it wasn't for torrential rain…

  7. She's progressive…and everybody wants to be either Hillary or a Kardashian – or the Kardashian dad, woman of the year.

  8. I too have been focusing on the new compound, and plotting, without spending all that much time worrying about which one of Hillary's advisors would commit suicide next – or have a fatal accident at the gym or choke on a boiled shrimp.

  9. "Could it be that the Republicans lack spine?" I attempted an answer to this question, but I blew a circuit breaker somewhere in my cerebral cortex, belched smoke, started throwing my head around violently and wet my pants. I think I had a "Grand Hill Seizure."

  10. Twillary really thinks that if she gets into office she can clean out the treasury, in secret.

  11. Barack was able to borrow $11,000,000,000,000.00 and nobody said much.

    In fact, when people say that the economy is limping along – I remind them that we borrowed eleven trillion dollars to keep it limping.

  12. Your last paragraph says it all, I think. Republicans lack a spine because they are too busy getting rich and getting re-elected.
    The no voter ID rule is only one of many ignorant things in this country that frustrates me no end! There are lots of things you need ID for. That same ID can be used to vote.
    I'd go fishing, but it's too hot to sit in the sun to fish deep enough. Most of the water around here is in the mid 80's at usual fishing depths.
    Be safe and God bless.

  13. Hahahahaha! That would be true if I lived closer to Baton Rouge. Sadly (or luckily), I live closer to Alexandria. We would have to lose a dirt levy for this property to flood again. Thank the good Lord for that!

  14. I was worried. The weather reports paint a grim picture. Glad you're safe.

    Fires are out of control near where I live and I can see the massive smoke pyre reaching up into the sky. It's like the mountains were nuked.

  15. Close. She gave me a quick shot of Xpozdherboobs, and it snapped me right out of it.

  16. The disease of progressivism has infected the Republican party. There are some who are resistant to the disease (unlike the Democrats), but the infection is virulent and spreads through the air like the chemical warfare artillery shells of WWI.

    With Trump, the disease will spread slower. With Hillary, the disease will become a mandated final solution to the conservative problem.

  17. That is scarily true. She has already promised to destroy Breitbart.com when she becomes president. Why this doesn't bother people, I don't understand. They are protected by the First Amendment, just like all the liberal slime radio/tv/websites.

    Even if Trump does win, though, it will take decades of conservative presidents to undo the damage. And all the illegal aliens they are shipping in and fast-tracking to voting booths will ensure that is not possible.

    Scary times ahead.

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