11 thoughts on “Hillary’s America

  1. America wanted Obama and they got him. It would make sense that they'd also want Hillary.

  2. It's OK, I've stolen America so don't worry. I'll give it back when I think y'all safe. *drives off on Harley Davidson to secret location where Aston Martin DB9 is parked up and takes off to yacht and parasail and hides in cowboy Church*

  3. There's several compelling aspects to that story arc — the theft of a nation (think big, why not?), a Harley (iconic), the secret location and the Aston Martin (very 'spy), and then the twist. Parasailing via a yacht to hide in a Cowboy Church, perhaps in Texas. Nice.

    I'm hoping for further adventures, maybe some snake handling.

  4. Always think big, LSP, it's the only way to go. If I can find snake handling, trust me, I'm the woman for the job!

  5. I am not going to be seeing this flick anytime soon. Movies are supposed to be enjoyable, and this trailer guarantees that I will be grumpy after watching it. Besides, I am familiar with the nefarious ways and history of the Democrats all the way back to their support of slavery.

    Now, where are my rose colored glasses, I put them down around here somewhere….

  6. The promises of the Old Norse Gods (a corpse hall where you spend eternity fighting, hunting, sailing, fishing, wenching and drinking – not necessarily in that order) appeal more than other offers.

  7. I may or may not see it. If I do, it will be more to add to the box office count than to be enlightened as to the ways of Hilly and Billy, and their predecessors in the Klan.

  8. I will definitely go see this in theaters – it will leave you mad, but more films will be made if the box office supports it. D'Souza does have a way of leaving hope at the end of the movies, as well as a path for his vision forward.

    I read his book, and the case against him is extremely disturbing. The bottom line is that he plead guilty because he was guilty, and he was thankful for his sentence to a halfway house rather than prison – but the normal sentence is probation . It was most definitely selective prosecution, and maybe with the goal of the US Attorney (and DOJ) to choose to go full prosecution towards a public figure as a warning to others (and it just happens that he is on the opposite side of the US Attorney) – but that doesn't change the error of the judge, who must consider disparate sentencing – and seemed to ignore that altogether, and to the extreme.

    D'Souza says he will start to make fictional movies for entertainment – I hope they are done well, it would be good to go to the movies without all the leftist crap in the background (and if you think its not there, its because you are so used to it).

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