Hygiene Theater

Sales for plexiglass surged in the United States since the plague/ pandemic/bad flu year began, but not a single study has shown that clear plastic barriers can control the spread of ANY virus. The Cone of Silence (constructed of plexiglass) might have worked to slow the spread, but who wants to walk around with THAT on your head all day.

Over $750 million worth of plexiglass has been sold in the country. Restaurants, retail stores, schools, and offices bought a lot of plexiglass thinking it would protect them and their patrons from the plague. Government authorities assured people that a sheet of plastic or a flimsy paper mask would work and save you from the flu.

Everyone still breathed the same shared air. But if you said anything about it, you were denounced and shouted down. It’s all been hygiene theater, but some people made a lot of money. It’s all been bull$hit. I hope we never fall for this collectively again.



First Kwanza, the fake holiday created by a professor at Cal State Long Beach and now Juneteenth – a Federal Holiday. What the heck is that? I read a description on Wikipedia, but they’re not a reliable source where prog things are being discussed.

As I understand it presently, July 4 is Independence Day for everyone and Juneteenth is independence day for negroes? That does not make any sense. Ok, not much makes sense these days but some things make less sense than others. Jo/Ho – a walking corpse and a whore running the country sorta – fake election – I guess – we’re actually ruled by oligarchs and they’re puppets. The marionette who can’t figure out why purple crayons don’t taste like grapes pronounced Juneteenth as a national holiday. And the military’s most important job is fake climate change. And the UFOs. They’re out there. I don’t want to fall back to the B-5 scenario, but, damn.


Apes are Cherished Today

His comments about them trashing the Statue of Liberty were uncharitable and were clearly not woke. The movie wouldn’t have been made in 2021. Today destructive riots conducted by inner-city people are applauded by the progs.


A Van on the Beach

It’s not technically a sin bin. More of a portable man cave.


Multinational Retro Ops

HMS Ocean operating Apache’s off Libya in 2011



North America looked like this about 70 million years ago, the interior sea left behind a lot of oil deposits.



Percentage of Adults with HIV/AIDS in Africa



Maps of the largest ethnic group by state, as well as the largest European, Asian, and Hispanic groups by state. All data from the 2019 ACS 5-Year estimates.

Utah is riding the trend. (2 maps above)


  1. Portable man cave – aren’t there some gals who think a guy relaxing and enjoying himself without female supervision to be a form of sin?

    • a)
      That is our view on surf/SCUBA journeys south of the American border.
      Occasionally, the water touches the tires.
      1960s, we hiked and kayaked Baja in pretty much anything mobile, food and rascality as the goals.
      1970s, we traveled central America, rustic camping in a contractor canopy on a pickup.
      Around 1985 or so, we acquired a 1978 Chevy van from a plumber; half-beat to death before we got it, that magnificent 350 is probably still doing its doings.
      2003, we converted a 1997 Ford CF8000 commercial truck to our concept of an ExpeditionVehicle.
      Instead of the side-door of RecreationVehicles, each of our rigs had/has rear-opening door(s) so every moment connects us to the outside.
      We are not much for staying in one place.
      Thanks for asking!
      And not once did we consider taking a television set on a journey.
      Fact is, last time I owned a television set was sometime last century.
      khardashian-biden-fauci who [shrugs in indifference]?
      females without female supervision
      A whole nother subject.

  2. I suggest move that van to higher ground before the tide comes in. Just a suggestion. I would never admit to how I learned that is important.

    • I see it as merely a sideshow in the Kabuki theater that consumes the US news. It was $750 million spent in plastic that we saw propped up here and there to reinforce a false narrative.

        • Plague cooties cannot flow around the edges of clear plastic.
          This true fact brought to you by MedicalScience©.

  3. I’ve said for a while now, pick pretty much any random nation of the western world and you could replace the entire population with Chinese or Indians. China or India would hardly notice the difference.
    Would that western nation still be what it was? If the answer is no, how the hell does anyone one think multiculturalism is going to work this time?

    Fascinating how much of the USA is ethnically Germanic.

    • Multiculturalism is merely a vehicle to divide (and conquer) based on tribalism. A unified nation is difficult to break (E Pluribus Unum – out of many, one). The new motto is out of one, many.

  4. Things sure seem to be getting faker by the second. Perhaps the bubble will burst, leaving reality for all to see, however grim. And yes, the Devil’s the Father of Lies.

    Speaking of which, some think UFOs are piloted by demons. I don’t get that, why would an evil spirit move around by anti-grav Tesla tech?

  5. Good map. A lot of people don’t realize that a large part of Kansas was underwater at one time. Denizens of that sea included the megalodon, a shark that could swallow a great white whole. Fossils are common and can be found in many road cuts. Not the megalodon fossils of course. Mostly the smaller stuff.

  6. The almost complete dependence of HIV on latitude is rather peculiar. It seems the farther south one goes, the higher the incidence. With a little less clear trend where the continent narrows down.

  7. I think most of that plexiglass was bought by businesses to try and protect themselves from the Government, and that the Terrible Germ wasn’t really a factor.

    As my doctor says… “just another tax”. It almost a universal answer to life.


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