We’re migrating the old Virtual Mirage content to the new and improved blog that will have its own proprietary search engine for your use if you choose to avail yourself. It will be an anonymous search much the same as Duck-Duck-Go – but much cooler.
As a result of that, there won’t be any new content on this blog for a couple of days because ten years of content doesn’t move that fast.  You can still comment and that will work. I’m just not posting while the movement is underway. It will all link seamlessly when its eventually live in a couple of weeks. I can only hope that it doesn’t suck when all is said and done.
Be patient and wait to be critical of the new site until it’s complete and I have all of the bugs worked out of it.
–The Management


  1. Now LL, I am an old curmudgeon and conservative as hell. May I ask what was wrong with the old platform? It worked for me, I like the layout and it seems others here enjoyed it and was able to utilize it. I know I look and lurk for free and you born the cost of hosting it and I appreciate that. But in my years of extensive experience, new and improved usually isn't, Free is very expensive as you know… yes, I do look a gift horse in the mouth, I always find cavities. I wish you luck and the transition is flawless as can be. If the content and owner remains true to his following, I will be grateful.

  2. Good to change things up once in a while, and what better time than the lull in commerce.

    Once the new and improved site is up and running I am sure there will be a pile of new insane things for pithy pontification.

  3. Me too. The search engine should set this blog apart from some others. I'm not saying that it will be better, because content determines that. In the event that the content doesn't measure up, people can use the engine to search for a blog that does.

  4. The content will remain the same. It's still me being a keyboard commando. I think that it may be more "fun" in several respects once the new features get rolling. It will not happen all at once (the more fun part), but the new format and the search engine should be rocking. A couple of weeks more. Content is uploading to the new format as I type.

  5. I don't bore easily, WSF. An idle mind is the Devil's workshop, so I must stay engaged with this or that or trouble will follow. There's nothing I am doing now that I wouldn't do in a city full of people infected with the Chinese Plague.

  6. Full disclosure, I took ideas from your blog. You can call it theft if you want to. That's what I call it.

  7. I shall miss your posts while you are gone; and shall be happy to see your return to posting.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  8. "Maybe a hacker with a flag in the background?"

    Do you mean someone with an ax, a real cutup? Or are you, perhaps referring to one of those green flag chappies?


  9. The Philosopher tells us movement signifies life.

    I for one look forward to the gentler, tolerant, inclusive site.

    Good luck with the migration.

  10. I doubt that anything will be more tolerant, or more woke. This is not going to turn into Portlandia. youtube.com/watch?v=7rZ3uq8JZ6o

    This isn't going to turn into an on-line vagina pillow store.

  11. At this point, with the Colorado's Supreme Potentates – both state and local – issuing "stay ORDERS" that differ from each other (except of course the pot shops as categorized as essential businesses so people can remain mind-numbed and carefree), I now believe I am LIVING in the New Virtual Mirage.

    It is truly amazing (but not surprising) to witness how compliant the 80 percent are.

  12. I can't find anything so satisfying as heading for the hills was. There is a lot of peace of mind — living in the middle of nowhere.

    There may be supreme potentates in Arizona, but I wouldn't know. I don't pay any attention to anyone. There were three deer (doe/twin yearling fawns) outside of my window while I ate dinner. Those are my neighbors, and they never screw with me. Of course, I'm not growing crops or they would.

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