Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

2012 Action, Adventure, Thriller. An expansion of the universe from Robert Ludlum’s novels, centered on a new hero.

Aaron Cross is a member of a black ops program called Operation Outcome whose subjects are genetically enhanced. He must run for his life once former CIA Treadstone agent Jason Bourne’s actions lead to the public exposure of Operation Treadstone and its successor Operation Blackbriar.

Filming was primarily in New York City, with some scenes shot in the Philippines, South Korea, and Canada.

In speaking about the film’s storyline, screenwriter, Dan Gilroy drew a distinction between the fictional programs in the Bourne film series:

On a practical level, the Treadstone program was about assassination. They’re basically assassins. They live in the world—you can see Clive Owen [in The Bourne Identity] as a piano teacher, they have covers—but they’re essentially assassins. There was nothing that would be described as espionage, [they’re] basically a kill squad. The Outcome program that Aaron [played by Jeremy Renner] is part of, [Oscar Isaac’s character] is one of them too… The conceit is that [Edward Norton’s character] is the mastermind of this entire franchise. We’re stepping back a little bit in time here, he’s been a developer, he’s been at the nexus of the corporate military and intelligence communities. There’s a very large corporate element, pharmaceutical corporate element…

It’s a film that I’ve seen more than once since it came out (on DVD) and I think that it’s very well done. Highly recommended.





A friend of mine called and he’s leaving California for Utah. The problem is that there are no moving trucks available in California due to the exodus. So he picked up a truck in Utah and drove it to California to pick up his stuff, and will drive it back to UT.  Like rats, fleeing a sinking ship.

Governor Newson

With another two years left on his term as governor, Newson, pictured above, is determined to do as much damage as he can to the state. And in doing so, he’s celebrated by Silicon Valley tech billionaires and Hollywood moguls.



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  1. Great pumpkin display, fits 2020 to a ‘T’, plus could be carried thru to after the election in the event people decide to visit without notice, might make them think twice.

    Bourne Legacy is a great flick, thx for the reminder. Renner is terrific and apparently one of the good guys (from what I have read), his Wind River was exceptionally well done as well. Watched Spygame the other night after getting an “Operation Dinner Out” ref. text from my brother. Curious your thoughts on that.

    • Spygame is an excellent film. Watching the out-takes helps provide more context to the characters and the situations that they found themselves in – in the final film. The Redford character is well played as is the Pitt character.

      One always needs to put aside a little so that they can die some place warm.

      • Reading a Reacher novel (Sunday chores finished)… just read this line:

        “It was still a beautiful morning, so I walked. Any day could be the last of life or liberty, so small pleasures were always worth pursuing.”

  2. I read the Bourne trilogy books years ago and thought they were great. I listened to this one and thought it was good as well. What I really liked were the Bob Lee Swagger books.

  3. Call the top position (state) in the Circle of Diversity 12:00. It won’t even get to 3-o’clock, because by the time it’s 2-o’clock anyone with sense will have already left. It’s like restaurants and nightclubs, unless it was explicitly created for diversity, by the time the clientele is 30% vibrant it’s no longer profitable to say open. Too many fights, too many people skipping out on the bill, and the quality cash clientele have been driven out.

    If by some chance it passes 6-o’clock, around 8 the whole thing collapses because there’s no one competent left to make things work. So the clock skips to 11:59 as the vibrancy (guided and used by certain types of nonvibrants) looks for a new place to wreck.

  4. Eh, Borne, yawn…

    Now, do “Casca the Eternal Mercenary” and I’ll drop dollars (as long as it follows the books and doesn’t get too wonky) like a rap star at a strip club. Well, to the extent my wife and my money-conscience allows me. Which means catching it on HBO or some other movie service.

    Seriously, the action in CtEM and the stories are all good, decent history in them, good sex, good violence, strong moral message and a guy cursed for poking the Lord in the side with a spear.

    Come on, man. And live action with real special effects, none of that stupid CGI garbage.

  5. The Bourne Legacy was a very good flick in my opinion and highly under-rated. Like Spy Game it detailed the operatives/operators souls being ripped apart and reprogrammed piece by piece until there’s nothing left. Anyone who has worked in the community knows that it’s not glamorous nor a game. In the end you realize how morally bankrupt, dead and alone you really are. It’s at that moment if you’re not to far gone or eightysixed…john 3:16.

    • Yes, there comes a point when you realize that despite “the love your country has for you” that you are completely expendable, and that people in that business die alone. On my last active tour I lost two agents. One beheaded and one was tortured for three days, kneecapped and then beaten until he eventually had a heart attack and mercifully, died.

  6. I know your first Sunday sermon was good, powerful even, but this one might be even better. And part of it is the commentary — John 3:16.

    With you, I like the Bourne thing.

  7. What will happen in California in the long run when the contributors to the economy are moving out of the state? From what I have seen in this part of the world the segregation speeds up. All the people having a chance to move are doing it. They are heading towards places they feel safe and more secure. The ones mowing in are immigrants thus enhancing the problems in that area. In the end, it looks like you end up with a few places where rich people who do not care thrive in their gated communities where they enjoy the view, the sun, and so on. They can afford the local taxes and do not care that much about it given their fortune and they also seem to be able to profit on the other communities given lower wages and selling stuff they buy. The big losers are the middle class. Moving and getting lower prices for their investments in housing etc. The average income per capita will be reduced over time and the Democrats will remain in power continuing to harvest tax where they can to have the benefit from being in power. The spiral goes down as more and more depends on what politicians decide since they as true socialists have faith in themselves being superior to know what is best for the people. From my perspective, it is a recipe for a long term disaster. You know it will happen one way or another but exactly when it will take place and when the tipping point occurs no one knows until after, but people mowing out is most likely an example. The newspapers and magazines are filled with examples of the exodus.

    Good to know you managed to move in time LL.

    • There is a substantial migration out of California since the democrats have poisoned the well. California is trying to respond with taxes on businesses that were in California for ten years after they leave the state. I suspect that would be ruled unconstitutional (unless democrats are able to pack the US Supreme Court, then who knows how it would roll).

      I escaped early in the exodus cycle. It takes time to move your life and the process is unpleasant. However, there are a lot of people who are doing what I did. The State Government of California continues to double down on stupid, making people’s lives far more difficult, making everything more expensive, making living more dangerous, etc.

      To be fair, people are still buying homes in California, they’re still present in vast numbers, but there is a sense of dystopia when you’re there that wasn’t there before. They still want to open the national boundaries to unrestricted immigration and to give those immigrants “free” welfare, medical care, housing, etc. This isn’t because those people are needed, but because they’d vote illegally to keep the present regime in power and the present regime can use other people’s money to keep the ball rolling.

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